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‘We Are the Railroad Tracks of Web3, We Are Platform-Agnostic, and We Are a Full Stack Solution’: Jerad Finck, CEO of Cosmic Wire


“What we have is novel, how we do business is philosophically different, and our management team is comprised of the best and brightest around the world. We are Web3.”

Web3 promises to be a game-changer in the evolution of the internet. At its core, Web3 is a vision for a more open, decentralized, and secure internet, enabled by advances in technologies such as blockchain and machine learning. The applications seem limitless—especially in the context of the entertainment industry. By enabling transformative change in incentives, ownership structures, and monetization channels, Web3 will create a more equitable and empowering ecosystem for entertainers to thrive.

Cosmic Wire is one such platform-agnostic Web3 entertainment technology company that offers brands, celebrities, artists, and IP collectors the ability to enhance, promote, license, and sell their work. The company expands the value of iconic physical and digital assets using tools such as blockchain, NFTs, and immersive experiences. Staffed by some of the very best in the industry, Cosmic Wire's completely internalized development, marketing, and sales teams support clients from concept to close. The firm believes that a proper client contract provides a shared experience of success for Cosmic Wire and its clients so that Cosmic Wire succeeds when its clients do. Cosmic Wire is also the parent company of ArtsGalore. ArtsGalore brings artists, content creators, and customers together for unique and premium NFT and Metaverse collections.

Jerad Finck, CEO of Cosmic Wire, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how his company is helping monetize artists' and brands' iconic physical and digital IP through cutting-edge technology and omnichannel marketing.

Interview Highlights

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Cosmic Wire?

The genesis of the company was born out of the pandemic and built out of my own predatorial deals. I was in the music industry. Sadly, my experience is not novel but common and echoed throughout the industry. I wanted to create a place where content creators or IP holders of any medium could come and be surrounded by an infrastructure of loyal support that was built around the precept of shared success and efficacy. Web3 specifically allowed this opportunity, and I was determined to make it a reality.

Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

Cosmic Wire is a full ecosystem structured to optimize and amplify the assets, content creators, and IP catalogs contained therein. We are a full-stack technology solution for Web3 and an A-Z support system for content creation, development, dissemination, and amplification. Inside Cosmic Wire, we have internal Press, Legal, Creative, Development, Mechanical, and Digital Licensing, Marketing, Influencer stables to magnify reach managed by perhaps the best C-Suite of battle-tested and success-driven executives ever put together. We scale, monetize, and amplify IP using blockchain with revolutionary and proprietary technology in a true Web3 environment on bespoke Metaverse with the only true universal payment solution on the market. Our solutions are direct to consumers, Whitelabel, and B2B.

Q. What is the contemporary landscape of Content creation, and how does your service contribute to the growth of content creators?

Blockchain and Web3 is the most efficient revenue and royalty system ever created. We are able to scale systems and utility functions in a way that is both trackable and transparent for both the content creator/IP holder and consumer. It is a fundamental and dynamic change that disrupts the very nature of the current system we are in and, for the first time, allows any individual on Earth to manage and scale their assets and attributes with global reach and remain in control from start to finish. As mentioned earlier, we use blockchain to license, publish, amplify, and distribute from supply chain to utility function across all mediums of commercialization. It is a digital revolution and will change the fundamental way our economy functions.

Q. Do you manage the entire range of content-related processes for a global audience?

We have a major press and communications engine powered by a network of reach via the traditional press, targeted online marketing, planted SEO, influencer networks, and algorithmic-based pixel and chat engines. We can scale messaging exponentially not only in the Cosmic Wire ecosystem but also by the very community that comprises it. We manage the entire breadth of how communities interact in an authentic and organic fashion.

Q. How was it working through the pandemic? How challenging was it for you?

Working through the pandemic was initially a modality of survival. The pandemic accelerated where our civilization was already headed with Web3 and spatial internet. Cosmic Wire was a natural evolution of those precepts. The challenge was second only to the need. The entertainment industry specifically got decimated by the pandemic, and Web3 is a pushback against the old system of oppressive business practices it has been thrall to since its beginning. It is, without doubt, the most challenging thing I have ever built but also the most rewarding. What came out was a paradigm-shifting model that is incredibly powerful and self-propagating.

In an increasingly regulated world, organizations are facing greater scrutiny than ever. Tell us about your compliance system.

The beauty of blockchain is transparency. With our technology, we are revolutionizing how basic commerce is handled from Supply chain, inventory and POS systems, third-world access and utility, royalty and revenue collections, IP management and licensing, and true privacy for private data. Compliance is in the transparency, smart contracts and their systems are public, and the power of visibility is cleansing and exponential.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Our full-stack solution is just coming to the public. We have revolutionary technology with our Metaverse; sitting on bespoke URLs built on a proprietary engine, we are generations ahead of the competition. We have integrated a full-stack that allows for full onboarding of the public into Web3, simplifies the process into a frictionless environment across both analog and digital mediums in the world's only true hybrid experience that is the future of how we will do commerce. We are the railroad tracks of Web3, platform-agnostic, and we are a full-stack solution.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

This is just the beginning of Web3 and the overall implications it will have on society. There is no other company like Cosmic Wire in existence. We, and our internal network ecosystem, developed the entire tech stack the company sits atop. Our internal catalog is currently valued at around 1.7B in exclusive licenses and is growing exponentially. We are a community for community that focuses on direct-to-consumer growth. We are so excited to share our full-stack and spatial e-commerce solutions in real-time rendered metaverses through our wholly contained subsidiary, VERS3S, as we change the way consumers and content creators/IP holders interact and do business. Yes, it is exciting; the world has never seen what we are releasing. What we have is novel, how we do business is philosophically different, and our management team is comprised of the best and brightest around the world. We are Web3.

Jerad Finck |Founder and CEO

Cosmic Wire was built on the vision of Jerad Finck, aka BLAZAR. He was uniquely positioned from his vast experience in the entertainment, mental health, and technology industry to communicate the zeitgeist through his manifestation of Cosmic Wire. Jerad built and coded the fundamental technology the company sits upon, personally brought together the network of professionals and services, and architected the systems that are the ecosystem of amplification and infrastructure it is today. Cosmic Wire is rapidly expanding and is now branding out its offshoot brands, like its most recent acquisition of ArtsGalore, with its first location in Dubai. ArtsGalore is the world's first hybrid luxury Fine Art and Custom Automobile AR/VR branded true Phygital blockchain-based Gallery franchise with locations to be expanded upon throughout the world. 

“We scale, monetize, and amplify IP using blockchain with revolutionary and proprietary technology in a true Web3 environment on bespoke Metaverse with the only true universal payment solution on the market.”