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November Monthly Edition 2022

Technologically sound cybersecurity optimization platform enabling businesses to eliminate cyber risk: CYE


In the digital world we live, cyber threats pose a huge risk to businesses and individuals. Cyber breach and data loss results in considerable losses every year. This menace hampers business profits and also overwhelms new individuals and businesses from reaping the benefits of the internet. Globally, there are various companies providing innovative cybersecurity solutions, CYE stands out from among them. CYE’s cybersecurity optimization platform enables businesses to assess, quantify, and mitigate cyber risk so they can make better security decisions and invest in effective remediation. CYE combines cutting edge technology with dedicated professional guidance and advice provided by world class cybersecurity experts. The company serves Fortune 500 and mid-market companies in multiple industries around the world. CYE utilizes data, numbers, and facts to proactively predict risks and help its customers gain control of their cybersecurity. Organizations spend fortunes to fend off threats, but even companies with the deepest pockets are overwhelmed by the business implications of having countless vulnerabilities and attack vectors, as well as the number of vendors offering point solutions. CYE analyzes how every security issue affects the business and provides a mathematically-proven action plan. It turns complex investment decisions into simple equations, enabling security leaders to build programs based on facts instead of guesses. CYE delivers business impact insights and effectively reduces cyber exposure using contextual security data.

One thing that never changes about the cyber world is that it’s always changing. New technologies are being introduced all the time and malicious actors are always coming up with new ways to steal data. This might be one reason why a recent report found that despite the current uncertainty surrounding the economy, most organizations are not reducing cybersecurity spending—in fact, the majority are planning to spend more. These numbers serve to demonstrate that many are realizing that cybersecurity is an ongoing task that requires strategy and vigilance.

CYE provides a wide range of high-end cybersecurity solutions and professional services to strengthen your security posture and minimize your attack surface. Its security experts conduct reconnaissance, infiltrate networks, and reach valuable business assets in order to support your blue team so that you can gain control over your network and be prepared for the next attack. CYE’s professional threat hunters trace hidden cyber threats and create targeted hypotheses to find digital footprints in your network. This is followed by a dedicated mitigation plan that neutralizes threats and prevents future attacks. Its incident response teams address both business and security aspects of a crisis by mitigating attacks and conducting thorough investigations—with minimal damage to your business operations and bottom line.

Its specialists oversee and optimize red and blue team exercises by analyzing each attack technique and defense expectation in order to improve people, processes, and technology—in real time. From high-level strategic decision-making to hand-picking your technology stack, CYE’s experts act as your trusted advisors so that you will never be alone when facing your cybersecurity challenges. Its consultants create and manage your cybersecurity budget, build and operate your SOC (across people, processes, and technologies), evaluate new security tools and services and how they integrate, evaluate how you comply with security regulations, and consider industry standard frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK and NIST. CYE provide professional courses to cultivate cybersecurity awareness and improve the skills of your workforce, including cybersecurity for developers, executive table-top training, and red team building.


Make the Best Security Decisions with Hyver.Take the guesswork out of your cyber risk strategy by understanding the financial impact of your most probable and threatening attack routes. Receive an optimized mitigation plan that considers your potential business impact, severity of threats, and cost of mitigation. Benefit from a comprehensive security assessment that covers your entire organization’s ecosystem while considering context. Understand which technical risks are business risks through correlation of asset value, vulnerability severity, and threat actor activity. Considers probable threat sources, including the internet perimeter, insider threats, and the supply chain. Accurately assesses your organization’s infrastructure reveals vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security gaps that attackers can exploit. Provides continuous threat intelligence and expert support. Quantifies the risk of each security finding. Translates technical risks into business risks by correlating asset value, the severity of findings, and threat actor activity. Enables security teams to track, report, benchmark, and optimize their security effectiveness. No need to work with multiple vendors and reports; Hyver simplifies and streamlines your cyber risk management. Behind the platform stand leading experts in cybersecurity, bringing decades of hands-on experience from military and commercial operations.

Meet the Leader behind the success of CYE

Reuven Aronashvili  ,Founder & Chief Executive Officer of CYE is a national cybersecurity expert. Reuven is an ex-Matzov and a founding member of the Israeli army’s Red Team (Section 21) and Incident Response Team. His expertise is in designing and developing innovative security solutions for governments and multinational organizations around the globe, as well as conducting high-profile security improvement programs. Reuven serves as a trusted advisor for executives in leading Fortune 500 companies and is certified by the US Department of Homeland Security as a world class ICS and SCADA cybersecurity expert. Reuven holds an MS.c in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.

“CYE analyzes how every security issue affects the business and provides a mathematically-proven action plan. It turns complex investment decisions into simple equations, enabling security leaders to build programs based on facts instead of guesses.”