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Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law is Delivering Quality since 1992


It is not easy to define success but quality is the core factor that contributes to any real success. Established in 1992, Taiwan-based Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law (D&F) delivers quality through its dealing with all phases of laws with a focus on the intellectual property rights (IPRs). Every work within the protection scope of a patent application needs be quality controlled by two tiers of senior reviews. And Deep & Far ensures that this happens.

To succeed in a short period is totally different from succeeding in the long-run. To succeed or survive over decades or centuries, many factors must come together. And it did for D&F under the leadership of the firm’s charismatic leader C. F. Tsai.

Since 1982, C. F. Tsai extensively engaged in preparations and prosecution of patent applications in various technical fields because the patent industry was not so hot in Taiwan and there were not many people who graduated from Taiwan’s top universities at the time. Tsai studied hard in all subjects in National Chiao Tung University and earned the bachelor in Marine Technology consisting of 30% of electrics/electronics and 70% of mechanics. As a result, he had the opportunity to help a wide range of clients or industries, from electric, electronics, software, auto control or mechanics to pharmaceutics, chemicals, medical devices, image processing or semiconductors. Today, his accumulated broad-ranging expertise has been a crucial factor in the runaway success of Deep & Far.

“Deep & Far values the quality of any work just like life. Without the best quality, we wonder whether we can permanently subsist. We never compromise with the quality. We work to preserve quality at all costs because we believe that the clients will eventually appreciate our efforts and the contributions we make and retain our services,” said C. F. Tsai, Managing Partner of D&F who founded the firm in 1992.

All the patent attorneys and patent engineers in Deep & Far hold outstanding and advanced degrees and have generally graduated from the top five universities in Taiwan. The firm’s staff is dedicated to providing the best quality service in IPRs in the country. As a proof from the aspect of local market, about one half of top 100 incorporations in Taiwan have experiences of seeking patented their techniques through D&F’s expertise. The firm has also delivered services to more than one-fifth of the top 100 domestic incorporations (Taiwan) in addition to a quarter of Hi-Tech companies in the science-based industrial parks located at Hsin Chu.

For the international sector, D&F has delivered its services to Armani, Baidu, Beckhoff, BYD, CICC, Chep, Cypress, Dr. Reddy, Gleason, Grenzebach, Haribo, Infineon, Intercept, InterDigital, Lenovo, Lupin, Motorola, MPS, NovaLED, Oppo, Piramal, Schott Glas, and many more. The list goes on. “As a law firm in the service industry, we need to serve or cope with the needs from the client through expansion; we have established a global network of like-minded local firms for supporting the needs of the client in any country,” explained C.F. Tsai.

“Most of our services are related to IP, especially the patent. We are proud and confident to provide the most competent services,” added the founder of D&F. Because ‘claims’ are the core of patent protection and everyone tends to boast of how wonderful his/her skill is, D&F likes to take on the challenges to show its extraordinary competence by receiving from the client:

1) A pending or granted patent for comments about how D&F can improve the claims,

2) A pending patent specification without the claims for D&F to draft the claims for the client’s comparison with the original claims, or

3) An initial disclosure which is sent to the firm the client is currently using at the same time so that the client can compare and find out which firm can provide the better claims

D&F also works to provide trademark services as trademarks are closely related to patents because not only do they both belong to an IP, but when a patented product is to be launched into the market, the product is sold with a trademark. This means that when a firm is practicing patents, the clients will normally ask for help with handling trademarks. Likewise, when the patent or trademark portfolios have been developed or established, infringements, business formation, businesses and legal disputes and matters are derived for the firm. D&F helps out with them all.

The paradigms in almost all sectors are now changing due to the technological advances. This is in-turn presenting competence of providing the broadest patent protections for the clients’ patent portfolios by Deep & Far. With its offerings and maintaining price competitiveness, the firm will continue to be a leader in this space.

The Leader Upfront

F. Tsai, Managing Partner

Mr. Tsai is the first patent practitioner in Taiwan who both has technological and law backgrounds and is qualified as a local attorney-at-law, and appears to be the sole one who both passed bars in technology and law. After earning his marine engineering bachelor and extensively getting involved in patent works, he managed to finish his law degree from National Taiwan University and then his master’s degree in comparative law from Soo Chow University.

“As a law firm in the service industry, we need to serve or cope with the needs from the client through expansion; we have established a global network of like-minded local firms for supporting the needs of the client in any country.”