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Creating a futuristic and cutting edge methodology in the NetSuite, Salesforce, and Adaptive Insights consulting ecosystem – Upaya


Every business is an amalgamation of different processes that need to be consistently maintained to keep customers' expectations. Since efficiency matters the most in every industry, business owners seek to achieve it through every aspect. Providing accurate information about product availability and supplying them within a scheduled duration adds to your market credibility. One of the problematic parts of businesses is keeping track of every product's input, including procurement, order, shipment, and delivery. Inventory management cannot be done in any business entirely manually, and you need a computer-based inventory software system. NetSuite is one such business management software that can manage your entire business single-handedly. The main objective of using an inventory management system is to overcome the issues of delays and wastage and reduce costs while keeping the customers satisfied.

Upaya is one such firm specializing in providing value-based professional services for NetSuite, Oracle PBCS, Adaptive Insights, and Salesforce, and supports license purchases for these applications. Upaya has completed over 600 successful software implementations on these cloud-based platforms. It has worked diligently to assemble the best products and associated support services. The company has an experienced SME team with industry experience. It is certified to implement and support these solutions across numerous industries, including software, services, wholesale distribution, ecommerce, education, non-profit, retail, and many more. With a passion for quality and an unwavering commitment towards its clients, the firm strives to achieve nothing but the best and deliver superior customer satisfaction on everything they do.

Furnishing cutting-edge solutions to your businesses

Financial Planning and Reporting Solutions: Upaya wants to make sure that your organization is equipped with budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions that can help you navigate today's quickly-evolving business environment, thus becoming better prepared for whatever lies ahead. With deep experience in Workday Adaptive Planning and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, Upaya will study FP&A processes and provide personalized services to meet your needs. Equipped with in-depth product knowledge and best practices learned from customers of all sizes and industries, its implementation methodology is designed to get you up and running quickly and smoothly.

NetSuite Add-Ons & Accelerators: The software is built on NetSuite's leading business management platform. The solutions molds to the unique way you do business and enable your business to scale with accurate real-time data for informed decision making. Fully built on NetSuite's platform, one can manage WIP, accruals, inventory, budgetary controls, and commitments. Upaya makes it easy to allocate expenses across multiple departments with ultimate flexibility, reporting in real-time.

CRM Solutions: Without a complete integration between sales and CRM, you'll find that journey is often disconnected at crucial phases, allowing potential customers to fall through the cracks. The Upaya Sales and CRM package look to fill those gaps and optimize your sales team's performance with junk/duplicate lead filtering, sales team reminders, customer surveys, and lead qualification process and ratings.

Ecommerce Solutions: Upaya eCommerce has solutions for inventory management, navigation, choice filtering, rental solutions, and complex loyalty programs. The company's Webstore Grid Entry designs a visual matrix for multiple-choice items that save your customer time in their purchase process. Allow customers to easily filter their choices and cruise through a standard checkout process with Webstore Rentals.

Integrations Solutions: For any successful organization, its ERP must connect seamlessly with any legacy, On-Premise, and Cloud applications to automate their business processes and transform them into a Data-Driven Enterprise. Hence, integration becomes extremely critical in a hybrid technology landscape. NetSuite ERP offers the capability to integrate rapidly with almost any other data source or format and provide a 360-degree view to the customers. NetSuite combines accounting and ERP programs, CRM tools, and e-commerce capabilities in a single packaged offering and enables integration with other functions or external applications through a single record, eliminating data redundancies and inconsistencies.

Meet the leader behind the success of Upaya

Kapil Agarwal is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Architect of Upaya. He has 23 years of experience providing business and technology solutions with a focus on process development, reengineering, and best practices. Since 2005, he has utilized his Enterprise and SMB application skills to implement NetSuite to a wide array of companies in the software, manufacturing, distribution, education, healthcare, and financial services industries. Before founding Upaya, he spent one year at NetSuite in Professional Services and five years at Oracle in various capacities as a Financial & Accounting Expert for Oracle Applications. He continues to lead a course specializing in data relationships and database design at DeAnza College (California).

He is an ex-Manorite (St George's College, Mussorie, India) and holds an M.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India.

"We empower companies for success by delivering business solutions through best in class people, processes, and technology."