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Covera Health – Changing how quality healthcare is defined, measured, and delivered through advanced clinical analytics


Analytics in healthcare is increasingly being viewed as the way forward for the industry. As with many other industries, the pandemic has played its part in speeding up how healthcare embraces technology, with the adoption of greater analytical capabilities now seen as more important than ever to improve processes and quality of care. The US, for example, saw an increase in telehealth visits during the pandemic – essentially, remote healthcare enabled by the use of digital technology – which proved successful and helped to keep patients safe. Artificial Intellegence also proved paramount in the creation and roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as tracking positive cases. However, it’s not just during global health crises that technology proves useful to healthcare. In the UK, The Health Foundation has a vision for analytics and data-driven technology to be used more widely to improve the quality of healthcare that people receive. As industry professionals state, “digital health solutions and technology will play a crucial role in the difficult work of optimizing processes and systems for greater efficiency, financial viability, and enhanced outcomes.

Covera Health is leading the way in the emerging science of quality, deploying AI-powered quality insights to aid healthcare providers and payers in a shared quest to better define, measure, and deliver the highest standard of care to patients everywhere. Their initial focus is radiology, where an early and accurate diagnosis has a profound impact on the rest of a patient’s care journey. Through their work, which uses clinically-validated science-based tools, they’re helping doctors enhance their care, ensuring patients get the right diagnosis, and enabling the healthcare system to support quality improvement at scale. Through their clinical intelligence platform, they have launched programs that help people access the most effective care and provide doctors with AI-powered quality insights and tools to enhance their care. Today, Covera is partnered with leading employers, payers and healthcare organizations across the US, including Walmart and Microsoft. And, with a pipeline representing over 25% of insured Americans, they are in the early stages of improving care quality for all patients across the globe.

Advancing the science of quality – from diagnosis to recovery

Stemming from rigorous, academic-level research, Covera’s efforts are designed to quantify quality of care, measure its delivery across conditions and patient populations, and understand its impact on treatment, outcomes, and costs. Drawing from causal inference epidemiology and population health statistics to neural networks and computer vision, Covera Health is developing the science-based tools necessary to support physicians in their efforts to improve care quality and payers in their efforts to manage it efficiently. Covera Health facilitates network-wide quality improvement by supporting radiology providers in their efforts to elevate care, all while reducing costs associated with misdirected care and poor outcomes. Ensuring each patient receives the right diagnosis at the start of their care dramatically improves the likelihood of a positive outcome, avoiding unnecessary, costly, and often invasive treatment. Covera Health’s clinical intelligence platform and AI-powered quality insights improve employees’ entire trajectory of care while reducing costs related to unnecessary care and poor outcomes.

By radiologists—for radiologists

Covera Health was built to support radiologists in their efforts to improve patient care, enhance peer learning, and combat commoditization by quantifying and highlighting the value of quality. No other specialty is more central to getting patients the care they need. That’s why Covera Health is empowering the radiology community to better define, measure, and deliver quality diagnoses. Demonstrating the objective value of their expertise on downstream care is the crucial first step to ending commoditization and putting the focus back on the goal of delivering high-quality diagnoses for all. Certified as a Patient Safety Organization by the AHRQ, Covera Health provides a safe, secure, and aligned framework for providers to share quality insights, collaborate on quality improvement initiatives, and ultimately support improved patient care and outcomes.

Ron Vianu | Co-Founder & CEO

Ron is a serial entrepreneur and problem-solver by nature. He's spent the last 20+ years founding ventures in the healthcare, technology, and insurance sectors. Ron studied Chemistry and Philosophy at NYU.

 Prior to Covera Health, Ron founded Spreemo in 2010. Under his leadership, Spreemo became the fastest growing referral management platform in the occupational medicine space, growing from six employees to a team of over 200 across offices in NYC and Dallas, and earning the company Deloitte's Fast 500 award two years in a row for the fastest growing technology businesses. Spreemo, which received venture funding from a multi-billion dollar institutional investor, successfully exited to a strategic acquirer in 2017. In his spare time (and he has little), Ron enjoys biking down the East River and running up the West Side Highway, but rarely at the same time.

"We are leading the way in the emerging science of quality, and connecting providers and payers in their shared quest to improve patient outcomes and care quality."