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Cyber Defense Group – Delivering a full spectrum of information security advisory and implementation services on a fixed-cost basis


Cyber Defense Group (CDG) provides complete, state-of-the-art, cybersecurity programs to B2B technology companies in healthcare, retail, finance, and media, who want definitive, Outcomes-Based Security® services that prioritize business objectives. Cyber Defense Group provides trusted cybersecurity services to innovative, cloud-reliant companies. Its unique combination of Fortune500 leadership skills, cloud security experience, and incident response expertise enables us to ensure a robust security posture while delivering desired business outcomes. As a trusted provider for mid-market, cloud-reliant organizations around the globe, CDG has protected the most sensitive data on the planet and helped clients recover from disastrous breaches and secured billions in revenue. But it’s not just its security track record that sets the company apart. The real difference is in the way they engage with the customers.

CDG has made it its mission to shift the cybersecurity partner paradigm. The company focuses on delivering customized programs with clear objectives and fixed costs. Its team of seasoned experts gets to know your business as if it were their own. CDG works beside you to develop and implement the strategies, processes, and technology you need to meet regulatory requirements, keep your data safe, and continue to grow your business.

Outcomes-Based​​ Security® Program

Every 39 seconds, a cybersecurity attack occurs. In the event of a data breach, the consequences can be severe, including financial losses, legal liabilities, reputational damage, or even a complete business shutdown. From ransomware and phishing attacks to IoT, cloud, machine learning, and AI attacks — not to mention software vulnerabilities — businesses face a wide range of cyber-threats that require proactive and effective information security measures to mitigate. At CDG, their sweet spot is designing outcomes-based​​ security® programs to help you stay one step ahead of today’s increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape and keep your business safe as you scale and grow. Their full-service cybersecurity team will help you strengthen your security posture so your business can proactively monitor, prevent, identify, investigate and respond to cyberattacks, 24/7.

CDG works closely with you to understand your goals and priorities then complete a comprehensive security assessment. Their findings are compared against regulatory and security frameworks to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. From there, they design a customized security program that aligns with your needs — and rather than racking up billable hours, they outline a fixed-cost program to get you where you need to be. This is not your typical consulting engagement. They train and work closely with your internal teams to ensure your growing business is equipped with the highest cybersecurity posture to safeguard your operations and assets against potential cyber-threats. Because their approach is highly customized and grounded in transparency, when you work with us, you know exactly what you will end up with—and at what price.

The Outcomes-Based​​ Security® Program is broken down into three tiers – Advisory, Integrated, and Augmented. In all these tiers, CDG aims to provide strategic and tactical solutions, reduced cyber risk by increasing security control maturity, compliance with all regulatory requirements, address ongoing questions and issues around cybersecurity, and visibility to the board, C-suite, and other stakeholders around the risks, threats, and security maturity of the organization.

Incident Response Services

Incident response is a serious matter and a topic that involves both C-suite executives and entry-level employees. Preventing a breach takes a team effort from an entire organization. Responding to an attack also requires the cooperation of all employees. Roles and responsibilities must already be in place in order to best repair the affected systems. In the case of a successful security breach, a business with a formalized incident response plan will be able to limit data loss and network damage better and address the cause of the incident quickly. At CDG, they offer both emergency incident response and proactive retainers. In the event of a security incident, timely deployment of an experienced incident response team is essential to minimize harm, eradicate the threat, and restore system integrity.

Incident Response is not a cybersecurity strategy, and neither should it be a business’s first line of defense against a security breach. Here at CDG, they view incident response efforts as a pillar within a holistic cybersecurity plan, but it is not the only service a business can rely on. In order to build and uphold a comprehensive security posture, organizations must understand the role and importance of incident response. Future attacks will continuously be a threat, and it is in the best interest of organizations to hire internal talent or work with an incident response team to develop a comprehensive incident response plan. Security breaches won’t disappear as technology and software advance, but with the correct preparation and behaviors, a business can reduce the risk of network infiltration.

Lou Rabon | Founder and CEO

Lou Rabon, developed a fascination with cybersecurity at a very young age—a passion that led him to a highly successful career in IT. Over the course of his career, he has worked for and with some of the largest organizations in the world and has led several incident response engagements against nation-state attackers. In 2016, he established CDG to address a market need to help rapidly growing businesses adopt a comprehensive strategy for risk and threat management. With extensive global expertise in security, privacy, project management, and consulting, Lou has an implicit understanding of the critical role data protection and cybersecurity play in powering business revenue and supporting an agile, forward-thinking approach that creates a competitive advantage. His vast experience across a diverse range of environments and industries has given him a deep appreciation for the business processes that are essential in complex, fast-moving environments — and his ability to facilitate cybersecurity across business units is unparalleled.

"CDG’s nimble team draws on decades of experience and diverse technical expertise to deliver a full spectrum of information security advisory and implementation services on a fixed-cost basis."