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Credencys Solutions – Empowering businesses by optimizing product and customer experience through digitization


Digital platforms (DPs) are the main drivers of the platform economy and are fundamental to the digital transformation. Given the proliferation of the internet and the widespread diffusion of mobile phones, DPs are ubiquitous and have transformed how we engage and share experiences, move around, buy products and food, pay for goods and services, access health care, and share accommodation and resources.  As a result, there is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary research examining the effect of the platform economy on various aspects of development from different perspectives.

Credencys Solutions is one such leading digital platform development company. It helps startups to large-scale enterprises to adopt the digital transformation seamlessly and drive significant values to their business. With Credencys, businesses build award-winning digital platforms for data management and customer experience management. The company has successfully implemented Product Information Management, Customer Experience Management, Master Data Management, Digital Asset Management, and eCommerce solutions for Fortune 500 companies using open-source technology. The company holds a decade-long experience in developing web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions along with the digital platform. Credencys has driven high ROI for US clients by helping them acquire and retain more customers, improve operations, lower costs, and outperform rivals through successful products and applications, and 125+ successful rescue missions for clients such as Unilever, Cisco, Samsung, Coke, Raytheon, McDonald's, Coors Brewing Company, ABB, Weight Watcher, and many more.

Empowering Businesses by Bringing Digital to the Core

Product Information Management Solution: Market your products faster by developing custom product information management (PIM) solution. Deliver compelling product experiences that drive great customer experiences by empowering your omnichannel and commerce initiatives. Improve the consistency and quality of your product information by managing the data in a centralized repository. Credencys offers PIM customization and implementation services to help businesses drive performance on the digital shelf. Developing powerful product information management (PIM) solutions, they help companies manage and optimize product information to ensure the success of their eCommerce initiatives across every channel, without compromising on security or control. PIM Implementation allows product-driven organizations to enable the right user with the right product update and right product content at the right time. The company has successfully delivered product information management (PIM) for varied industry domains to help clients with seamless management of their n number of products with thousands of different attributes.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution: Collect and manage every media asset in one place by implementing a tailored digital asset management (DAM) solution. Credencys develops advanced digital asset management platforms that allow organizations to manage, integrate, and consolidate any type, any size, and any number of digital assets centrally. Improve customer experience by sharing consistent media files across different touchpoints. Credencys provides complete control over the digital assets so the asset management won’t be chaotic for the organizations and their departments. Digital asset management helps companies to manage the media files including images, videos, graphics, animations, illustrations, and so forth in a single location. Manage, access, and share all your rich media files from one place. Being a Gold Certified partner of Pimcore, Credencys has a team of 80+ trained and skilled Digital Asset Management Developers who have successfully implemented 100+ projects with ultra-modern Digital Asset Management development. With a centralized repository of digital assets, you can save time, eliminate unnecessary efforts, and govern your media files effectively.

Master Data Management Solution: Improve operational efficiencies by creating a single source of truth for all the essential enterprise data by implementing a robust master data management platform. Boost consistency, availability, and quality of organizational data about your business-critical entities. Gain a competitive edge by managing all the enterprise data centrally, effectively, and accurately. Leverage the product experience of Credencys in developing tailored Master Data Management systems that help the organization’s specific business needs and help attain the ultimate company objectives. They build a master data management platform that automates your varied data-driven processes. Credencys Solutions helps companies to ingest any type of data, automate the data quality tasks, and make the data instantly available to the other systems that are available in your IT ecosystem. Master Data Management works as a single version of the truth, helps companies remove data silos, and allows for creating a source of master data that can be used by the entire business. Improve the data consistency and accuracy across all the systems and for all the users.

Customer Data Platform: At Credencys, they offer Customer Data Management Platform & Customer Data Platform Implementation that store and manage customer information collected from different touchpoints, define segments automatically based on the individual behavior of each customer, define persona groups based on segmentation. With the well-defined personas, you can market the products/services with more personalization and perform the marketing automation activities more effectively. To accelerate your business growth, it is very essential to focus on your customers and their specific requirements. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to collect the customer information from the different sources, manage all the data in a single location, analyze the customer activities, and deliver them personalized experiences. Credencys has helped startups to fortune 500 companies to collect and unify customer data from the different platforms and aggregate them to enable the organizations with a consolidated view of each customer. The integrated algorithm automatically stores, organizes, and manages the data records in a structured and logical way.

Sandeep Agarwal | Founder & CEO

Sandeep Agarwal is the reason Credencys gains immense success. He helps the brands in bringing digital to the core of your organization by providing the right digital solutions. Through his organizing methodology, energetic support and clear commands, Credencys has been growing with new prospects everyday meeting astonishing business horizons.

"Delivering robust digital solutions, we transform data into experiences and enable the brands with the enhanced customer experience and improved efficiency & productivity."