10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2017

Deepak Mittal, XtLytics: Entrepreneur of the Month

thesiliconreview-deepak-mittal-ceo-xtlytics-17"We seek to help Healthcare Institutions achieve better Healthcare Outcomes."

Entrepreneurship is one of the exciting things to do and risky though, for obvious reasons. Starting and maintaining your own business is strenuous.

“It takes passion to start a revolution”; says the CEO, Deepak Mittal. Keeping this in mind he found the company xtLytics which implements ‘360degree data usage to deliver 5P (Patient, Physician, Product(Drug), Pharmacy and Payer)’ analytics via its analytics platform.

His company created this method which analyzes Life Sciences, ACO, Insurance, Medical Devices or Hospital’s internal data along with external data of patient’s health and medicines. The firm has commingled the power of easy-to-use visualization along with the principles of text analytics, predictive, and operations research algorithms to operate internal and external data. xtLytics delivers extensive use of analytics in healthcare, and insurance firm. Data is an asset and decision makers and strategist realize it. The insights have helped many hospitals in increasing patient satisfaction, increased hospital performance and better healthcare outcome.

Additionally, Life Sciences companies have been able to increase their market share by targeting right target patient segment, and understanding relation between patient journey, drug switching reasons, and prescription habits.

Products and services rendered

The organization delivers analytics for Life Sciences, ACO, Hospitals, Insurance and Medical Devices companies. The present solutions lag the predictive data models and usage of unstructured data.

The solutions proffered are: Integrated data extraction, adaptors, statistical models, predictive models, text analytics, visualization and pre-built Key process indicators KPI Dashboards and applications such as service performance analytics and improve care analytics on one platform purposely developed for the healthcare and Insurance industry. Firm’s data models, canned algorithms were developed by the industry experts.

“We worked with senior marketing executives to understand their pain points and provided them with insights into the drug’s efficacy, safety, and side effects; the impact of emotions and influences on different patient segments; the stages of patients journey and their correlation to choice or change of medication”, states Mittal.


About Deepak Mittal

Deepak Mittal is a proficient speculator and product strategist with a substantiate track record in business intelligence, strategy development and business development. Deepak’s passion is to transmute healthcare and insurance.

Previous vocation indulgence:

  • mGuest speaker at Columbia Business School’s Greenhouse Program
  • Guest speaker at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore annual alumni meet “Anu Samaran” Topic - “Disruptive Business Models”
  • Member of board of directors to companies such as Optym, and

Concentrated areas

Life Sciences, Hospitals, ACO, Insurance and Medical Devices companies are the center of attention which remains to be the same in the future.

Teachings from previous fiscal year

Building more strategic relationship with healthcare data providers, EHR product providers and insurance software providers to increase value to our customers.

Client feedback

Citing a case in which xtLytics helped a mid-sized hospital provide better quality of treatment, Mittal says, “Apart from a low HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) score, we noticed gaps that if bridged, could improve patient satisfaction and healthcare outcome.” After analyzing information, our patient-centered, cultural intelligence approach helped hospital in improving the cost and quality of healthcare, patient satisfaction, and the hospital’s overall performance.

Robert Chin CIO, Minuteman Health affirmed “xtLytics provided valuable software development and big-data management assistance to launch Minuteman Health, a non-profit, member-governed, COOP health plan, which will provide more affordable health insurance in Massachusetts.”

Sherri Shepard Senior Manager, ASMBA stated “The Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association (ASMBA) provides comprehensive, affordable military life insurance coverage to the Armed Services and their families. Big Data Analytics and other end-to-end solutions implemented by xtLytics empower efficient Integration of Data Sources, Member Engagement Platform, Claims Processing, and Business Reporting across the ASMBA organization. These fast and cost effective solutions enable ASMBA to offer first class personal service to all ranks of all military services around the world.”

Jamie Blackport, the CEO and founder partner of Mirador Analytics Ltd, stated that Mirador Analytics selected xtLytics because of company’s industry knowledge and customizable analytics platform to deliver its proprietary pharmaceutical Asset Evaluation Tool (Forecasting and pricing models for pharmaceutical industry). It has been a pleasure working with xtLytics and we are looking forward to an ongoing relationship to integrate more services and features into our business. 

Elke U. WeberJerome A. Chazen Professor of International Business Co-Director, Center for Decision Sciences, Columbia Business School says “xtLytics eliminates very time- and labor-intensive coding of media and social media reactions to events, including changes in public policy or the introduction of new technology, to test theories about the temporal dynamics of public reactions to changes in the status quo. It offers important insights into the sources and covariates of positive and negative reactions and the means to easily trace them back to specific groups or sources that can be classified along multiple lines, including geographic location or industry, both features that are very valuable to our research enterprise.”

Success chronicle

Increasing Pharma Sales force effectiveness: Aileron Solutions (Now part of top healthcare analytics firm)

Aileron Solutions had a vision to gain insights from healthcare claims that could enable Pharma companies to increase their sales force effectiveness. The organization engaged us to help the company to make that vision a reality by developing big data solutions to gain insights based on healthcare claims. These insights are currently used by many of the top Pharma companies.

Patient-Centered Cultural Intelligence Index:

xtLytics and Innovara, Inc. launched an index of leading health indicators to evaluate and improve PCCQ (patient-centered cultural intelligence) across hospitals and networks. This PCCQ Index evaluates health inequities and opportunities to impact patient care and population health using external healthcare systems performance, population, and EHR data. It also focuses on specific diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and COPD.