November Special Edition 2021

One of the most active design firms in USA and Canada, which offers cost-effective Electronic Design services to local and international customers: Arshon Technology


From concept to design, through prototype to production, element14 Design and Manufacturing Services can support every aspect of your electronic and embedded design process. Outsourcing electronic design and manufacturing services to an industry partner is a smart decision for many companies. Deciding who to partner with can be a more difficult decision. Not all electronic design and manufacturing services are the same. There are some companies to steer clear of, and some companies who will be excellent long-term partners for your business. Sorting out which is which can be challenging, but there are things you can look for to find the right partner for outsourcing your electronic design and manufacturing services to. Arshon Technology offers complete end-to-end electronic design and manufacturing services to customers in a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics to Industrial applications and very high-tech startups. Arshon’s priority is to fully understand the customers’ requirements/needs and then use the highest standards of engineering to fulfill the design, validation, testing and finally taking the product into production. Arshon’s flexible and innovative, team of engineers proposes solutions to the complex technical issues and dilemmas, and there is no limit in how effective they can realize the design to get the product into the market in shortest possible time.

Analog Circuit Design​

Analog Design is an art in Electronic Engineering, only after spending several years playing with discrete components and designing circuits you are able to call yourself an Analog Designer. Every piece of circuit would be designed based on many years’ experience and needs prototyping and testing to be confirmed, design and engineering is very extensive, but the end circuit is very close to functionality needed also it is very cost effective. At Arshon Technology Inc. Arshon has a couple of senior Analog Designers who accumulated extensive experience on designing discrete circuits and have learned all the tricks and challenges to succeed and they know that Analog Circuit Design requires a highly disciplined development approach to control all the variables. To accelerate the development process, Arshon chose to use P-SPICE Simulation in Arshon’s designs in order to provide the entire concept before actually building the circuits. Analog Circuit is an outstanding alternative for companies searching low-cost design solutions. Arshon designs a complex circuit by building blocks of transistors and other elementary electronic components, which results in a much customized final-product. Arshon also use Analog techniques in high-speed digital circuits to compensate the high frequency behavior of its elements and make them work. Analog Circuit Design is used in many other designs such as LED lightening, Power Supply Designs, Battery Chargers, Communication Circuitry and more.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of a computational network of physical objects (“things”) equipped with embedded technologies for interacting with each other or with the external environment, excluding from the part of actions and operations the need for human participation. In 1926, Nikola Tesla in an interview for Collier’s magazine said that in the future the radio will be transformed into a “big brain”, all things will become part of a whole, and the tools that make this possible will easily fit in your pocket. In 1982, a modified Coke vending machine at Carnegie Mellon University became the first network-connected appliance. In 1990, a graduate of MIT, one of the fathers of the TCP / IP protocol, John Romkey with Simon Hackett connected the first appliance (a toaster) to the internet.

The term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. In the same year, the Auto-ID Center was established, which deals with radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor technologies, thanks to which this concept has become widespread. By 2008-2009, there was a transition from the “Internet of people” to the “Internet of things”, i.e. the number of items connected to the network exceeded the number of people. As well as becoming commonplace in electronic design services, the development of IoT has gained traction among many application design services. Devices included in the Internet of Things are any stand-alone devices connected to the Internet that can be monitored and/or controlled remotely. There are devices which transform information about the external environment into machine-readable data. A wide class of measuring instruments is used, from elementary sensors (for example, temperature, pressure, and illumination), consumption metering devices (such as smart meters) to complex integrated measuring systems.

Mazi Hosseini | CEO

“We are an end to end provider, so your idea will be designed in a form of a prototype, then will be tested, validated and finally will be commercialized and will be in mass production.”