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Creating the Best PDF Solutions for All: Foxit

thesiliconreview-george-z-gao-ceo-foxit-19Foxit Software, Inc. is known for developing Portable Document Format (PDF) software and tools. These products are mainly used as digital documents. Documents can be created, signed, secure files and further edit. It is a well-known company among its huge client base. It is famous for being a multinational software technology corporation that is headquartered in Fremont, California. It also has other offices in Australia, South Yarra, Beijing, Berlin, Fuzhou, and in various other locations as well around the world. Currently, there are about 425 million Foxit users in the market. The sales done by the company is huge with over 100,000 customers in 200 countries around the world.

Featured PDF Software Products

Phantom PDF

It is known to generate better documents and further modify PDF files smoothly. Documents’ management and tracking are done easily. You can even scan, OCR, and compress your files. Mainly a problem solver in protecting vital data, organizing records and creating a well-balanced document file stack.


Foxit’s last 2018 upgrade of Foxit PDF SDK for Web provides further technical and security improvements. It has developed a new encryption API to ensure safe transmission of data between client browser and server, improved the performance of its code when saving files, and expanded the parameters for setting path objects and annotations states, and more.

The Mobile PDF Reader for the Professional

In today’s business world, workers need to be connected while they are constantly in motion. Foxit Mobile PDF combines fast mobile performance with the business capabilities to keep you working on documents while you’re on the go.

Ultraforms: Automate Your Data Capture

Ultraforms® is a powerful 2D barcode generation engine specifically designed to facilitate automated capture data from printed PDF fillable forms. Industries of all types, such as Government (State, Federal and Local), Education, Health, Laboratories, Human Resources, Insurance, Banking, Logistics, etc. can benefit from using Ultraforms®.

To solve data capture issues, customers provide Ultraforms®-enabled PDF fillable forms to their end users. When these end users fill in the PDF form electronically, Ultraforms® generates a 2D barcode right onto the form that contains the variable data entered into the form by the end user. After printing and signing, submitted forms can be quickly scanned and the form's data can be easily and accurately captured into databases or applications.

Data capture using 2D barcode technology:

  • Reduces costs from traditional data capture operations.
  • Reduces time needed to capture data.
  • Makes data available to other systems/processes faster, bridging the gap between disparate IT systems cheaply and efficiently, or speeding the transfer of data to, or within, a business process or workflow.
  • Provides 100% accuracy in the data capture process.
  • Minimizes the number of problems that can arise with conventional data capture methods, e.g. false positives and data errors.

Rendition Server

Rendition Server is a highly adaptable document conversion solution that allows enterprises to carry out virtually limitless transformation processes using a single, fully scalable platform. Using Rendition Server, organizations can standardize conversion strategies, including long-term archiving compliance with PDF and PDF/A conversion, establishing PDF accessibility, PII redaction, or automated CCM, for use by anyone, anywhere in the organization.

Foxit PDF Compressor

Foxit’s PDF Compressor software provides businesses with fast, high-accuracy OCR equipped with the industry’s best document-to-PDF conversion automation capabilities. The software converts paper scanned images, and born-digital content such as emails and Microsoft Office documents to text-searchable, compressed, fully optimized PDF and PDF/A files.

Unlike competitive solutions, Foxit’s PDF Compressor is designed efficiency-first, with more features focused on automation, reducing unnecessary processing, and accelerating high-volume document conversion than any other product.

PDF Compressor is ideal for organizations that need to convert thousands or millions of documents per year for archiving, compliance, accessibility, and for optimizing customer experience and core business process efficiency. The solution is flexible enough to work well on backlogs of documents sitting in a repository (or that old warehouse, yikes!) as well as the digital transformation of documents coming from your ongoing business processes.

The Masterminds

Eugene Xiong, Founder &Chairman of the Board:

Eugene founded Foxit Software Incorporated in 2001 and has been the company's president and CEO. Under Eugene's leadership, the company is growing rapidly, employs hundreds of employees worldwide, and has become a worldwide leader in PDF and electronic document technology and solutions. Before founding Foxit, Eugene worked at Bexcom Corporation and at China's National Astronomical Observatory, where he participated in building one of the first Internet nodes in China. Eugene earned his BS in Computer Science at the University of Science and Technology of China.

George Z. Gao, CEO:

George is Chief Executive Officer of Foxit Software Incorporated and also serves on its Board of Directors. He has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry in marketing and sales, in addition to software development and project management. Before joining Foxit, George worked for Nortel Networks and Lite-on Communications. He earned his degree of Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics from Nanjing University and his Ph.D. of Science in Astro Technology from Chinese Academy of Sciences in China.

“We provide next-generation PDF, turning isolated documents into smart documents, facilitating collaboration, tracking, and security.”