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Delivering Technology with Intelligence Reliant Vision Group Inc is a IT Services & Solutions Company for Fulfilling Entire IT Needs

thesiliconreview-sandeep-vinjamuri-ceo-reliant-vision-group-inc-18Established in 2013, Reliant Vision is a globally recognized IT Services and IT staffing firm. The company provides a wide range of technology, talent, and workforce solutions to business clients throughout the US & India.

The company started out with a vision where it wanted to be in the Manpower Space. Keeping this as the core competency, the company has built out businesses around the same vertical. Now with the ever-changing business environment, Reliant Vision has also forayed on to different verticals and domains, keeping its mission as its sole focus, delivering technology with intelligence.

Over the years, the company has worked with clients that process and analyzes large datasets. Managing claims and data science is a substantial challenge; with big data, Reliant Vision helped them collect insights from large datasets automatically.

“We believe that the combination of data science and AI is bound to migrate and remove these bottlenecks of soft graphics and graphic analytics, and IoT helps decrease losses, and this can be used to create operational intelligence. Thus all our offering now is built on AI Platform,” says Sandeep Vinjamuri, CEO of Reliant Vision.

In-Conversation with the Leader of Reliant Vision, Sandeep Vinjamuri

Q. How did you overcome the business challenges you face in the initial years?

There is no denying that the first few years of a business were difficult. When I started Reliant Vision in 2013, there were numerous challenges that needed to be confronted and I soon realized that speaking with other CEOs, Peers who had experienced many of the same challenges before helped me to tackle these common challenges head-on and avoid mistakes I might otherwise have made.

Q. What is your company’s vision statement? And to what extent are you successful in achieving the same?

Delivering technology with intelligence is what gives us the edge over our competition in the industry. We believe technology should enable business stakeholders to make improved decisions, and we help them do just that.

We are here to cater to the technology needs of the industry. Over the years, we have gained a sharp insight into how to work, and carry forth with solutions that simplify business operations. It is this understanding of what fits where and our experience with challenges that sets us apart from the rest. Use of AI to improve efficiency and effectiveness is only the beginning, eventually better use of the same will help in faster decision-making.

Q. It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it’ - How would you and your team interpret this saying?

I certainly believe that forming a company is compared to caring for a plant. A minor negligence or ignorance can leave an impact on the company’s existence. Our approach is seemingly cautious towards the functioning of every department, clients, and employees. That’s why company delegates responsibilities to departments’ heads and its teams. There are several aspects to this, which are foreseen, visualized and planned.

Q. Talking about being the best place to work, how well do your employees know their role in contributing to the team’s and company’s success?

Role and responsibilities clarification is part of the hiring process. At the time of hiring an employee, they are clearly and briefly updated about roles and responsibilities at work. Besides that, job roles are discussed in daily manager and team meetings and also communicated in KRA set up and performance reviews as well.

Q. How do you bring the best out of an employee? Do you give them enough autonomy in work-related decisions?

Every employee at Reliant Vision has the freedom to produce work per his/her best capabilities. There is saying, “If you chase perfection, you often catch excellence,” and having said that, we closely observe employees for the first few months and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Strength is channelized towards the company’s progress and full fill job expectancy. Our employees are coached, mentored by experts to enhance their skills and experience. Based on strengths and capabilities, and according to job role and responsibilities, managers and their team are given with levy to take certain decisions. But, some decisions still need sign off from the leaders and measured with business impact.

Q. What makes the best company to work for is a culture of listening to what employees want to do, and a commitment to help them do it. Do you agree to this statement?

Reliant Vision Group Inc. is definitely one of the best places to work because of one primary reason and that is the open door policy. Employees are free to communicate or walk up to any manager or top leader to talk about what he/she would like to do and is assured help to achieve it.

Employees are made feel more than just resources by valuing and uplifting their morale by being available to hear and help them at any point in time. Our employees are committed, a loyal, and long-term associated with the company.

Staying Ahead Of the Game

Reliant’s expertise lies in simplifying its clients’ relationships with the customers. It offers solutions for problems that could significantly affect their business. Mainly focusing on safety, Reliant Vision is currently researching on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leverage its benefits. It intends to be a “technology middle gateman” securing customer’s information from issues like data breach along with ease of operation.

Under the Product Portfolio, Reliant Vision has a Complete End to End Solution offering for the Human Resource Industry – WCMS (Workforce Capital Management Solution). Apart from this, the company has custom solutions tailored made for Employees to manage their Time Sheets – ETMS (Employee Time Management System).

To give the HR Domain a full bouquet of Solutions, Reliant also offers a Career Portal – CareerFetch, where applicants can upload their resumes and get placed. It also provides a solution for On-Boarding New Employees into the company – thus simplifying the process across departments. Currently, Reliant is also working on an E-Clinical Trial Solution and expect to roll this out soon.

Greet the Chief

Sandeep Vinjamuri, CEO: Sandeep is an Astute Leader and Visionary who bring along demonstrated a history of working in the information technology and services industry of over a decade.

His success story is evident by the growing success of his organization and his team. His team looks up to him as a change agent, a thoughtful leader, an Innovator and above all an IT leader who paves the way for them in changing the dynamics of the corporate world.