30 Most Influential Companies Of 2022

An innovator delivering excellent all-in-one partnerships platform that ignites SaaS growth: PartnerStack


PartnerStack is built on the belief that growth in every form happens fastest when people work together. PartnerStack automates recruiting the right partners, onboarding them into your program, rewarding them for every conversion, and enabling them to become top-performing partners — so everyone makes more money. The PartnerStack platform automates the toughest parts of launching and scaling partnerships. Want to reach more of the right partners? List your program in the PartnerStack Marketplace to reach thousands of partners that are already experts in selling SaaS. Automate emails and trigger new offers for your partners based on their behavior and performance, creating a totally custom experience for every kind of partner. No matter how you want to reward partners — like flat rewards vs. revenue share — PartnerStack automatically calculates partner conversions and pays out the right amount. Upgrade partners to new tiers and offer bonus incentives based on performance, completing certification courses, and more.

Most partnerships software is designed to simply manage partners. PartnerStack is built to empower them, giving partners their own dedicated dashboard alongside yours to withdraw payments, access resources, view reports, and more. Unlike other partnerships software, PartnerStack lets you run multiple partner programs side-by-side, with conversion types tailored to the most common types of partner programs. Thousands of agencies, resellers, and marketers already use PartnerStack to generate recurring revenue for themselves and for businesses like yours. PartnerStack makes it easy to promote your program to them all in the PartnerStack Marketplace. Discover even more partnership opportunities. Explore 200+ partner programs from recognizable B2B brands and enroll into as many as you want without any hidden fees. Access to the marketplace is completely free.

SaaS marketing skills

PartnerStack Marketplace makes it simple for you to find the right partner programs with over 200 programs available on the marketplace. Access to the marketplace is completely free. Explore and enroll into as many partner programs as you want without any hidden fees. Join a network of over 65,000 active partners who use the marketplace to find and build profitable partner relationships. Riipen caters to the enablement needs of multiple partner personas, giving them the unique tools and support to successfully promote Riipen to their different audiences. Kaitlyn Crocker leads the affiliate program at Riipen, a platform that aims to eliminate underemployment by connecting organizations with top students through short-term projects and internships. Like many partner programs, Kaitlyn started the affiliate program as a strategic initiative within the sales department where she was a sales development representative. Around November 2020, as the program picked up some traction and managing it manually became less and less efficient, she began looking for a dedicated platform to facilitate the program on. Choosing the platform came down to two things: CRM integration capability - they needed to be able to easily integrate through Zapier to bi-directionally connect their Hubspot instance, and the quality support they were able to find in the platform’s team - both of which they found in PartnerStack. While both were important, the latter was crucial in guiding Riipen’s team as they established their SaaS solution on a dedicated platform. Due to their program’s early-stage maturity, they found a lot of value in onboarding process - especially when it came to their program communication strategy and launch.

Building a richer partner journey

Early-stage affiliate programs are, to a degree, dependent on the confidence and trust program managers are able to place in the platform’s team. Maturity-based onboarding makes SaaS partnerships accessible. After all, what’s a powerful tool worth to someone who doesn’t know how to properly wield it? An approachable customer success manager will help you work through experiments, solve problems more creatively, and operationalize your unique program optimizations. But perhaps the most valuable part of a great support team is how it shortens your learning curve, allowing you to reach wins and program gains faster. As with any budding partner program, Riipen faced some growing pains, with its partner acquisition strategy becoming a sort of double-edged sword. Its program’s newfound accessibility grew its partner base substantially. “We realized early on that we can’t treat everyone the same because everyone has such different needs and skillsets, and they all come from different places,” Kaitlyn recalls. Their existing onboarding and enablement weren’t optimized to offer these partners the proper support they needed to succeed. After diving into the types of partners that were finding their way into the program, Riipen formalized four distinct partner personas.

Becoming essential to partners

Workplace productivity platform Formstack seems like a company that’s a perfect fit for partnerships. Its modular product suite for data collection, document automation, and digital signature integrates with top B2B tech like Salesforce, HubSpot, Quickbase, Airtable and more — all products that are also likely to have a partner involved in some step of the sales or implementation process. By working with partners, Formstack can get involved with more B2B customers at the very start of the conversation. But partnerships weren't always a core part of Formstack’s customer acquisition strategy. “Going back years ago — Formstack had previously been doing what I like to call random acts of partnerships,” said Zak Pines, VP of Partnerships at Formstack. “The company had tried a bunch of things, but not in a strategic way. As a result, partnerships as an opportunity didn’t have the best reputation at Formstack when it first got started. But PartnerStack knew that when done right, partnerships would provide a massive growth lever for sales and marketing teams.” By automating what traditionally are the most time-consuming and tedious parts of managing partnerships — like attribution and payments — PartnerStack helps the Formstack team stay focused on recruiting and enabling partners.

Bryn Jones, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

“The only partnerships platform built for B2B SaaS that supports affiliate, referral, and reseller channel partners to drive recurring revenue.”