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November Edition 2020

A powerful and effective solution to keep business operations free of human intervention and error: Day One Technologies


Mobile app development is turning into the dominant form of digital interaction. The customers in today's world are on the move and they are using mobile applications platforms to get there. In this digital era, mobile app development acts like a virtual assistant in taking your business to the audience 24/7. When it comes to picking up the appropriate platform, it matters a lot to your business and customers. If you don't take advantage of technological advancement, you will be out in the crowd. Developing mobile apps for your business or industry or company is not a “current trend” to follow, but a “permanent necessity” to adopt since mobile apps guarantee the company’s success. Skyrocket your business with a top-notch mobile app which is a small fragrant in the mobile revolution that has sprouted for making things easier and automating everything. By integrating sophisticated designs, top-notch technology, real-time data and analytics, Day One’s team here gives to you the best mobile design solutions to help you achieve your business goals seamlessly. Day One is an artificial intelligence-powered mobility solutions company. They help innovators, startups, and game-changing enterprises realize their vision by building futuristic human-centric apps for mobile and web. With an extensive client base spread across USA, Canada, GCC, APAC, and EMEA markets, Day One is a rapidly growing ‘Product first company’ in the ‘AI first world’.

Day One partners with their clients right from the idea to the launch stage providing end to end services including mobile-first strategy, iOS app development, android app development, human-centric UI/UX design, app store optimization, and go-to-market strategy. Having helped businesses around the world, at Day One Technologies they understand the need for brands and products to stand out. There’s a lot of planning and effort put in for building a product – and Day One makes sure that returns are optimized by backing efforts with the right product launch marketing services. By building a custom go-to-market strategy for your business and app launch, Day One makes it possible for brands to beat competition and cultivate growth.

From Ideation to Launch

Launching a new company/product/app demands unique strategies and processes to be in place. As a full-service product launch company Day One can drive your launch campaigns to success by tailoring services to your need. Day One has the technical know-how, market acumen and expertise required to design customized performance driven launch plans. Launch plans are client-specific, targeted and market-ready. By adopting a collaborative approach, Day One shapes strategies that fit budgets, is sustainable and sure to drive ROI post implementation. From PR to creating market buzz, campaign launch to launch strategy analysis, Day One has got you covered with its mobile app launch services.

Qualitative Analytics for Modern Businesses

Imagine a world without consumer data – no data on demographics, behavior, buying pattern – nothing! That’s not going to be a very lucrative environment for businesses, will it? Fortunately, that’s one scenario you don’t have to encounter – thanks to software and technological innovation, today data is easily available. But the question is, is the data being analyzed and being used strategically? That’s why, at Day One Technologies they offer services for Human Augmented Artificial Intelligence or HAAI.. There is absolutely no dearth of data – at least not when it comes to raw data collection. The challenge is to manage, monitor, segment and analyze big data, to draw business insights and design plans. With HAAI, Day One offers the solution to this global challenge. Through advanced and intelligent use of machine learning and AI, Day One offers qualitative scientific analysis that gives your business the edge that it’s been waiting for! It all begins with a great idea, but ideas don’t build empires unless it is executed efficiently. In a mobile-first the world, execution translates into having powerful mobile app development based on artificial intelligence technologies and marketing it to a global audience base. Innovation and creativity go hand-in-hand. Businesses today are aggressively fostering in effective mobility solutions to stand out in an already competitive online space. Reliance on legacy software is gradually receding as businesses require custom Website Application services to cater to their unique and elaborate requirements. Today, web applications by default, play a pivotal role in how online presence is planned, maintained and managed and can be the turning point for your business.

Meet the leader behind the success of Day One Technologies

Jayavardhan B N is the CEO/Co-founder of Day One Technologies, a product-first company in the AI-first world. A passionate technology and innovation enthusiast, he brings a new approach to technology leadership with his drive for building products and aiding start-ups and entrepreneurs in their product-roadmap. His innate interest in product engineering, designing, UI/UX, AI and machine learning is what he brings to Day OneTechnologies.

“We’re young; we’re curious and extremely hungry for challenges. We do what we can’t.”