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Delivering a better brand experience: VOCO Creative

thesiliconreview-jennifer-juli-mp-vocoThe evolution of digital marketing has created a deep impact in our lives. There’s no better and effective way to share information than the Internet. Therefore, marketing and advertising of products and services is incomplete without using digital technologies, mainly the Internet. It is essential for companies to think of ways to market the products among the target audience, and VOCO is the perfect fit for a company looking for a full-service outsourced marketing department, digital strategy and execution arm, or large-scale creative campaigns. VOCO is a boutique digital marketing agency that is working with the mission of providing the highest levels of results-oriented creative, technology, and marketing solutions to maximize business growth for clients.

“We create a voice and a vision for brands – a personality, a soul, a purpose – as a way to connect people to your products or service,” says the VOCO team. Social media was gaining popularity and companies had no clue how to use it to their advantage, so VOCO was started with the idea of offering expert social/digital strategy and execution for small to mid-size businesses. It stays ahead of the curve by relying on deep analytics, constant trend research, and a fusion of strategy and adaptability. It brings this expertise to companies who need to focus on their own operations and strategy to get ahead. With the love of marketing, people and a drive to finish first, the VOCO team handles all creative, media buy, execution, and development in-house, making for a cohesive and seamless experience.

VOCO started off by launching a social media package for LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Brands that consisted of assessments and workshops to design a strategy and execution plan for small to medium sized businesses desiring to connect with their audiences in a non-traditional way. After the first workshop, the company started receiving appointments and opportunities for building brands for their clients. The collision of LOHAS brands and a booming tech environment made their product a natural fit, and their success grew on an average of 60% every year, sometimes hitting upwards to

150% in a year. The time of placing the workshops and assessments was just right, answering questions that brands and companies didn’t even know to ask. Eventually, they saw through the opportunity and the boons it could bring and now, closing the sale was easy. The tricky part, however, was the fast evolution of social media platforms which meant constant strategy reassessment and adaptation. Companies and brands now needed a team that could show dedication in creating constant and customized content.

“Our job is more or less similar to that of a translator and interpreter, where we listen first, hear what they want to accomplish that year, three years from now, and further, and then go off and perform our magic spells, then come back with a fully integrated strategy and execution approach with hard and fast KPIs”. VOCO has adapted to its client’s needs keeping the swiftly changing industry in view. It goes through the clients requirements in detail and responds fast with some twists. Clients need remarkable content produced on a much tighter schedule including photos, blogs, videos, cinemagraphs, etc. across a large variety of mediums. So, the team moved into a space that had two kitchens and hired photographers who had shot for Vogue, Elle, and Refinery29. The amalgamation of their in-house video production and data analytics strategy gave their clients trend-making content consistently.

VOCO has come a long way, working its way up through organizations, building up connections and finally meeting the right people. The company started out in the agency world without any good corporate connections, but it marked its place in the market by offering services packaged in a way that other agencies didn’t have the ability to do. It is still devising new ways to stand out from the crowd and meet the changing demands of the market. The team now has 15 members working with the philosophy of providing an environment that fosters and grows productive employees. They believe in a flexible work environment that ensures adopting high morale and a balanced lifestyle. “Our goal for us all is to work smarter, efficiently, have fun, and let everyone do what they love!”  This has led them to build a strong bond among the team members that is passionate, happy, and productive.

VOCO is launching an influencer service connecting brands and companies with their influencers designed to drive strong purchase intent both online and offline. It is also starting another division of VOCO dedicated to specifically styled photography and videography. The VOCO team believes in authenticity and “service with a smile”. It takes pride in integrating all aspects of marketing efforts and connecting consumers emotionally to the brands they serve.

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Let’s meet the leaders who made VOCO Creative possible, Managing Partners Juli Dimos and Jennifer McGhee

Juli Dimos is the founder and one of the managing partners of VOCO, alongside managing Partner, Jennifer McGhee. Known for her interdisciplinary approach to marketing, Juli has worked with powerhouse brands like,, Earth Balance, Cuties, Progresso, FastModel Sports, RPI, and Ancient Harvest. As the creative/analytical force behind VOCO, Juli finds inspiration wherever she looks, pushing towards what’s new, what’s next, and what makes sense for the brands that VOCO serves. She draws on over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing and tech space in database engineering, UI/UX, website design/development, and strategic integrations.

Jennifer brings a passion for strategic brand building and more than 20 years of success in the consumer-packaged goods industry to VOCO, as well as her branding experience in the natural and conventional consumer-packaged good industry for business start-ups, rapid growth firms and M&A transactions in the functional nutrition space. She has a proven and established record of success in building both Natural and conventional CPG brands (Atkins, Gatorade, Nabisco, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Abbott Labs, Coleman Natural, Boulder Brands) on both the client and agency side of business.

Both Juli and Jennifer dedicate their time outside of VOCO to serving their communities, using their passion for both business and education to develop and mentor young people for school and career readiness. 

“VOCO has adapted to its client’s needs keeping the swiftly changing industry in view.”