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DataRPM: Poised To Be the Juggernaut of the Industry


The world of Big Data discovery today faces two crucial problems: time-consuming, expensive and painful manual data warehousing, and a significant learning curve for Big Data and BI software. A lot of companies have come and gone but these problems have persisted – that is, until DataRPM entered the market. The firm from Bangalore is an industry pioneer in cognitive data discovery, which is the next generation of big data technology. It delivers hyper-fast results to organizations challenged by the volume, velocity and variety of their big data. “Our patent-pending Computational Graph Search technology enables hyper-smart, automatic modeling of data from disparate sources using semantic algorithms, eliminating the need to manually build complex data warehouses for discovery,” says CEO, Sundeep Sanghavi.

The firm also creates hyper-fluid data lakes, enabling a more agile way to access and manage big data from multiple sources. Using a hyper-aware, natural language search interface to analyze and visualize data, DataRPM provides an easy, question-and-answer user experience for big data discovery. It is easily the fastest, easiest, and most dynamic solution for Big Data Discovery. The firm uniquely creates big data lakes automatically from disparate data sources, answers questions in natural language with visualized answers, provides suggestions dynamically for slice-dice and drill-downs, enables saving, sharing and in-place collaboration and secures data and restricts access by roles. These and many other reasons made DataRPM Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” in Content and Social Analytics in 2014.

The Trust Factor

DataRPM’s services have also won the trust of many customers,which include some big names such as Platfora, 1010Data, ClearStoryData and many others from enterprises and mid-sized corporations across a wide variety of industries.

“We have a massive global opportunity ahead of us. Our backlog of clients is starting to rise in a dramatic fashion, so we need to partner with world-class organizations to deliver big data discovery and scale the organization across the board,” says Sanghavi. The firm is just at the beginning of Big Data Discovery, as the Industrial Internet / Internet of Things take hold and commercialize, it is going to generate dramatically more demand for our platform. “We are hiring the best-of-the-best engineers, bid data solution specialists, sales support engineers, business development executives and marketers across the globe to scale for this,” added Sanghavi. Talking about some of the other plans for the future, Sanghavi said that the firm would like to move beyond descriptive analytics to empower users to do advanced forms of analytics – such as predictive and prescriptive – using their same, hyper-intuitive natural language interface. With such high profile, yet well-researched ideas for the future, the company is poised to stay ahead of the competition in the years to come.