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10 Best Startups of the Year 2019

Crafting Intelligent Micro Conversations for Banks: ACTIVE.Ai

thesiliconreview-ravi-shankar-cofounder-ceo-active-ai-2019Enterprise A.I. Platform for Financial Services

Banking is one such sector where we still see human interaction with customers. In the present generation where A.I. is making its way into various verticals, it was most likely that it would make its way to the banking sector. Seeing the opportunity, Active.Ai made its move. It is a Singapore based Fintechstartup with an innovation lab in Bengaluru, using artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver Conversational Banking services. It helps banks redefine their digital strategy for the future, bringing in automation and insightful customer engagement. The company’s Built-for-Banking technology uses advanced NLP and machine intelligence to enable customers to have natural dialogues over messaging, voice or IoT devices.

It believes customers will be engaging in unstructured micro-conversations with their banks. Active.Ai will be helping banks and other financial institutions to intuitively and intelligently engage with the customer on mobile, chat, or voice-enabled IOT devices using AI.

Omni Connector AI Platform

Its Omni Connector AI Platform combines specialised solutions using AI and NLP to deliver seamless conversational interactions to provide financial services across various distribution channels.

The Company’s Products


It is a conversational middleware that acts as an orchestration layer with the capability to consume the trinity AL engine. It has hooks to front channels including messaging, voice, social and IOT with advanced integration interface to complex backend APIs of the bank and financial systems.


It is conversational AI engine tuned specially for banking, insurance, and capital market services with built-in Pre-processor, NLP, NLU, Machine Comprehension and NLG. Its key strength is the ability to handle context driven conversations. It is developed to support language pack such as English, Spanish, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia with Mandarin, its Chinese dialect and Korean in the works based on demand.

The Innovative Solutions

Create flawless natural conversations

Triniti’s flexible AI platform incorporates an extensive suite of tools that allow you to build next-generation smart applications where your data lives: whether on-premise or in the intelligent cloud. Give your customers innovative ways to interact flawlessly with your product by building advanced voice and text-based conversational interfaces powered by the Triniti AI.

Gain an in-depth understanding of user conversations with machine learning

In natural conversation colloquiums, abbreviations, acronyms and the like are more common than is perfect grammar and syntax. Provide examples of what customers may say during typical interactions with your product and let Triniti’s intelligent AI algorithms learn the true meaning.

Triniti is smart enough to:

  • recognise and comprehend intent,
  • interpret discourse and reactions,
  • extract entities and identify pragmatics,
  • analyse feelings and emotions,
  • A whole lot more.

The Speciality of the Company

Context Sensitive Spelling Correction & Acronym Expansion

Corrects misspelt words based on user’s input. Knows not to correct names, nicknames etc. Expand and normalises acronyms like “acc” to account, “xfer” to transfer. It is able to standardise forms like “CreditCard” to Credit Card.

Intent Classification

Auto-Calibrating Classifier that is tolerant of differences in instances of training data across intents, able to differentiate between FAQ and non-FAQ intelligently and detect adversity.

Sentiment & Profanity Detection

It is able to detect if the user’s current input is positive, neutral or negative. The Products are also able to detect if the user is being abusive and able to respond appropriately.

Entity & Modifier Extraction

Highly Trainable with trainable entity linking and Auto-Calibrating features. It is able to extract entities with high precision and confidence. Extracts and links Modifiers like "from" and “to” to related entities. Also, it is able to extract modifiers that modify the complete intent, such as “minimum” in “Minimum Balance”.


It responds to most commonly-used ‘small-talk’ or ‘chit-chat’ that users have with bots.


Personalise engagements with customers via predictive conversational offers.

The Man Who Visualized the Future

Ravi Shankar, Co-Founder and CEO

Ravi believes that Active Intelligence is a platform that enables financial institutions to deliver their services using Intuition and Automation over channels of engagement. Keeping this in mind he made sure that his company’s vision is to become the AI SaaS platform for financial services.

In the past, he was a banker, payments specialist. He has had start up experience with 2 leading private sector banks. Building businesses ground up in quick time which has had a positive impact on the growth of both these institutions. He was also part of large projects and business management experience with a global bank. Ravi has also part of many technology lead innovations in the Indian and global markets. His speciality is in start-ups, technology for the future, and M-Commerce.

“We build active intelligence culture, contextual, predictive & personalised experience at every level of customer journey.”