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Building a team for your company is never easy. Most professionals are multi-dimensional and most of the time resumes don’t do justice. The candidate’s assessment needs to be done more dynamically. One such company that believes in this idea is CriteriaCorp. It provides pre-employment tests, including aptitude, personality, and skills tests which are crucial for hiring a good team for your company.

HireSelect assessment platform

HireSelect is an assessment platform from CriteriaCorp that is designed for peak configurability. HireSelect seamlessly fits into your process, making it easy to administer assessments, manage your candidate pipeline, and interpret results. It lets you test anyone, anywhere, any time, and makes it easy to test your candidates. You can use a simple testing link in your online job posting, or invite candidates to take assessments at any stage of your hiring process.

HireSelect provides tests for any industry and position, the recruiters use the platform to hire across just about every industry and job type. HireSelect recommends the right tests for you, with custom test batteries for over 1,100 positions. It also gives you unlimited testing across HireSelect’s entire assessment portfolio, enabling you to scale with ease.

Their flexible technology makes it possible for you to seamlessly integrate assessments into your current systems and processes. They partner with a wide range of ATS and HRIS platforms to provide streamlined integrations. Some of the preferred partners include ApplicantPro, BambooHR, Breezy, Greenhouse, Zoho Recruit, etc.

Enterprise Solutions

Measure Potential, Maximize Talent: The Enterprise solutions drive your organization forward with best-in-class assessment technology that is flexible, scalable, and customizable for your business needs.

Get a stronger talent signal: They have leveraged decades of well-validated science to develop highly accurate assessments that predict job performance and drive business results. Their comprehensive portfolio of assessments spans across cognitive aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and skills, giving you a clearer picture of candidate potential.

Customize a solution with the I/O team: For enterprise clients, their team of I/O psychologists can conduct a local validity study on your organization to establish custom baselines and identify the factors that drive the biggest business results for your team.

Proven success across every industry: They have successfully implemented assessments for organizations across every industry, with proven success at helping organizations onboard an assessment program that works for them.

Data Security: They follow strict guidelines to ensure that customer and candidate data remains secure and private. They also offer SSO capabilities to provide single sign-on to enable users to securely log in to their platform with a single ID and password.

Reporting: CriteriaCorp lets you Interpret results and analyze candidate data with robust reporting. Establish benchmarks, compare candidates, track your sourcing efforts, and monitor your hiring KPIs. 

Unique Assessments

CriteriaCorp takes care of all the important aspects of a candidate’s assessment. Each person is a unique mix of passions, skills, and motivations that have yet to be discovered. They believe that human potential cannot be captured by a single metric, which is why they encourage organizations to assess candidates across multiple dimensions. They have built a comprehensive and predictive suite of assessments designed to do just that.

The site is Mobile-Friendly which attracts more candidates and increases accessibility by reaching candidates right on their mobile devices. They have tailored adaptive technology levels to assess the candidate, creating a faster, more predictive testing experience. The game-based assessments take the candidate experience to the next level with short, fun, and engaging mini-games.

Their stringent scientific standards are backed by leading scientific experts in I/O psychology. They rigorously validate the assessments to predict job performance that consistently lets them deliver results for leading organizations around the world.

Plans and Pricing

They offer unlimited testing with a flat-fee subscription. Test as many candidates as you like at any stage in the hiring funnel. They offer a Full Assessment Library with access to every test in their assessment portfolio. You can get a clearer picture of candidate potential across multiple dimensions. They also provide you with a Dedicated Success Manager to every customer who is there to help you hire more effectively and efficiently. You can request a free quote for yourself depending upon your needs and demands.

About the CEO

Josh Millet is the Founder and CEO of Criteria. He started the company in 2006 with a vision to create a SaaS-based pre-employment testing service that would make the highest quality employee assessment tools accessible to companies of all sizes. Prior to launching Criteria, Josh cofounded an online test preparation company,, which was acquired by Xap Corp of Culver City, CA, in 2002. After the acquisition, Josh served as the President of Xap's test prep division. He has coauthored testing-related articles published in the Journal of Educational Computing and the American Psychological Society Observer. Josh holds a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar and a Mellon Fellow.

“We help companies make better talent decisions through evidence-based assessments.”