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Deep 6 AI – Leader in precision research software, connecting all research stakeholders in an AI-powered, real-time ecosystem


Clinical trials are the foundation of modern medicine and its many successes. Every new drug, device, or procedure must be tested in a clinical trial, to prove that it’s safe and it works, before going to market. With the advent and promise of precision medicine, targeting treatments which are highly specific to some patients, but don’t work for all, the manual, indiscriminate ways of recruiting patients into studies has failed. Instead of being a highly valuable gatekeeper to innovation in medicine, clinical trials have often become a bottleneck.

Deep 6 AI is fixing this. Founded in 2016, Deep 6 AI is on a mission to bring life-saving treatments to patients faster. Its AI mines real-time clinical data, structured and unstructured, to precision-match patients to clinical trials. The Deep 6 Precision Research Ecosystem connects researchers, physicians, sponsors and CROs to advance research faster than the speed of disease. Deep 6 AI disrupts the clinical trial enrollment process by transforming the way researchers identify eligible patients. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to mine structured and unstructured patient data, DEEP 6 AI finds more, better-matching patients for trials in minutes, not months. Deep 6 AI works with some of the most prominent health systems, pharma companies, and CROs in the world --making the DEEP 6 platform a crucial step in their clinical research workflow and greatly accelerating patients’ access to clinical trials.

Bringing precision research to precision medicine

Applying AI methods on structured and unstructured patient data, the Deep 6 AI platform matches patients and sites to actual trial protocols in real time, all within a secure, HIPAA-compliant, collaborative environment. So, you can focus on bringing treatments to patients faster. The industry-leading precision research software uses artificial intelligence (AI) concepts such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) on both structured and unstructured data across multiple systems to precision match patients to clinical research trials. Structured data includes coded data in medical records such as ICD-10 and LOINC codes as well other fields such as age or gender that follow a standardized format. It’s fairly easy to extract information from these fields, and most systems stop here, but structured data only tell part of the patient’s story. Deep 6 AI's technology maps all the data to ICD-10 codes and 120+ ontologies as “concepts” in the backend and uses these maps to create dynamic, holistic patient views — what they call patient graphs. These graphs provide broader clinical context and truly allow patient characteristics to be precision matched to trial criteria, resulting in fewer false positives and less wasted time.

For Healthcare Organizations

Your patient population benefits from clinical trials as another care option. Your trials need participants. With Deep 6 AI’s self-service platform, build cohorts with AI-driven precision matching and natural language processing that reads the whole patient record. Deep 6 AI matches the hardest to retrieve clinical evidence in seconds while their NLP gives that data context allowing you to prioritize the best matching patients for your studies.  Run feasibility searches that provide ONLY aggregate numbers, thus protecting the privacy of patients. Access to patient information is controlled by a whitelist feature that only allows access after IRB approval and only to the people who need to see it. Patients want to learn about clinical trials from who they trust the most, their physicians.

Let Deep 6 AI’s Trial Recommender find the studies your patients are eligible for so you can review their best options with them. Trial Recommender matches complex inclusion and exclusion criteria to clinical evidence that makes your patient a match for a clinical trial. Deep 6 can find these data in the hardest-to-find locations such as pathology reports, omics, physician notes, structured or unstructured data. And it does it in seconds. Once you find and validate your patients with Deep 6 AI, recruitment comes next. Deep 6 AI’s Patient Recruiter provides a streamlined, easy-to-use, and fully integrated recruitment module to facilitate getting your identified patients enrolled on the study. 

For Sponsors & CROs

Everyone has heard the phrase that past performance is no guarantee of future success. So why do sponsors keep going back to the same sites based on nothing more than a relationship. The selection of a site is an investment on the success of your study. Deep 6 takes the guesswork out of your site selection and allows your team to make data driven decisions by knowing in real-time the number of actual precision matched patients available at the site and to that principal investigator.

Leverage real time real life data to plan for and submit your Investigational New Drug application based on real time aggregate data from real sites.

  • Precision match your protocol to patients’ medical records from real sites in real time
  • Leveraging information found in both structured (CPT, ICD-10-CM, LOINC, MeSH, RxNorm, and SNOMED CT codes) as well as unstructured (physician notes, pathology reports, laboratory results, genomic reports, post-operative notes, etc.) data sources
  • Optimize your protocol based on available patients and their medical records
  • Know how each of your inclusion and exclusion decisions affect the total population of actual matched patients in real-time
  • Set your expected patient recruitment goals

About | Wout Brusselaers

Wout Brusselaers is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Deep 6 AI. He started his career as a diplomat in the Middle East before joining global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, serving a wide variety of industries across Asia. Next, Wout founded an extreme sports adventure company in Singapore. He then spent five years in the high-stakes world of international security, growing and leading a 22,000-headcount organization across four continents into a $500M global player. He founded Deep 6 AI as a cutting-edge AI platform for the Intelligence Community, arguably the most complex data environment in the world. Since 2016, Deep 6 AI has focused exclusively on healthcare, working with industry leaders such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Deep 6 AI now uses its AI expertise to accelerate patient recruitment and get life-saving treatments to people faster. Mr. Brusselaers is a frequent speaker on artificial intelligence in healthcare and works closely with hospitals, pharma companies, and research institutes on patient recruitment programs.

"Our precision matching software mines millions of patient records, including 'unstructured' physician notes, to pinpoint eligible patients in real-time."