10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

DataFactZ: Providing Unparalleled Business Analytics for Data-Driven Solutions

“Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make a difference.” – Mike Schmoker

Headquartered in Northville, Michigan, USA, DataFactZ is a highly experienced Business Analytics company that offers end-to-end consulting and systems integration services. It supports virtually every leading data and analytics platform and has solid partnerships with many technology providers. Unlike a product company that is motivated by a product sale, DataFactZ is a solution-centric and tools agnostic company focused on the best solution for the client. Combining several Data Science techniques from statistics, machine learning, deep learning, decision science, cognitive science, and business intelligence, with its ecosystem of technology platforms, the company has produced leading edge solutions.
Big Decisions Need Better Analytics
As a Business Analytics company, DataFactZ offers end-to-end services when it comes to managing and leveraging data. It offers those services in two fundamental areas:  Data Engineering and Data Science.  The data engineering services team includes experts in data modeling, data warehousing, data transformation, data governance, data infrastructure, etc. Once the foundation is in place, the data science team helps leverage that data analytics platform. The Data Science team includes experts in areas such as business intelligence, predictive or prescriptive modeling, machine learning, etc.
Collectively, these two service lines create best-in-class results for clients. DataFactZ’s analytics services solve problems for companies across all business functions, such as Customer, Supply Chain, HR and Marketing and social media. It recently introduced its new Quick Strike Program, which offers qualified companies a free, short-term analytics solution in one of four areas: Predict Behavior, Visualize Patterns, Analyze Real-Time, or Modernize Data Warehouse.
DataFactZ supports large enterprise clients in all market sectors, specializing in the healthcare, retail, finance, and manufacturing industries. It has 100+ clients all over the country, from New York to Hawaii, including AAA, Bank of America, Cablevision, La-Z-Boy, Starbucks, Subway, VISA and many more.
The company’s delivery model is capable of delivering services onsite, offsite and offshore. Some clients require that the project team be onsite, others prefer to get delivery from one of DataFactZ’s offices. It has invested in ramping-up its offshore facility to enable further delivery capabilities and cost savings for its clients.
Case Study
A client in the restaurant business grew themselves into a data problem. The company seemed to have all the data it needed, but it was organized in “virtual silos”.  This was causing two problems:  1) there wasn’t “one version of the truth”, and 2) all data could not be leveraged by all organizations in the company. The CIO’s vision was to have a true enterprise data warehouse that would serve as the enterprise reporting layer for the entire company. DataFactZ assembled a project team and an evaluation phase to thoroughly understand the existing data architecture, processes, etc.  Next, the team defined and designed a solution that would enable them to transition to the desired architecture, while leveraging the existing investments.
The Road Ahead
DataFactZ’s focus is on the Hadoop ecosystem and the products that have evolved from it.  It is currently providing services that can reach users beyond the IT department and allow business users to harness the power of their company data.
Executive Thought

Tell us something about DataFactZ’s journey.
DataFactZ was formed by four partners who learned early in their careers that companies who gathered the right data and managed it well were in a better position to make the sound business decisions. The mission was to help companies manage and leverage data in the best possible way, specifically in the areas of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. The customer base grew rapidly from coast to coast, which enabled the company to invest in building a Big Data practice and a world-class Data Science team. DataFactZ has evolved into a Business Analytics company focused on helping companies solve problems and leverage the opportunities created by the explosive growth of the volume, velocity and variety [3 Vs] of data.
What differentiates    DataFactZ from others in the domain?
First, we are product agnostic and support every leading platform.  Second, because our roots are in business intelligence and data warehousing, we are uniquely positioned to help companies transition from traditional, legacy systems to the newer, high-capacity, high-performance platforms such as Spark, Cassandra, etc. Third, we are an end-to-end Business Analytics company, meaning we can help companies at virtually every level of the analytics maturity level. Lastly, we have a win-win or no deal mentality. We are interested in long-term relationships with our clients, and thus offer our insights into best practices that we know make sense for them long-term. We’ve seen others successfully implement a solution, and then drop it in their client’s lap and leave.  Months later, the client is upset because the business users didn’t get properly trained, or their controls and data governance lacked structure. We’ll always strive to make sure our clients know best practices, long-term.
Knowing the Mastermind
Krishna Kallakuri, CEO
Krishna is one of the founders of DataFactZ. His business acumen and passion for technology have helped create one of the fastest growing Business Analytics companies in the United States. Under his leadership, DataFactZ has implemented a Global Delivery Model that offers best-in-class delivery of unique business solutions and has expanded its service offerings to adapt to the changing industry of advanced analytics and data science. Prior to DataFactZ, Krishna worked as a technical consultant and was responsible for the design and implementation of data-centric solutions at several Fortune 100 companies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Bangalore University, India.
“We are a passionate Business Analytics Company; thrilled to help you make the right decisions
by harnessing the power of Big Data.”