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Creating value through solutions: Keysight Technologies


“Accelerating innovation to connect and secure the world”

The electrical and electronics manufacturing companies are composed of organizations that are involved in the manufacture, design, development, assembly, and servicing of electronic equipment and components. Together, these organizations offer a wide variety of products that frequently have only one thing in common: They depend upon automated technology to operate. Electronics is one of the fastest evolving and most innovative industries, and also one of the most competitive. The research and development of new, better products are of great importance in electronics, where companies often compete fiercely to bring the latest technology to market.

As a whole, the goal of the industry is to meet the needs of electronics producers by providing electronic parts or products for sale. Much effort and money are put into research and development to produce improved parts and products, as well as to improve the process for creating them. The largest segment of the consumer electronics market is audiovisual equipment and the American accounts for nearly half of the global consumer in electronics market value.

Keysight Technologies is one such company that is a pioneer in manufacturing electrical and electronic devices. The company was founded in the year 2014 and is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. The firm has the broadest range of products in the industry to accelerate the deployment of new technologies. The firm reflects rich heritage – a direct line from both Hewlett-Packard's standards of integrity and innovation and Agilent's premier measurement business. The name Keysight conveys the ability to see what others cannot, offering the critical or essential insight to understand and unlock the changing technology landscape.

Main Objective

The primary mission of the firm is to deliver breakthrough solutions and trusted insight in electronic design, test, manufacture, and optimization to help customers accelerate the innovations that connect and secure the world.


Keysight's solutions optimize networks, integrate workflows, and validate tomorrow's technologies with unprecedented performance backed by decades of research and expertise.


The company is specialized in electronic design automation, signal analyzers, network analyzers, signal sources, Oscilloscopes, and one box testers.


Keysight technologies customers are visionaries and innovators. They have achieved breakthroughs that advance technology, like covering the far reaches of the world with wideband satellite communications, driving data rates higher in 5G and beyond, ensuring reliable connectivity and outstanding experience for wireless and IoT devices, realizing new levels of cloud computing, enabling the connected car, and much more.


  • Top 25 Technology Companies use Keysight
  • 78 of the Fortune 100 are Keysight customers
  • 25 of the top 25 Telecom Operators/Service Providers use Keysight

Keysight technologies Contribution


Product and Technology Leadership

To measure today's and tomorrow's most complex signals with leading-edge performance.

A Strong Software Franchise

Accelerate development with end-to-end design simulation software and hundreds of measurement applications.

A Comprehensive Set of Services and Solutions

Achieve remarkable results with industry and custom solutions, test processes, and operations optimization.

Helping accelerate your innovations through products

Hardware Products


More engineers are switching to Keysight oscilloscopes because they help the products to get released to the market faster with award-winning oscilloscopes that offer the fastest update rates, the most profound memory, the industry's only capacitive touch screen, and the most oscilloscope software options with highest-performing products with measurements you can trust thanks to oscilloscopes with industry-leading signal integrity and the largest selection of oscilloscope probes.


The firm provides various ranges of analyzer which include Spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, Vector signal analyzers, logic analyzers, protocol analyzers etc. to address evolving test needs—from unbounded in R&D to just enough in manufacturing with diverse hardware platforms and to Accomplish more in-depth troubleshooting or one-button measurements with the broadest set of application-specific software.

Modular instruments

For more than 75 years, Keysight has been unlocking measurement insights. Along the way, the firm has been creating industry-leading test equipment in the shapes and sizes their customers need: full-size bench top, small bench top, handheld, and modular. In every form factor, the company's goal is to deliver the performance their clients need to stay on the leading edge in their respective industries.

Generators, Sources, and power products

The company produces Signal Generators (Signal Sources), waveform and function generators, arbitrary waveform generators, pulse generator products, data generators + analyzers, dc power supplies, source measure units, dc electronic loads, and ac power sources to push devices within and beyond its limits with unmatched purity and precision.

Software products

PathWave Design Software 2020

PathWave Design 2020 reduces setup time, automates routine tasks, and provides for faster simulation and analysis. The software seamlessly integrates circuit design, electromagnetic (EM) simulation, layout capabilities, and system-level modeling. Improvements in data analytics allow for faster analysis and more timely design decisions. Automation improvements reduce manual work. Learn how PathWave Design 2020 can accelerate any product development by reducing the time spent in the design and simulation phase.

Application Software

Keysight measurement application software for instruments and PCs provides faster insight across industries, technologies, and lifecycle phases. It includes products such as; Oscilloscope Software, Network Analyzer Software, FieldFox Handheld Analyzer Software, 89600 VSA Software, X-Series Measurement Applications, Nemo Wireless Network Solutions, etc.

Programming Environment Software

Keysight has the software to automate tests, measurements, and perform advanced analysis. It also has excellent graphical programming environment, a flexible test executive developed specifically for electronics manufacturing, the numerical computation, visualization, and programming found in MATLAB is available from Keysight and provides the ability to make custom measurements, analyze and visualize data, create arbitrary waveforms, control instruments, and build test systems.

It also has Test Automation Platform (TAP) is a simple-to-use, scalable and speed-oriented test sequencing engine and platform that enables and empowers automation-centric test & measurement solutions across all facets of R&D, Design Verification Test and Manufacturing and TestExecSL which is a flexible test executive for high-volume, high throughput functional test applications.

Productivity Software

From simple connection to programmatic control, Keysight provides all the software tools necessary to accelerate the process. Compatible with the most common interfaces (GPIB, RS-232, LAN, PXI, and USB), Keysight's IO Libraries will quickly discover and configure instruments. Once the connection is established, Command Expert can control devices using IVI-COM drivers and Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) Command Sets. Instrument drivers provide a higher-level and more abstract view of the instrument. IntuiLink software links a tool to some PC applications. BenchVue software offers multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture from a PC or mobile device with no programming.

Industries Focused

Aerospace and Defense (A&D)

It is the backbone of modern commercial innovation and vice versa. The Internet, wireless communications, satellites, space, navigation, and electrification all evolved from A&D. Pushing the boundaries of technical limitations requires a combination of in-depth knowledge and imagination to explore new possibilities. Keysight helps the industry to fuel leading-edge technology innovations in A&D that enable commercial applications, which in turn open new areas of change back into A&D.

Automotive and Energy

Keysight empowers automotive industry designers and manufacturers with the latest innovations in design and test solutions to help create high-quality and high-performance products while mitigating safety risks.


Communication links are both wired and wireless, covering everything from Ethernet, optical fiber, cellular wireless, and other wireless data communications like Wi-Fi. Keysight has the expertise to help solve the most complicated communications challenges.


Keysight is dedicated to meaningful collaboration with researchers and educators. The instruments and software offer students experience with the same tools used by their customers in government and industry. Their engineering teaching resources are designed to engage and inspire students and researchers.


Government agencies have unique security directives, compliance requirements, regulations, and buying methods. Meeting the demands of government compliance allows federal agencies to design, test, and operate with confidence.

Keysight offers a wide range of government-compliant products available through a wide range of General Services Administration (GSA) contracting avenues. From unique RF and electronic warfare (EW) systems to FIPS 140‑2 network packet brokers for better IT security, the company makes sure that governments can innovate with confidence.

Semiconductor Testing

Semiconductor manufacturers need to continuously keep up with the latest lithography trends and high-speed measurement techniques. As an innovator in semiconductor test and measurement solutions, the firm knows the importance of the latest advancements in the high-speed, high-accuracy probe, and optical scanning inspection. Keysight semiconductor test solutions are cost-effective, and also increases profit margins and gain advantages in new markets.


KeysightCare redefines best-in-class for customer care in test and measurement, offering dedicated, proactive support through a single point of contact for instruments, software, and solutions. Get faster response times, more rapid access to specialized experts, and quicker time to resolution. KeysightCare provides complete customer care, far beyond basic warranty, including:

  • Committed response times for service requests
  • Tracking equipment configuration to keep test assets current
  • Proactive firmware and software notifications
  • Software updates and enhancements
  • Choices of service tiers to fit your business needs


  • NTT Docomo gains an advantage in 5G
  • Delivering first 5G NR device technology for volume shipments
  • Mini-Circuits decreases test time by 80 percent using Keysight's Multiport PXI vector network analyzer
  • Building 5G front haul networks for IoT
  • Powering E-bikes and battery energy storage systems
  • Transforming Engineering education with cutting-edge Keysight labs

Corporate Social Responsibility

Keysight's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) central vision is to build a better planet by accelerating innovation to connect and secure the world and employing a global business framework of ethical, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible operations.

The compelling circuit behind the triumph of Keysight

Ron Nersesian, the President of Keysight, also serves as the Chief Executive Officer. He has an overall experience of 38 years in the field of Computer technology and system software. Mr. Nersesian began his career in the year 1982 with Computer Sciences Corporation as a systems engineer for satellite communications systems. In 1984, he joined Hewlett-Packard and served in a range of management roles during his tenure. He has also served as vice president of worldwide marketing and subsequently assumed other senior management roles, including senior vice president and general manager of the company's digital storage oscilloscope business.

Mr. Nersesian joined Agilent Technologies in 2002 as vice president and general manager of the company's Design Validation Division. In 2005, he was named the vice president and general manager of the company's Wireless Business Unit and manager of Agilent's Santa Rosa, California site. In 2009 Nersesian was named the president of Agilent's Electronic Measurement Group.

He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University and a post-graduate degree in business applications from New York University, Stern School of Business. He also serves as an independent director on the Board of Directors of Trimble Inc. and as a member of Georgia Tech's Advisory Board.

“Electrical science has revealed to us the true nature of light, it has provided us with innumerable appliances and instruments of precision, and has thereby vastly added to the exactness of our knowledge.”