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An expert delivering excellent integrated platform for best-of-breed results: Listrak


With Listrak, retailers and brands are empowered to achieve accelerated revenue growth through leading-edge technology and best-in-class expertise -- resulting in profitable, cross-channel, and cross-platform customer communication. One company. One platform. An experienced team to help you scale your operations, innovates and executes your programs, and grows your company beyond your wildest goals. A laser focus on delivering solutions and strategies that deliver meaningful results year-over-year. Purpose-built products that lead to increased customer retention, engagement and ultimately revenue. Best practices, competitive insights, and leading trend perspectives to help you continually optimize your program. As a testament to Listrak’s clients' satisfaction and the results they’ve achieved. Listrak will listen and respond to individual consumer signals of intent, translating into actionable touchpoints of communications such as cart/browse abandonment, lifecycle messaging.

With Listrak, you can deliver seamless, personalized cross-channel interactions -- all from one integrated platform. You can maximize customer engagement, revenue, and lifetime value by sending messages at precisely the right time across the right combination of channels and devices. Retailers trust Listrak’s enterprise-class send engine to send billions of targeted emails using sophisticated tools like predictive analytics, retail segmentation, dynamic content and predictive product recommendations resulting in a significant increase in revenue.

Email Automation

Retailers trust Listrak’s robust, highly scalable, highly-available enterprise-class send engine to send billions of targeted emails every month generating over 50X ROI. Sophisticated email marketing tools like predictive analytics, advanced retail segmentation, dynamic content and predictive product recommendations allow marketers to translate customer data directly to personalized messages resulting in increased engagement and revenue. Quickly and easily create responsive email campaigns that deliver consistent impact regardless of device with Listrak Composer, its intuitive, drag-and-drop email editor. Marketers can effortlessly insert dynamically personalized AI driven predictive content and predictive products, driven by the 360° custom profile, to speak to the individual. Choose from any of Listrak’s fully-responsive layouts within its template library or quickly customize and build your own email from scratch without having to write a single line of HTML. Listrak’s Abandonment Messaging Suite allows you to deliver strategically-timed personalized messages that re-engage active shoppers and nurture them forward to capture otherwise lost revenue. Browse Abandon and Shopping Cart Abandon messages combine behavioral signals and predictive algorithms to deliver impactful messages that extend engagement and optimize the opportunity for conversion.

Text Message Marketing

Drive exponential growth of new customer acquisition across channels and touchpoints, engage your audience on their mobile devices with personalized SMS or MMS messages and grow incremental revenue with text messages that generate 30X+ ROI – all sent confidently using a Tier 1 Aggregator. Build and engage a high-value mobile audience with relevant text messaging to grow revenue and generate 30x+ ROI. Listrak works with Tier 1 Aggregators to confidently and safely help your messages get delivered as expected, when expected. Drive exponential growth of text and email lists across channels and touchpoints with advanced mobile, social and onsite acquisition tactics. Create the perfect mobile experience through personalized, regularly scheduled broadcast messages and timely, relevant transactional SMS that go beyond order confirmation to include loyalty/reward triggers, time-triggered reminders, status updates, alerts, and more.

Harness the power of a single integrated platform to deliver a seamless, cross-channel, digital marketing experience. Easily add targeted SMS messages at strategic touchpoints across the entire customer lifecycle through Listrak’s Journey Hub. Optimize your messages to drive increased results by conducting automated tests. Listrak’s tools give you the framework to determine the test criteria, content, audience, variations, timing, metrics, and detailed reporting to monitor success and improve performance.

Journey Hub

Integrate data from anywhere, design your customer’s journey and connect across channels. Journey Hub is at the core of Listrak’s platform allowing retailers to fully leverage their customer data and unify marketing across the entire customer journey. Journey Hub is at the core of Listrak’s cross-channel marketing platform allowing retailers to fully leverage their customer data and unify marketing across the entire customer journey. In addition to out-of-the-box platform integrations, Listrak’s data model and APIs empower ingestion from virtually any source, putting Journey Hub at the core of your modern growth stack. Optimize engagement for any scenario by designing cross-device, cross-channel programs with drag-and-drop ease using Listrak’s best practices or your own experience – and then refine those journeys by adding branches and channels based on continuous learnings and insights.

Listrak's intuitive tools provide retailers with the ability to orchestrate sophisticated multi-stage, highly-personalized journeys and 1:1 real-time interactions across channels including email, SMS, social and push – all from a single marketing platform. Add powerful automated decision paths to your journeys based on unified customer data, purchase history, engagement activity, cart/order details, split test, channel affinity and much more. Adapt with each customer and optimize every touchpoint towards the path to purchase.

AI Recommendations

Using advanced machine learning and providing the ability to layer deeply customizable merchandising decisioning, Listrak can understand and predict the most relevant, data-driven personalized product recommendations to influence the unique customer journey. Content that speaks in a relevant and personal way adds differentiation and value to your brand experience beyond product offering. Predictive Content allows marketers to utilize content marketing investments to foster increased customer engagement. By applying natural language processing AI and machine learning algorithms to your website content, Predictive Content automatically interprets and understands the context of your content. Using purchase history and behavioral data to understand personal interest, Predictive Content matches personalized one-to-one content to customers that truly care and want to read it.

Ross Kramer, Co-Founder and CEO

“Listrak’s single, integrated platform gives retailers and brands unmatched channel orchestration.”