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Delivering Measurable Business Impact, Predictability in Execution and a Unique Partnership Experience: Trianz

Founded in 2001, Trianz has a global presence and delivers business and technology roadmaps to senior clients, drives business readiness & organizational adoption for strategic initiatives and provides technology services from platform selection, technology architecture all the way through solution implementations. Headquartered at Santa Clara; the company has grown from a single site to multiple locations and expanded its operations worldwide and its growth during the past decade has come due to a variety of reasons, the most important being its partnership approach with top management, outstanding teams, and unblemished track record in driving business execution.

Businesses worldwide are facing a very complex environment in which they need to succeed. On one hand are uncertainties created by economic variables, rapid regulatory changes and global competition. On the other hand there are new opportunities created by paradigm shift in technology – disruptive technology trends such as the “third platform”, which is built on social, mobile, cloud and big data technologies, are further challenging the established professional services business models. The responsibility of leadership has not changed with this increasingly complex environment. In fact, resource constraints have increased, expectations are higher and explanations are no longer accepted. The ultimate business execution challenge for leadership is to deliver results predictably in a highly unpredictable environment.
For over 14 years, Trianz has dedicated itself to developing perspectives backed by experience and research to help leaders solve this very challenge. Trianz brings a unique philosophy and technique towards execution, trained teams and a deep partnership commitment to always deliver results in the form of measurable business outcomes as expected by leadership. Trianz offers a wide portfolio of services and solutions to global markets and its practices include Analytics & Information Management, Digital Solutions, Infrastructure Management, ERP Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Enterprise and Independent Verification & Validation.
It has developed unique industry-specific perspectives across selected industries and provides turnkey execution services to its clients across, high tech, insurance, financial services, retail, life sciences, public sector, healthcare and logistics industries. A significant number of Trianz clients are the Fortune 500 firms, including global leaders in networking, storage, life sciences, healthcare insurance, P&C insurance and security services providers.

Achieve success through business execution and a relentless commitment towards excellence
Having always positioned itself as a firm that focuses on business and technology execution, Trianz works closely with business and IT leaders worldwide to enable the execution of strategic initiatives designed to streamline a business function, enhance a major technology capability or even modify the enterprise itself. Leveraging a large spectrum of capabilities that span business and technology execution continuum, team Trianz says, “The Trianz methodology heavily emphasizes on specific, measurable business impact and returns from business and technology investments. This approach accommodates for business case and ROI analysis, end state visualization and impact of business and technology decision on downstream operations. The cornerstone for success for such programs is the collaboration between business and IT from the Program Roadmap Phase through Implementation”.

The Trianz Execution Value Proposition
Trianz is passionate about the business impact it generates and the predictability with which it executes, which is consistent across multiple initiatives for Clients and has resulted in long-term partnerships. It delivers measurable Business Impact from Initiatives- going beyond project metrics, while enabling a Unique Partnership Experience with Predictability in Execution in an uncertain environment.

Client Testimonials
“What was unique about Trianz leaders and teams was their singular focus on the business problem we were trying to solve. Everything else aligned perfectly.” CIO, Client Organization
“Things change so quickly these days. The Trianz team really gets what large scale transformation is about. I look forward to working with them on other future projects.” Sr. VP of Product Development, Client Organization
“Trianz has invested as much as we have in this relationship. We have trusted them on many programs and they have been supporting a large portfolio for us. We continue to have a vibrant partnership.”CIO, Client Organization

Knowing the Key Executive Sri Manchala- Founder & CEO
Sri Manchala carries more than 25 years of experience in strategy and operations. His personal passion for execution began early in his career. After high school, Sri joined the National Defence Academy in India and later graduated from the Indian Military Academy as an officer in the Indian Army and served in various parts of India. Joining the industry in 1994, Sri had a short stint at Asian Paints and then worked with KPMG Consulting in the Silicon Valley office and Cisco Systems at the company’s headquarters. Right from inception, Sri has carried over his passion and military learning in successful execution. Along with a strong leadership team, he has focused on the central theme of delivering execution success as seen by top-management in client organizations. Under his guidance, Trianz has and continues to develop unique perspectives, techniques and methods centered on the mantra of “excellence in execution”. Today, Trianz serves business and technology leaders from emerging companies to Fortune 1000 organizations, and Governments globally, ensuring client success in the form of business impact and a differentiated relationship experience.