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10 Best Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2022

A Shining Leader in the Real Estate Industry Crystal Duckworth

Today’s female entrepreneurs are boldly and bravely charting new territory. Whether it’s in skills training, making investments, health and wellness, recruitment, or anything else under the sun, women are moving forward with vitality to make the world better around them.

The real estate industry is one of few industries that support female entrepreneurs and encourages women to achieve greatness. Crystal Duckworth, the founder of Crystal Clear Realty, is a female entrepreneur who is capitalizing on what the real estate industry offers. She is a strong female leader in the industry and showcases the endless possibilities that being an entrepreneur can provide.

“The Young Aspirer”

Duckworth, winner of “10 Best Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022,” speaks about the idea behind Crystal Clear Realty. She’ll narrate to you, “I feel like Real Estate was the start of my destiny to fuel my entrepreneurial spirit.” Crystal has over 14 years of real estate experience and degrees in psychology and business. She is also certified in sales, management, and negotiation. As a former Regional Manager in medical sales, Crystal obtained her license while planning to dabble in real estate on the side. It wasn’t long before she discovered an unforeseen passion that sparked her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others reach their goals. “I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit that shines. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and successful business owners. With quick success in real estate, I realized the sky was the limit and transitioned out of medical sales,” she says.

Crystal is one of the Top 5% of Realtors in Northeast Florida.

Crystal Clear Realty’s brokerage offers “Clear Guidance with Shining Results”. The brokerage specializes in serving the Northeastern and St. Johns County areas, but it is quickly expanding. As one of the top 200 listing agents in the state, Crystal’s passion has earned her quite a reputation. She has also successfully grown the community development division, and with multi-million-dollar developments, Crystal is the driving force behind the business and its growth. “The entire process begins with land acquisition and conceptualization, and as we build and implement marketing campaigns, we secure builders and homebuyers,” Crystal explains. Crystal’s outstanding ability to integrate multiple roles in commercial and residential real estate with a high degree of detail and determination achieves a successful outcome.

Crystal believes her brokerage’s success is largely due to her innovative mindset and balancing the implementation of technology with the traditional face-to-face interpersonal connections rooted within the industry. “My company consistently stays on top of innovative technologies that directly impact real estate success while maintaining awareness that people want and deserve authentic relationships, firm handshakes, and a clear commitment throughout the process,” she says.

Inspiration to Start a Company 

“I have an entrepreneurial spirit and quickly fell in love with the real estate industry. Once I realized my passion and my dedication to succeed in real estate, I wanted to branch out on my own and start my own company.” says Duckworth. She comes from a successful family of real estate professionals and driven entrepreneurs with a 50-year history. It seems that she was not only determined but destined for this career. It seems not only was she determined but destined for this career. However, ask any one of the thousands of clients who have witnessed her work over the past 15 years, and they’ll tell you it is part of her nature. Crystal’s accomplishments include being named among the Top 5% of Realtors in Northeast Florida, the 10 Best Real Estate Agents, Best of the Best Real Estate Broker in the region, Top 100 Real Estate Professionals Nationwide, and Top 10 Best Real Estate Agents in Client Satisfaction.

With more than ten thousand transactions under her belt, Crystal has carved out a reputation as an expert across a wide array of real estate-related areas, including land acquisition, community development, luxury properties, and helping families buy their dream homes. She is driven by the people she serves, not by the acclaim or the awards. “Selling something that is so emotionally connected matters to me,” she shares. “Being able to understand people and what they want on so many different levels is what I love. That’s where my passion comes from.”

Here’s a Glimpse into the Future of Crystal Clear Realty

“As we continue to grow, I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface. I’m incredibly excited for the future.” When asked about the plans, she says, “I plan on expanding in different cities and franchising shortly. I never had to recruit agents but now starting to recruit to continue to fuel my passion for giving back and mentoring others. I’ve also started developing other businesses that are forthcoming.” According to Crystal, the future holds growing the reach of her boutique firm while maintaining a strong community presence and attracting high-quality agents.

Q. What are the Unique Characteristics that Contribute to Your Success?

This unique combination of unwavering passion and wealth of knowledge continues to draw an ever-growing number of clients to Crystal and her like-minded team. “I really feel like real estate was my destiny,” she shares. “Home is the family foundation, and to be part of that is so rewarding.” Crystal also states, “I love to help buyers identify the right property by really getting to know them first and diving into their motivation, dreams, goals, and needs for their new home. I use every conversation with my buyers and keep it in mind when searching for their homes. This is where my passion to help others succeed shines through”. Nearly 95% of Crystal’s business comes from repeat clients or referrals due to her dedication to her clients. Her sunshine success is a result of all these qualities.

The Wonder Woman

Community service has always been important to Crystal. She recently created Crystal Clearly Cares, an initiative that donates a portion of her commission to a charity of her client’s choice. In addition to donating a portion of her commission to a charity of her client’s choice, Crystal Clearly Cares donates to organizations that benefit children. Beyond this, she also plays an active role in mentoring and consulting small businesses in her community pro bono. Crystal enjoys playing the piano, running, spending time with her daughter, and researching new projects she plans to work on. Crystal stands out most of all because of her passion, innovative flair, and ability to understand people. “At the end of the day, people want to do business with an empathetic, motivated agent who evolves with this ever-changing industry. I treat every transaction as my own and lose sleep if faced with challenges. I’m not finished until my customers are satisfied. My goal is not only to find the perfect house but the perfect place to call home. It has been an honor to provide clear guidance with shining results to many amazing clients!”

“I am so passionate and excited to wake up and continuously expand my business endeavors. I enjoy owning a real estate brokerage because a home is the foundation of a family, and to be a part of that is so rewarding.”