January Edition 2023

Deeper Insights – Solving the toughest human problems through the power of artificial intelligence


Deeper Insights is one such company that is building AI solutions for large enterprise and scale-up clients, a suite of AI models, and data visualization dashboards that enable its clients to quickly analyze and share insights. The company accelerates the growth of organizations looking to use AI for insights discovery through advanced data structuring, prediction and insights algorithms combined in a beautiful visualization dashboard. Deeper Insights use bespoke, machine learning models to develop unique solutions to critical business challenges; leading to previously unimaginable improvements to products and services, and original propositions and strategies. The company also enables the clients to use data search, extraction, structuring and visualization to radically improve efficiency and enhance decision-making; making data easy to reach and easy to use and making operations more affordable, scalable and productive.

Enhancing performance and unlocking innovation through AI

AI Consulting: Whether you're looking to start a new AI project or deliver an existing proof of concept, Deep Insights is here to help. Their expertise across Data Extraction, Machine Learning, AI Model development, and Advanced Data Analytics will support your teams to deliver the business outcomes you want. Deeper Insights use a world of data from webpages to internal documents, together with applied Data Science and custom AI dashboards that empower you to make data-driven business decisions, understand trends, buying patterns, competitors, assess risk, predict future outcomes or match people to products, jobs and services. The company works collaboratively with you to identify where they can add AI capabilities to your existing products, services and processes. You may already have specific use cases or a business problem in mind which AI could solve or provide demonstrable value. Their AI consultants who are all from academic research backgrounds, with decades of experience developing AI solutions for enterprise will run a deep dive into your data challenges, using scientific research and workshops to determine the hypothesis to prove, assess the feasibility of the project and design a full project plan based on your requirements and desired business outcomes.

Data Science Consulting: Accelerating business growth is often met with huge data challenges. More often than not, data within organizations is spread out in multiple silos of different systems, with different teams and priorities. Data is the key to growth in today's digital first economy. But processing and analyzing masses of data and decades of unstructured datasets, finding patterns in data and extracting meaning that enables AI to get to work is very complex and time consuming. At Deeper Insights, their Data Science Consultants become an extension of your team and will conduct advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning methodologies to solve your critical business data challenges. The company looks deeper into your data and finds insights, build accurate predictive models and capture patterns and anomalies in data using sophisticated AI tools that would normally take humans years to process. The company's Data Science Consultants analyze mass datasets using statistical analysis and data visualization techniques to assess the quality of the data, and to interpret and extract meaning out of data relevant to your business outcomes.

Machine Learning Engineering: Machine Learning is based on creating autonomous self-learning workflows which can be adopted in many different scenarios within organizations to create recommendations, sense demand, predict maintenance and performance outcomes, assess product affinity, conduct matching and anomaly detection to name a few. They work with you to understand the business outcomes you want to achieve in order to select the right machine learning approach for your project. Deeper Insights will do further research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Natural Language Processing to select the best models for your project. Identifying the appropriate data in order to make sure the model and subsequent training will be most effective. If you don't have a data set, they can also create it for you. The company works with you to understand the skills and experience of your teams, in order for them to successfully carry on the long-term management of the AI solution. If you don't have an in-house data science team, the company also provides managed services.

Computer Vision: Computer Vision as a subset of AI and Deep Learning means looking at a combination of tools to achieve the result you are looking for. Computer Vision is growing in use within healthcare and life sciences industries where automating healthcare tasks such as detecting objects on scans and identifying anomalies or visual differences could make a difference to a patient's early diagnosis and potential outcome. Computer Vision is a game changer when it comes to identifying, processing and reacting to objects in images and video in a fraction of the time it takes humans to. The outputs of which can be used to solve critical business challenges from supply chain to transportation to early detection of health changes. Deeper Insights work with you to understand the business outcomes you want from visual data and then explore the most appropriate approach and models to use to achieve it.

Jack Hampson | CEO

As CEO of Deeper Insights Jack offer nearly 10 years of experience working in the field of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, where he has built Data Science and Engineering teams in the UK and near shore, as well as deployed production-ready Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprise and scale ups delivering cloud-based AI solutions at scale.

Prior to that Mr. Hampson built and exited a consumer software app business and a successful consumer electronics business operating in Asia, Europe and USA, where he gained experience designing and manufacturing product as well as managing supply chain in Asia, and building European and US sales channels via distribution partners and a direct to consumer e-commerce business.

"We enable the world to deliver products and services at scale with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy through the transformative power of AI."