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August Edition 2022

“We Are Transforming the Future of Transportation and Combating Climate Change by Delivering Crossover E-Bikes Designed For City and Off-Road Use” – Daniel Tonkopi, CEO of Delfast “We are committed to only producing EVs with no air emissions and no negative impact on the environment.”


Sustainable transportation is top of mind to reduce carbon footprint for cleaner living. Electric vehicles are quickly becoming more common for consumers and businesses on two wheels and four. One company reshaping the EV market is Delfast.

As the ancient adage goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Delfast is a powerful electric bike company that manufactures premier, reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly vehicles to meet the commuting, professional and leisure needs of a rider. The company helps users save time, money, and energy by having zero fuel costs and offering a light vehicle with high battery power, long-range travel, reliability, and control. Their e-bike also holds the Guinness World Record for covering the longest distance on a single charge.

Daniel Tonkopi, CEO of Delfast, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how he and his company are redefining the future of transportation.

Interview Highlights

Q. What is Delfast’s vision?

Delfast is transforming the future of transportation and combating climate change by delivering crossover e-bikes designed for city and off-road use. Delfast electric bike is the tool to assist its owner in both leisure and professional needs. We are committed to only producing EVs with no air emissions and no negative impact on the environment.

Q. How big is the electric bike innovation market, and what is the level of demand for these products globally?

According to Allied Market Research, the global e-bike market was valued at $40 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $119 billion by 2030. Skyrocketing gas prices have resulted in increased customer demand for alternative methods of transportation, especially electric bikes. In business, timing is everything, and we are ready to meet the global demand for e-bikes. We produce unique electric bikes that are exceptional in their range, power, and speed.

Q. Tell us more about your bestselling Top 3.0 smart e-bike. What makes it unique?

Top 3.0 is Delfast’s best-selling e-bike featuring unparalleled range, power, and state-of-the-art technology unlike anything else on the market. It holds the world’s best range offering up to 200 miles on a single charge. The e-bike is also outfitted with a powerful motor that can reach speeds up to 50mph and an onboard computer that synchs with a mobile app for a variety of additional cutting-edge security and performance features, including tracking telematics, speed, and other data while functioning with a GPS and alarm for added safety. The Top 3.0 has a base price of $6,599 and can be used either off-road or as a city bike with an estimated battery life of 100,000 miles and an average yearly charging cost of just $24. Each bike has a 24-month warranty as well. Forbes named Top 3.0 the “Fastest Electric Bike” of 2022.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers?

Growth. As a startup, we always think about how to become the global leader in the e-bike market. Our goal is that Delfast is always associated with excellency and high status and that the manufacturer is known for its innovations and ambitions. Now more than ever, the world needs to be more aware of electrifying roadways with carbon-friendly transportation. Delfast is committed to providing the world’s smartest and most environmentally friendly bike and was recently showcased at CES 2022.

While we have recently opened a US headquarters in Whittier, California, we also have headquarters in Ukraine and have been directly affected by the war with Russia. As a result, we stand with Ukraine during this crisis and are doing our part to help those back home. Ukraine is a key contributor to the technology sector and global economy. We are committed to protecting the integrity of the next generation and are donating 5 percent of our income to Ukraine for relief and humanitarian services.

The Ardent Visionary at the Helm of Delfast

Daniel Tonkopi is the founder and chief executive officer of Delfast, with over 20 years of successful business experience. He is a second-generation environmentalist and visionary focusing on greener transportation. Daniel is on a mission to stop climate change. He and his team are working globally to save the planet and are also on the front lines of the crisis in Ukraine.

His previous entrepreneurial endeavors include, a Ukrainian business reviews service; X-Rift, an augmented reality mobile game; and Million Dollar Startup, a Kyiv-based startup school. In 2014, Daniel set out to transform the future of transportation and combat climate change with Delfast’s innovative e-bikes. He has since grown the company into a disruptive global e-bike leader with a Guinness World Record for the greatest distance (228 miles) traveled on a single charge. In addition to Delfast, Daniel also serves as a business and entrepreneurial mentor for MiniBoss School, Startup Ukraine, and the Central Asia FLEX business program. He is an author, a former radio host, and a prolific speaker, having appeared at dozens of industry conferences globally.

Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations from Kazakh Economic University.

“Top 3.0 is our best selling e-bike featuring an unparalleled range, power, and state-of-the-art technology unlike anything else. It holds the world’s best range offering up to 200 miles on a single charge.”