Super 30 Companies of the Year 2019

Creators of PCoIPRemoting Protocol Technology and Cloud Access Software - Teradici


The firm provides the leading solution for a cloud-ready future. Teradici, founded in 2004, is focused on its core mission of seamless delivery of workstations and applications for end-users.

Teradici’sPCoIP® technology is a best-in-class protocol that enables organizations to create secure virtual workspaces for a high-definition, highly-responsive computing experience. It is the most secure remoting technology in the marketplace, enabling visualization of even the most graphics-intensive applications. The firm power a spectrum of local, remote and collaborative workstyles, universally connected via on-premises data centers or through a cloud. Its PCoIP technology fundamentally simplifies how computing is provisioned, managed and used.

Teradici Cloud Access Software, built on PCoIP technology, enables enterprises to securely leverage public cloud GPU instances to confidently “lift and shift” the most graphics-intensive Windows or Linux applications to the public cloud, avoiding costly rewrites. Delivering the highest security and user experience with total cloud independence, Cloud Access Software eliminates the large data transfers required between physical workstations, providing quick access and responsive 3D visualization while improving security and reducing costs.

Today, its leading technology is deployed by Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and service providers from around the world. The firm is also partner with leading cloud providers to continue delivering the best user experience and enabling its customers’ ability to scale to millions of users.

What is PCoIP Technology: Powering the Virtual Workspace

Every big shift is sparked by a breakthrough technology – and powering the new virtual workplace is PCoIP® technology.

PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience.

PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience. It uses advanced display compression to provide end-users with on-premises or cloud-based virtual machines as a convenient alternative to local computers. This virtual workspace architecture compresses, encrypts and transmits only pixels to a broad range of software clients, mobile clients, thin clients, and stateless PCoIP Zero Clients, providing a highly secure enterprise environment.

From a user's perspective, there is no difference between working with a local computer loaded with software and an endpoint receiving a streamed pixel representation from a centralized virtual computer.

Secure Your Data

Because the PCoIP protocol transfers only display information in the form of pixels, no business information ever leaves your cloud or data center.

Also, because enterprise data and software are safely secured inside central systems, no one can tamper with your data or infiltrate your applications by compromising your local devices. Furthermore, PCoIP traffic is secured using AES 256 encryption, which meets the highest level of security required by governments.

Enable Mobility and Collaboration

Any PCoIP-enabled device — Windows or macOS desktop/laptop, iOS or Android tablet, Chromebook or PCoIP Zero Client — can become a conduit to a secure virtual workstation.

In industries where collaboration is key but data risk is high, its PCoIP protocol offers another layer of protection. People can work collaboratively from anywhere, knowing that sensitive information never leaves the data center and work can never be lost or stolen.

Enhance Performance

PCoIP technology is designed to deliver a high-performance user experience for knowledge workers and power users using even the most graphics-intensive applications. Power users can work across multiple displays and full frame-rate 3D graphics, enjoy the benefits of USB peripherals, and leverage devices enabled for high-definition media.

With PCoIP technology, your enterprise applications can be located and managed in the cloud or your data center while your users continue to enjoy a premium interactive experience with their desktops and applications.

The Leader

David Smith | Chief Executive Officer

David is a high tech executive with 33 years of progressive management and leadership experience. A strategic thinker, a natural leader, and a savvy political tactician.A solid track record in building relationships, forging deals and driving business development activities.A team player with excellent communication skills, high integrity, and a winning attitude.A passion for success and the ability to excel in a highly charged capacity.

David holds a BSCEng (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of New Brunswick and an MBA (Finance and Marketing) from McGill University.

“Our PCoIP® technology securely delivers applications or entire workspaces from the cloud or your data center to any endpoint.”