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Delivering innovative engineering through Product and Digital Transformation solutions: eInfochips

thesiliconreview-pratul-shroff-founder-ceo-einfochips-2017With increasing customer expectations in an increasingly inter-connected world, organizations face great pressure to accelerate product lifecycles and quicken the pace of product innovation. Competition in both established and emerging markets is driving businesses to develop and launch contextual products at lower costs while continually improving quality. As product development is becoming more complex, product engineering and operation functions will play an increasingly important role in bringing products to market, as well as connecting key activities and functions. Manual and broken processes can slow time to market, limit predictability and visibility, and increase costs. Keeping this in view, eInfochips’ provides product engineering services for customers across multiple domains and technology platforms.

eInfochips is a product engineering and software R&D services company with over 20 years of experience, 500+ product developments, and over 40M deployments in 140 countries across the world. Today, 60% of its revenues come from Fortune 500 companies and 80% from solutions based on connected devices. The fundamental driving force and vision behind eInfochips was to create economic activities, build careers and play a key role in creating cutting edge products that would make a difference to the society and contribute to the building up of the society.

Focus on product innovation

As an entrepreneur, Pratul started eInfochips single handedly with one engineer. The first project was about re-architecting an industrial controller with internet connectivity using TCP/IP protocol; and driving the control and monitoring of the equipment from a centralized monitoring station. eInfochips got involved in completely defining and designing the hardware product platform, OS platform, making it Internet enabled, and robust. It worked with its customers to port the industrial automation software, customize it and roll it out. “It was very fulfilling to work entirely on a brand new product development with Internet connectivity and take the ownership of implementing the entire product. It was a very successful product launch”, said Pratul. The customers really appreciated what the company brought to the table in terms of hardware and OS expertise.

Today, among other things, eInfochips works on many smart IoT solutions on both the industrial and consumer domain segments. On the consumer front, it worked on many projects like smart agriculture pumps, smart fitness trackers, interactive whiteboards, VR and AR products, smart glasses, robotic camera to automatically shoot moving objects, telemedicine, etc. 

Customer centric and product focused approach

The product engineering services that it offers spans all the way from conceptualization to sustenance, from silicon to embedded systems and software. In other words, it is a one-stop shop for highly complex, cutting edge technologies and product development projects. It spends 5% of its revenues in IP development efforts, thereby accelerating time to market for the clients, as well as providing them with ready to use, latest technologies for their specific needs. eInfochips partners with some of the top technology names in the industry, in silicon, embedded, and software domains, which allows it early access to the latest developments and technology platforms in these areas. To sum it all up, its technical know-how, quality of deliverables, and customer focus all combine to make it the first choice partner for its clients.

Always striving for “Engineering Excellence”, eInfochips’ work culture is built over years of experience in providing innovative solutions to its clients and its indomitable spirit to excel in all aspects of its engagement. Pratul says, “We call it “Passioneering”. We continuously drive ourselves to perform above and beyond the call-of-duty, while often acting as quarterbacks for project execution and firefighters in moments of need.” 

Introducing disruptive products to the market

eInfochips has several IP offerings and software accelerators in a variety of domains that have recently been launched, or are part of a longer term product roadmap. It has IPs/accelerators in the areas of video management on cloud, IoT gateway, IoT test automation, DevOps, and machine learning/data analytics that are either launched or will be launched in the near future. In addition, on the ASIC front, it creates various Verification IPs for its partners/customers. 

  • Snapbricks DevOps for IoT: DevOps & CloudOps services and accelerators enable intelligent automation and empower Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT companies with continuous integration, build, testing, and deployment capabilities.
  • Snapbricks Intelligent IoT Gateway Framework: To provide a multi-platform bridge for hardware and software IoT companies to individually architect and integrate their next-generation solutions within any ecosystem.
  • Snapbricks IoT Test Automation: It is a robust, flexible and extensible framework with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to create and execute IoT test suites.
  • Snapbricks VMS: Snapbricks VMS (Video Management Software), with a full suite of video analytics capabilities, enables companies to take complete advantage of anywhere, anytime, and any device video surveillance.

Our vision from the very beginning is to continuously innovate and stay relevant to our customer’s market space. This meant a lot of hard work, taking huge risks in terms of business stability, and investing continuously in newer technologies. We invested heavily in people and technologies, and created a culture of not punishing the failures, celebrating innovations, and bringing value to customers through flawless execution and value for money. Today, our engineers enable solutions and products that are cutting edge, creating significant value for our clients, enhancing the experience of end consumers and generating a positive impact on society.

Let’s meet the man who made eInfochips possible, CEO Pratul Shroff

As founder & CEO of eInfochips, Pratul has steered eInfochips from its humble beginnings in early 1990s to a top-notch Product and Semiconductor Engineering Services Company today. For 10 years, Pratul worked for Intel and Daisy Systems in the USA. At Intel, he was a part of the 80186 processor design team, and was one of the founding engineers at Daisy Systems.

Pratul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani (India) and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Cornell, USA. He has also earned an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (India).

“From silicon to embedded systems and software, we map the journey of our customers all the way from design to deployment to sustenance”