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CtrlS Provides Best In Breed IT Infrastructure Solutions


CtrlS Provides Best In Breed IT Infrastructure Solutions
Often known as the companies’ brain and the place where the most complex processes run, Datacenters have become an absolute necessity. “Managing a Tier 4 data center, with all the requisite N+1 or 2N redundancy, physical and electronic security, and provisioning for natural disaster is in itself a task,” says Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder & CEO of CtrlS Datacenters, the IT infrastructure and managed hosting services provider with offerings comprising of datacenter infrastructure, disaster recovery, storage and backup, application hosting, hardware, cloud computing, platforms, network and security solutions.

CtrlS offers a comprehensive range of sophisticated and contemporary solutions. The company’s solutions enable customers to support changing businesses at the right time, the right place, and using the best-in-class resources, and flexibly deliver IT services in a manner that best serves business needs. Based on these, two of CtrlS’s flagship cloud suits—CTRL4C and MyCloud—are developed to help enterprises to optimize their business needs. Built on the practices mandated by NYSE and RBI, CTRL4C-The Four Copy Cloud-delivers a disaster proof solution that gives 100 percent data availability and accessibility by provisioning 2N+N network. Moving on, enterprises today need changes at a fast pace. With MyCloud, enterprises can have a Cloud Infrastructure as a service that can deploy infrastructure for critical business application or automate project instantly.

In addition to CTRL4C and MyCloud, the company further delivers platform level services that include datacenter infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware, OS layers, networks and security layers. It offers a host of outsourced business solutions and services such as Disaster Recovery on demand, Managed services, Private cloud-on-demand to enable clients to make the paradigm shift from the captive datacenter model to the outsourced one.

CtrlS provides 99.995 percent uptime guarantee with penalty backed Service Level Agreement (SLA) and facilities that can be accessed through all the major TELCOs in the country. CtrlS, one of the most power efficient datacenter, offers the best in breed IT Infrastructure Solutions at a cost effective and cost efficient manner.

With Asia’s largest Tier 4 Datacenter to its credit, CtrlS won the trust of India’s many biggest and most reputed companies in both private as well as public sector, such as BFSI, eCommerce, manufacturing, IT services and logistics companies. “40 percent of our revenue comes from the BFSI segment. We have leaders of almost all verticals as our customers,” says Pinnapureddy.CtrlS serves these sectors with premium cloud services combined with unmatched expertise in managed services. So, what’s next for CtrlS? “We are on course to create the most robust cloud as we already have a 5 ‘9’s’ capable cloud. Over the course of the next 3 years,CtrlS is going to add more features and make it available worldwide. Our customers can currently monitor over 200 critical parameters on the 4C portal. We intend to make this portal lot more user friendly besides adding more ‘cont