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DAIS- Propels Insurtech Innovation with Customizable Workflows, API Connectivity, and On-Demand Portals


Insurtech companies are important because it brings much-needed innovation and disruption to the traditional insurance industry. The company helps insurers to streamline the processes, provide better customer experiences, and create more flexible insurance products that meet the evolving needs of customers. In addition, insurtech companies leverage new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance risk modeling and optimize decision-making. DAIS is an insurtech company that is changing the way insurers create, sell, and manage insurance products. With a culture that embodies the belief that "Anything is Possible," DAIS is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions through embracing new technology, having rocket fuel in the veins, being data-driven, committed to quality, and always remaining curious.

 The company doesn’t just accept the status quo, but rather pursue new ideas, constantly learn, grow and iterate, making them the only ones to achieve the impossible. DAIS provides insurers with a fast and easy way to create any product it can imagine and manage them the way the company wants to through the cutting-edge, digital platform designed to harness the power of data. With DAIS, insurers can truly achieve exceptional outcomes for the customers. DAIS is an insurtech company on a mission to help insurers streamline the processes and provide flexible insurance products to the customers. DAIS offers three main solutions to insurance providers: APIs for every product, fully-customizable workflows, and portals on demand.

APIs for every product
DAIS offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to insurers looking to share the products with different partners such as marketplaces, agencies, and more. These APIs allow insurers to build partnerships with other organizations, providing greater access to the products for a variety of clients. DAIS understands the importance of being able to reach customers through multiple channels and partners, and its API solution makes it simple for insurers to do so. With DAIS’s APIs, insurers can tailor the offerings to the particular needs of each partner it works with. The company can easily add or remove specific features and information to create a custom experience for each partner's clients. Additionally, the API solution offers powerful analytics and integrations to help insurers keep track of sales and gather data. DAIS is committed to empowering insurers with the tools it needs to grow sales and build new business relationships.

Fully-customizable workflows
DAIS also provides fully-customizable workflows to insurers wanting to tailor the product to the unique needs of the customers. With these workflows, insurers can create the specific processes the company requires to ensure the products meet customer demand for streamlined and efficient experiences. DAIS understands that each insurance provider’s product comes with unique requirements. Therefore the company has designed workflows to allow customization of every aspect of the process, from the point of the product's creation to policy underwriting, premium calculations, and claims management. DAIS’s customizable workflows make it easier for insurers to offer flexible products that meet the demands of the customers and clients. With the flexibility to build workflows to the liking, insurers can save time and avoid the clunky, one-size-fits-all approach of more traditional insurance providers.

Portals on demand
Customer experience is key to the success of an insurer and DAIS’s portals on demand solution help deliver that great experience. This solution provides insurers with a customizable and easy-to-use platform that allows the policyholders and agents to interact with the products. The DAIS portals are straightforward to set up, and insurers can customize them to suit the needs in just a few clicks. The company can add the branding, customize the user interface, add additional features or fields, and provide the customers with an efficient and consistent experience. DAIS offers a white-label option for the portals, which means insurers can rebrand it, and it will look like the own dedicated platform, providing a high level of authenticity for the insurance company to its customers. The portals provide more direct communication between insurers and the customers, enabling them to manage policies, make claims, and communicate with customer support quickly and easily.

DAIS's three main solutions have the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry. The APIs provide flexibility, enabling insurers to grow the business while building just the right partner relationships. The fully-customizable workflows introduce efficiencies into insurance product development that can help insurers stay ahead of competitors. The portals on demand spark conversations between insurers, the customers, and agents, leading to better communication, greater trust, and better policy management. By integrating these solutions into the businesses, insurance providers can break down traditional silos and create new business models that are more flexible and customer-friendly than ever before. The DAIS platform offers a better customer experience, which is core to enhancing brand loyalty and expanding the customer base. Therefore, DAIS's solutions are a win-win for both insurers and customers. DAIS empowers insurers to create sophisticated products, tailored to specific needs, requirements, and customer types. This approach provides insurers with flexibility and processing efficiency, while customers ultimately benefit from products that meet the unique insurance needs.

Jason Kolb, CEO

“We’re making it fast and easy for insurers to create any product they can imagine and run their products however they want to.”