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Spring Special Edition 2022

DarwinAI – Building Superior Enterprise AI Solutions for Manufacturing to Increase Production Efficiencies That Are Worthy of Your Trust


Artificial Intelligence is turning out to be a game changer, with countless applications in nearly every domain. It is now making its way into the area of Production and Manufacturing, allowing it to harness the power of deep learning and in doing so, providing automation that is faster, cheaper and more superior. Especially visual inspection supplemented with AI can also be used for internal and external assessment product facility equipment, such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and more. AI-based visual inspection leads to more complete and efficient discovery of hidden defects during production. Additionally, no-code solutions for AI application development help manufacturers take advantage of this emerging technology without hiring technical specialists or making significant time and capital expenditures. 

DarwinAI is one such rapidly growing visual quality inspection company providing manufacturers an end-to-end solution to improve product quality and increase production efficiency. Its patented Explainable AI (XAI) platform has been adopted by numerous Fortune 500 companies easily integrating AI they can trust and results they can see. The company’s XAI platform was built from years of research (500+ publications including numerous awards) and led by Dr. Alexander Wong, Canada’s Research Chair in AI.

DarwinAI Visual Quality Inspection Platform

Most manufacturers want to integrate AI into their production processes but don’t know how to get started. The bottom line for manufacturers is that visual inspection AI surpasses human operators due to its speed, accuracy, and repeatability. A machine vision system can quickly inspect object details that are imperceptible to the human eye with greater reliability and accuracy that people alone. On a production line, AI-based visual inspection can scan hundreds or thousands of parts per minute reliably and repeatedly, far exceeding the capabilities of human workers.

DarwinAI provides AI consulting to get you started and make sure you get the results you need from XAI solution. The XAI solution is the byproduct of years of research by its world-class academic team. The pioneering XAI technology accelerates and enhances the creation of custom AI models that easily integrate into manufacturing and production processes. The company’s patented IP allows us to build visual quality inspection solutions quickly and cost-effectively so you can realize quicker time to value and ROI.

The XAI technology

Thanks to increasingly accessible deep learning and computer vision tools, it is possible to build intelligent systems capable of exceeding human-level accuracy when it comes to visual inspection and quality control—all without learning to code. Since the system learns and improves as it works, much like people do, deep learning visual inspection merges the adaptability of human assessment with the speed and robustness of a fully automated system.

DarwinAI’s patented XAI technology reveals how and why AI makes the decisions that it does. This makes DarwinAI platform more accurate, more efficient, and more robust with less data required. The company can quickly build cost-effective AI models for defect detection. Its pioneering Explainable AI technology is invaluable in a range of automation and human-in-the-loop decision making use cases. XAI accelerates the creation and calibration of AI models to your specific use case, improving accuracy for better results. This powerful solution offers drastic quality control improvements that manufacturers can no longer afford to ignore.

The proprietary XAI technology is the byproduct of years of scholarship from the academic team at the University of Waterloo, Canada. It solves real world problems—where data quality and quantity may be limited, computing resources are scarce, and trust is an absolute necessity. XAI Models advantages include;

Lower data requirements: The models require a fraction of data samples needed by traditional AI models, making it much easier to get projects started.

Purpose-built models: XAI accelerates the creation of deep learning models to your specific use case by making it significantly easier to correct data errors and fine-tune to reduce false positives & false negatives.

Reduced computation needs: Smaller memory footprints and high computational efficiency allow you to run powerful deep learning on embedded microprocessors in edge devices.

Ongoing learning loops: The company enables enable a feedback loop that makes the system smarter over time by continually learning from real production data.

“DarwinAI helps manufacturers automate their visual quality inspection with a scalable end to end solution proven to increase product quality, operator efficiency, and overall production cost savings using Explainable AI.”

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Sheldon Fernandez serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DarwinAI. He is a seasoned executive with deep and expansive academic and professional background across a myriad of subject areas: Computer Science, Enterprise Architecture, Product Development, Artificial Intelligence, philosophy, theology, philanthropy, Creative Writing and Entrepreneurship. An abiding Renaissance man in an era of specialization; technologist, philosopher, teacher and wordsmith rolled into an enigmatic but effervescent whole.