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Creating Quantum Leap Inventions That Solve Global Problems: Strategic Innovations


The e-commerce industry in the United States has an excellent level of penetration, with the ability to deliver products to just about any corner of the world. However, the timing of delivery tends to be an inconvenience, since the customers may not be home or at their office to receive their goods. A company named Strategic Innovations aims to provide a silver bullet to all problems associated with the last leg of delivery.

In conversation with the CEO of Strategic Innovations, Anthony Hageman

What was the motivation to launch the company?

Our Company was formed as a consumer products development company to launch the many inventions of our Founder and Chief Designer, Royce Newcomb. We’ve dedicated ourselves to our first product line called the eDOR Project, which consists of a suite of seven different key inventions that are designed to solve all the issues and problems in eCommerce for last-mile delivery on a global scale. Our website profiles many of these products, while some, such as our eDRONE Delivery System, is under tight wraps as we prepare to launch it after our MVP and other key components and product offerings that include our eTETHR, eBOX, and eDOR inventions.

We’re a startup that’s accomplished this task thus far through Friends and Family investors and currently have a $5 million zero debt valuation.

What are the core values that drive Strategic Innovations?

We’re passionate and extremely committed to accomplishing our mission by delivering to the world solutions that truly accomplish the desired end result. Whether it’s solving critical issues in eCommerce, stopping wildfires in their tracks, or saving lives in the many natural disasters that occur in our world today, we have the highly relevant and disruptive inventions that will prove to be game-changers and perform as needed to accomplish the mission.

As a Company, we focus on identifying black hole problems and creating quantum leap solutions on a global scale with our unique and original concepts that nobody else has thought of. We’ve received significant accolades and publicity for our eDOR Project and as we near the launch of our first product, called eTETHR, are confident that we’ll be well received and that our products will exceed our customers and industry’s expectations.

How do you manage to compete in a highly volatile market?

Our primary focus is to produce high quality and disruptive products that deliver solutions beyond anything else on the market. From the look and feel to the mechanical function and operation, and most importantly to the desired end result, our products are aimed at complete customer satisfaction. We’re cutting edge and leading the path with the products that we create and allow no compromise to enter the product development cycle that oftentimes dictates price. Our products are all original and unique and our focus is to produce technical innovations that set the standard in whatever category they’re in. Quality isn’t cheap; it’s worth it…in order to have the quality, you have to pay the right price, as we’ve all experienced.

How does your company contribute to the global IT platform at large?

We’re in a very unique and privileged position. The entire ecosystem and platform of our new eDOR Project product line is designed to create The Standard for global IT to adapt and enjoin through the use of our products via consumers and industry alike. From our agnostic Mobile App that works for all of our products in our platform, to becoming a central smart IoT Hub to connect many other devices, and harvesting Big Data to better learn and serve our customers’ needs, we have a responsibility and amazing opportunity to serve the global stage through both our products as well as our IT platform.

Do you have newer products being readied for launch?

Yes, our MVP called eTETHR will be completed by the end of this year and our eBOX, eBOX Retro and eLiT products are right behind that. As soon as those products and components are manufactured, we’ll be ready to complete our eDOR product line. Significant work has already been completed for those products and we’re on track to finish and launch them all in 2020. Our eDRONE Delivery System is also being completed and will be launched ASAP.

Meet some of the Team of Strategic Innovations

As a team of accomplished entrepreneurs and businessmen, Strategic Innovations is built on sound principles and philosophies that enable a moon shot such as ours to exist. Inventing and launching new products is no small task or feat, nor is it for the meek of heart. Trend setters and market disrupters are only celebrated through their ability to execute and accomplish the mission at hand…the implementation and use of their products or concepts, and the ability to create victory when the odds are against them. Along with the all the other people and companies on our Team that we’re so proud to be affiliated with, we’re driven to emerge onto the global stage and forever be known by how we served and helped the world through our passionate desire to create solutions.

Check out our Team Page and Bio’s on our website ( to learn more, or to connect if you’d like.

“Our Systems are designed for all types of residential, multi-family, and commercial applications.”