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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

Dedicated To Delivering Security without Compromise: Fortinet

thesiliconreview-ken-xie-founder-fortinet-17Organizations today require a fast and secure network to be successful. Whether or not you have the right protection immediately responding to threats throughout your network can determine if your business runs smoothly or is the victim of a security breach. From the start, the Fortinet vision has been to deliver broad, truly integrated, high-performance security across the IT infrastructure. Its unique security fabric combines Security Processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence to give you proven security, exceptional performance, and better visibility and control—while providing easier administration.

Founded in 2000 by Ken Xie, Fortinet is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with offices around the globe. The firms’ market position and solution effectiveness have been widely validated by industry analysts, independent testing labs, business organizations, and media outlets worldwide. It is proud to count the majority of Fortune 500 companies among our satisfied customers.

Products and Solutions Sketch

Fortinet delivers high-performance network security solutions that protect your network, users, and data from continually evolving threats. Its broad portfolio of top-rated solutions and centralized management enables security consolidation and delivers a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure.

Its high-performance network security platform has solutions for the core (internal segmentation), the edge (next-generation firewall), and access (secure access). The network operating system is flexible enough for deployments of all sizes and environments, from carriers to small businesses.

The company’s flagship enterprise firewall platform, FortiGate, is available in a wide range of sizes and form factors to fit any environment, and provides a broad array of next generation security and networking functions. Complementary products can be deployed with a FortiGate to enable a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure covering:

  • Network security
  • Data center security (physical and virtual)
  • Cloud security
  • Secure (wired and wireless) access
  • Infrastructure (switching and routing) security
  • Content security
  • Endpoint security
  • Application Security

Singular Aspects of Fortinet

To enable an effective defense, the data and security elements across all of your various environments must be well-integrated, able to share intelligence, and visible. The Fortinet Security Fabric gives you control, integration, and easy management of security across your entire organization, from IoT to the cloud.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is built around three key attributes:

Broad: The Security Fabric covers the entire attack surface. Security can be applied to the network, endpoints, access, applications, and cloud.

Powerful: The Security Fabric uses security processors to reduce the burden on infrastructure, delivering comprehensive security without affecting performance.

Automated: The Security Fabric enables a fast and coordinated response to threats. All elements can rapidly exchange threat intelligence and coordinate actions.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is an intelligent framework designed for scalable, interconnected security combined with high awareness, actionable threat intelligence, and open API standards. Fortinet’s security technologies have earned the most independent certifications for security effectiveness and performance in the industry. Seamlessly combining these technologies into a Security Fabric delivers effective, efficient, and comprehensive security by providing the broad, powerful, and automated protections today’s organizations require across their physical and virtual environments and from IoT to the cloud.

Clientele manifestoes ’

“Fortinet solutions protect all business lines in our organization, from ticketing to marketing, stadium operations, security, and of course football.”

- Scott Phelps, VP of Technology, Pittsburgh Steelers

“RWJBarnabas Health takes no chances when it comes to the protection of our patients and employees. Operating a complex network of 11 locations and 5 million patients also requires the network performance and secure access to maintain efficiency and maximize our productivity. We chose Fortinet’s distributed enterprise network security solutions because they deliver the networking performance and functionality to meet our infrastructure demands while exceeding the expectations and stringent network protections we require.”

- Hussein Syed, CISO, RWJBarnabas Health

“Fortinet gives us the security, control, and performance that we need to stay ahead of the competition.”

- John Bryant, Chief Technology Officer, Options

Insight into the Chieftain

Ken Xie, Founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO: A seasoned and successful entrepreneur, Ken started his first network security company SIS in 1993, designing software firewalls while studying at Stanford University. In 1996, he realized the performance limitations of software firewalls running on PCs/servers, and as a result started NetScreen. In 2000, after recognizing that firewalls and VPNs alone could not stop content and application network attacks such as viruses, intrusions, spam, and malicious web content, Ken founded Fortinet. Fortinet first pioneered the concept of Unified Threat Management (UTM), which unified these functions into single, highly functional appliances. With the rise of IoT, cloud, and mobility, Fortinet is now leading the way in evolving to the next generation of cybersecurity with its holistic Security Fabric vision and portfolio of solutions, which secure the entire attack service from IoT to the cloud and from user to data. Fortinet completed its IPO (NASDAQ: FTNT) in 2009, which was lauded by Renaissance Capital as “IPO of the Year.” Ken earned an M.S. degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University and B.S. and M.S. degrees in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University.

“We provide top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric.”