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Working with HSBC as a lead investigator of Swiss Leaks, the largest data leak in Swiss banking history, Chris Muffat, Dathena's Founder and CEO, understood that the root cause behind the crisis was HSBC’s failure to identify what is needed to protect.

Over the next two years, he came to realize that all organizations systematically fail to quickly and accurately identify and classify their sensitive information, thereby putting at risk their customers, employees, and shareholders. Thus the idea behind Dathena was born.

While heading Information Risk Management at Barclays Bank in Europe and APAC, Chris was unable to find satisfactory solutions to his data governance needs. He thus leveraged his computer science background to build Artificial Intelligence-based technology that solved the real challenges the bank was facing. This initial solution was subsequently expanded and today forms the core of Dathena.

Discover what Data you have and where it is

You cannot protect what you don't know. Organizations of all sizes struggle to understand what information they possess, where it is located and who has access to it.


  • Gain an accurate and comprehensive understanding of all your data and where it resides
  • Know which data is most critical to your business
  • Reduce your data risks and management costs by identifying and eliminating redundant data files

Meet & Maintain Compliance with Data Regulations

Data protection regulations are proliferating around the globe: GDPR in the European Union, CCPA in California, APPI in Japan, PDPA in Singapore, GDPL in Brazil and more. Compliance with these regulations has saddled organizations with significant financial & operational burdens.

Classify your Data Quickly and Accurately

Organizations of all sizes and sectors face exponential growth of structured and unstructured data. This increases the need for better data governance, or risk exposing the organization, its employees and its clients to harmful exploitation.

Successful governance is built on highly precise data classification by business category and level of confidentiality. Current solutions are neither accurate nor time-efficient, which results in the underperformance of Data Loss Prevention tools and costly non-compliance with regulations.

Protect your Sensitive Data

Data breaches affect all organizations and are increasing in frequency and severity. Causes range from a simple unauthorized transfer of data from an employee to fraudulent activity to international espionage. Whether preventable or not, the results are almost always damaging to the organizations.

Monitor Data Access & Storage Anomalies

LinkedIn, Dropbox, PayPal, and Netflix - these are just a few companies whose customer data has been leaked due to improper access and storage. The reputational and financial damage to organizations exposed to such breaches can be dire.

Enable Cloud Access Security

Today, all organizations either are moving to or will have to move to the cloud. Whether it is to increase operational flexibility, drive down data management costs or to promote mobility and internal collaboration, cloud access is fast becoming non-negotiable. In this transition, the security of data living in or migrating to the cloud must be top of mind.

Whatever stage of cloud adoption you are in, Dathena can help you ensure that your migration to the cloud is happening safely, securely and in compliance with local regulations, so you can focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Financial Services

Financial services organizations globally deal with high volume, variety, and velocity of sensitive & valuable information, making them highly susceptible to data leaks, cyber criminality, and espionage. Such organizations face increasing pressure from private citizens, governments and internal stakeholders to operate best-in-class data governance and protection solutions to avoid falling fould of ever-increasing regulations while upgrading legacy infrastructure to keep up with the fast-paced industry disruptions.

Founded by an information security pioneer who held risk management leadership roles at multiple global banks, Dathena is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the data protection needs of financial service institutions.

The Brains of the Company

Christopher Muffat | Founder & CEO

Christopher Muffat is Dathena’s Founder and CEO. He has over ten years’ experience in information security risk management, including leading the internal SwissLeaks digital forensics investigation for HSBC and thereafter acting as Head of Information Risk Management for Barclays Bank in Europe and the Asia Pacific. Chris also acted as a Senior Security Analyst for Emirates Airlines, where he researched cybersecurity risk in safety-critical systems.

Chris holds a degree in Network Administration from ISG and a Bachelor’s in IT from Infosup.

When not geeking out over cool, futuristic technology, Chris enjoys martial arts, snowboarding and walking his dog.

“We are a Universal Layer of Information Security that enables End-to-End Data Protection. Developed by information risk management pioneers, we intimately understand your data privacy and protection needs, and provides you with solutions powered by our in-house developed, revolutionary Artificial Intelligence technology - the Dathena 99 A.I. core engine.”