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10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2018

Creating Stunning Software, From Idea to Launch: Belatrix Software


A combination of nearly 20 years of experience, top IT talent, and highly-tuned agile development processes.

Achieving success from scratch in any business is tough. But from an unlikely location, at a difficult time economically, and without financial resources or an immediate source of revenue, few would even consider it. But fast-forward to today, and at Belatrix you’ll find one of the most successful software development companies in Latin America, with international operations spanning 3 continents, and annual growth hitting 35% for the past 5 consecutive years. It’s a long cry from those early days, but the founders continue with the same vision, commitment, and dedication that they started the company with.

The Robbio’s Family Story

Belatrix Software is made up of 3 partners who are connected by a very familiar bond: they are father and sons. Each has their individual stories, but those stories come together in creating the foundations of one of the fastest growing companies in the Latin American software industry.

Luis Robbio, the father, is an electronic engineer by trade, and before becoming an entrepreneur he held senior positions in Argentina, Brazil, USA, and Europe for the engineering construction company, IMPSA. For Luis, he wanted to get out of his “traditional” executive life in a multinational company and start something new. Belatrix was thus born in his house, and he remembers having to convince the first developers to bring their own PCs or literally “to live on the job” at his home.

Federico Robbio, for his part, is an industrial engineer and worked for the Techint Group in Buenos Aires as a young professional. Federico decided to return to Mendoza to start his own company with partners, before joining Belatrix. Among the anecdotes is the fact that all the first desktops and LANs of the company were assembled by him with his partners.

While Alex Robbio studied Psychology at the National University of San Luis, he has been programming as a hobbyist since he was a child. In the early 2000s, at age 25 he decided to move to the United States with his wife and 5-year-old daughter. His hobby became his full-time job when after significant effort brushing up his technical skills, he was hired as a developer and soon became a Vice President and later the COO of a technology company that would go on to become the first customer of Belatrix. Alex has also attended the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University and holds certifications from Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, and MIT.

The Culture of Belatrix Software

Belatrix’s culture and its spirit are what defines it. But creating a high-performance culture doesn’t just happen by accident. The company has worked hard to create a highly attractive work environment which fosters collaboration and innovation. Belatrix’s vision is to be recognized as the best Latin American software product development & innovation firm.


Values in Belatrix Software

What makes Belatrix the company it is?

It’s our people and our values. They aren’t just some list created by the management team. Belatrix’s employees selected these as most important to who we are as a team:


Excellence: It may be idealistic but we strive for excellence in all we do. We never stop trying to do a better job. By doing so, we improve ourselves, take real pride in our work, and deliver higher quality work for our clients.

Passion: Passion is what keeps us going! It’s our fuel. It’s what pushes us to make a difference. We don’t want to be just any other company. We want to be a company where our passion is reflected in everything we do. You see it and experience it!

Commitment: Commitment is never outdated. We embrace our work and commit to delivering on our commitments to our clients, partners, employees and the communities where we operate.

Teamwork: Teamwork takes the best of each of us and boosts our individual capabilities. It means everyone puts in his/her best efforts to support a shared goal. We accomplish much more together, especially in innovating with Agile and Scrum.

Empowerment & Trust: People who are empowered in their roles and valued for their expertise and contribution thrive. Belatrix fosters its team member’s confidence, providing access to great mentors, resources, and training while instilling high standards.

Innovation: Innovation requires imagination, and an ability to see a path most wouldn’t see. But it requires initiative and drives. With passion and commitment to move from an idea to reality, the possibilities are limitless. We thrive on helping our clients make their innovation a reality!

The Services Offered By Belatrix

Belatrix provides end-to-end software and mobile application development services. The firm takes you from creating the concept and design, through to developing and delivering the final product that will delight your customers.

Software development: Rapidly and reliably build great software products to amaze your customers

In today’s world, software products must delight their users. But development speed and applied creativity remain critical priorities. If you’re looking for software development services, Belatrix can help you create innovative, engaging products, while simultaneously ensuring rapid time to market.

Belatrix’s mature Agile development capabilities help you create innovative, engaging products, while simultaneously ensuring rapid time to market. Belatrix combines its sophisticated, well-proven Agile practices with Design Thinking to ensure the customer remains the central focus during the product development lifecycle. The company’s belief this approach is a key differentiator for its product development capabilities.

Its preferred Agile methodology is Scrum, which is an iterative and incremental approach to software project management. It provides the best mix of control and visibility while also allowing flexibility in the software production process, factors that make it ideal to manage software development outsourcing.

Amongst other industries, Belatrix also provides financial and banking software development services to companies, working to ensure complete user satisfaction!

Product development: Software defines the interactions you have with your customers. The value of almost every product today comes from software. But building these software-enabled products presents new challenges.

Mobile development: Belatrix provides world-class mobile application development services for all platforms and mobile devices.

Software architecture: Software products require mature and advanced software architecture. Sophisticated technical capabilities are needed to develop the platform which will enable your product to be used in different situations.

Cloud software development: Sophisticated technical capabilities are needed to develop the platform which will enable your product to be used in different situations. Belatrix’s services include product development in the cloud and SaaS space.

Software testing: Belatrix’s expertise enables it to deliver the software product that will make your organization thrive

Software testing measures and improves the quality of software. It serves as a reference for stakeholders to make decisions. Software testing is one of the activities of Quality Assurance (QA). QA experts improve software quality by monitoring and continually improving processes and projects. They augment software quality using key metrics, assessing the scalability and performance of software, providing process assurance and documentation management, and analyzing security and architectural risks.

Belatrix’s software testing and QA team constantly communicate with its clients in real-time. Based on a comprehensive QA and testing plan, they outline how they will deliver world-class results. Belatrix’s software testing engineers work with a variety of tools and adapt to the needs and expectations of its clients. Automated and manual testing along with its experience in Agile development provides the basis to ensure your project succeeds.

Software QA & testing: Belatrix's software QA and testing services cover the full spectrum of technologies and testing methodologies. They help drive quality and agility in your software development organization.

Automation testing: Faster software releases and demand for increased quality, places a premium on effective and efficient testing. The only way to keep up is with automation.

Mobile testing: Mobility is upending businesses and transforming lives. But behind every powerful mobile experience lies effective mobile testing.

Agile testing center: Agile software testing is critical in developing the next generation of software.

Industries Served

Belatrix combines in-depth industry expertise with the world-class technical knowledge to help you create compelling software-based products. Belatrix has helped established global companies, as well as innovative startups, achieve long-term market success.

Fintech: The world of finance is in a state of rapid and fundamental change. Fintech companies are blending financial and technology expertise. These companies are no longer just creating interesting ideas, but now offer core financial services at the heart of financial systems around the world, alongside traditional banks. Fintech is transforming the world of finance, from retail banking to merchant services, to insurance.

As the banking and finance industry rapidly changes, Belatrix can help both established financial firms as well as innovative Fintech startups.

Media and Entertainment: Perhaps no other industry has been as impacted as quickly and dramatically by digital technology. Both global giants and young startups are competing to create a new, dynamic, digital-first media and entertainment industry.

Digital technologies are creating a new era of media and entertainment. From content creation to distribution, technology and software make the difference.

Healthcare: For payers, providers, and of course patients, the world of healthcare is changing. Empowered patients are demanding more from their healthcare providers. Health plan members have greater choice over their health plans, providers, benefits and treatment options. Healthcare providers are shifting to more value-based care.

Amidst these changing market dynamics, digital technologies are transforming every part of healthcare, from helping to provide greater transparency, to enabling better clinical outcomes aided by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

From healthcare providers to cutting-edge health tech startups, digital technology is creating new challenges and opportunities. Belatrix’s expertise can help you navigate this changing landscape.

Customers Rave About Belatrix

“My managers and I had the pleasure of working in direct contact with almost thirty of Belatrix’s consultants and engineers and we were always impressed by their commitment, dedication, and willingness to go to the extra mile for my company. We also appreciated their management team’s spirit of partnership and their culture of adding value for the benefit of their clients."

- Paul Gartner, VP of Quality Assurance, K12 Inc

“I would highly recommend Belatrix on the value basis of their productivity and the extra value we have received through the relationship and the flexibility in working through our challenges. The release of the Belatrix staff is in no way a reflection on them but on our company business challenges.”

- Louis D’Alessandro, Stone River

"We used Belatrix to help us develop a complex solution that involved data transfer over the internet and WCF communication. The Belatrix team was very professional, organized, skilled and creative and contributed greatly to the design and evolution of the solution. We are very happy with the results!"

- Renata Piedmont, VP Product Development, Factora

Meet the Family behind Belatrix

Luis Robbio, CEO & Co-founder:

"From our innovation centers, we provide world-class software development, mobile development, and user experience services."


Alex Robbio, President & Co-founder:

“We provide end-to-end software and mobile application development services. We take you from creating the concept and design, through to developing and delivering the final product that will delight your customers.”


Federico Robbio, President, Finance & Talent, Co-founder:

“It’s within this culture, that our spirit can thrive. And it’s a spirit defined by teamwork, openness, having a passion for what we do, working hard, and having fun.”

“The company’s mission is to be a passionate global partner delivering software innovation.”