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Darktrace – Applying AI to tackle cyber defense challenges


The rise of cloud computing, SaaS applications, and the increase in IoT has created a rapid expansion of workloads and systems across diverse digital infrastructures. The dissolution of the corporate perimeter has expanded the attack surface, leaving many areas vulnerable to a breach. The application of artificial intelligence to the cyber defense challenge has marked a fundamental shift in our ability to protect critical data systems and digital infrastructures. For strained security teams, it offers the possibility to keep pace with an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Darktrace is recognized as the world’s leading AI Company for cybersecurity.Founded in 2013 by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge and government cyber intelligence experts in the US and the UK, with deep expertise in mathematics and machine learning, Darktrace empowers organizations to defend their systems against the most sophisticated cyber-threats. The company’s pioneering technology, the Enterprise Immune System, applies AI to the cyber defense challenge for the first time and has proven successful in detecting cyber-threats that existing, legacy systems cannot.

Technologies furnished by Darktrace that’s creating a difference

Cyber AI Platform

Darktrace has identified a new form of cybersecurity that moves the whole industry forward beyond current defense models. By applying advanced machine learning methods to a novel software application, it has established a world-beating company that has no significant competitor.

Autonomous Response

Darktrace’s Autonomous Response technology, Darktrace Antigena, uses Cyber AI to calculate the best action to take, in the shortest period of time, to effectively respond to a cyber-attack. Because Darktrace’s Cyber AI learns the ‘self’ for your enterprise from scratch and has a highly evolved understanding of what’s normal, it can even respond to subtle threats that have never been seen before, but that could jeopardize key systems or data.

Cloud Security

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform offers a cloud-native security solution that protects workloads and services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as all major SaaS applications. Delivering unique, enterprise-wide security, Darktrace detects and responds to cloud-based attacks that others miss, from malicious insiders and external attacks, through to critical misconfigurations that can expose the business to future compromise.

Darktrace’s products for enterprises

Darktrace Antigua

Darktrace Antigena is the world’s first Autonomous Response solution. Powered by award-winning Cyber AI, it responds to cyber-attacks in a matter of seconds — when security teams are overwhelmed or simply aren’t around. The technology works like a digital antibody, intelligently generating a targeted and proportionate response whenever a threatening incident arises in-network, email or cloud environments.

The Enterprise Immune System

The Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning cyber AI technology that detects novel attacks and insider threats at an early stage. Modeled on the human immune system, the Enterprise Immune System learns and understands ‘self’ for everyone and everything in the business, and can spot the subtle signals of an advanced attack — without relying on rules, signatures, or prior assumptions.

The Industrial Immune System

The Industrial Immune System is a fundamental AI technology for OT cyber defense. It works by passively learning what ‘normal’ looks like across OT, IT and industrial IoT, allowing it to detect even the subtlest signals of emerging cyber-threats in real-time. This self-learning technology is protocol-agnostic and can be deployed across a range of OT environments, providing full coverage of the organization without disrupting daily operations.

Meet the leaders behind the glory of Darktrace

Nicole Eagan is Co-Chief Executive Officer of Darktrace. Her extensive career spans 25 years working for Oracle and early to late-stage growth companies. Named ‘Cybersecurity CEO of the Year 2019’ (Global CEO Excellence Awards) and one of HMG’s ‘Top 100 Technology Executives to Watch’ in 2019, Nicole has introduced disruptive machine learning to enterprises of all sizes. Under her leadership, Darktrace has won more than 100 awards and the company has been named one of WSJ's ‘Tech Companies to watch’, Fast Company's ‘Most Innovative Companies’, and a CNBC ‘Disruptor 50’.

Poppy Gustafsson OBE is Co-Chief Executive Officer of Darktrace, which under her leadership has reached a $1.65 billion valuation in under five years, was named Europe’s 9th ‘Fastest Growing European Company’ by The Financial Times, and named ‘Fastest Growing Super Scale-up’ by Tech Tour. Poppy is a qualified chartered accountant and previously served as the company’s CFO. Prior to Darktrace, Poppy held financial controller positions in the technology and venture capital sector. She was the winner of the ‘VeuveClicquot Business Woman Awards 2019,’ and recognized in Management Today’s ‘30 Women under 35’ list in 2018, whose alumnae include Martha Lane Fox and Karen Blackett.

“Darktrace empowers organizations to defend their systems against the most sophisticated cyber-threats.”