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10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2017

Delivering the most robust IT and Expense Management platform in the market: Tangoe


Tangoe is a leading global provider of IT Expense Management software and services to a wide range of global enterprises and service providers. Tangoe’s technology and services platform designed to help companies transform the management of IT assets, services, expenses, and usage to create business value, increase efficiency, and deliver a positive impact to the bottom line.

“We are a leading enterprise technology company focused on providing our customers with differentiated high quality products and services. Our industry is fast-moving and competitive and where change is both constant and highly unpredictable.

Innovation and agility are critical qualities of any company that wishes to be successful in our space. We get it, and we therefore foster an environment that embraces exceptional and diverse people with the ability to collaborate and innovate.

We have a culture that drives high performance on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. All employees are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect and we manage our business on a foundation of values that help to drive the success of our customers, our partners, and our business,” says James Foy, CEO.

Bridging the Gap between IT and Innovation

Tangoe’s Technology Platform enables Tangoe to expand industry leading TEM capabilities, practices and ROI across all IT asset and spend categories. The platform is comprised of technology and services designed to transform the management of IT assets, services, and costs to create business value, enable innovation, and impact the bottom line.

IT Management at its best Expense Management & Enterprise Mobility Solutions & Consulting

Tangoe’s IT Expense and Usage Management Platform is designed to transform the management of IT assets, services, costs and usage to create business value, enable innovation, enhance IT strategies and processes, and bring a positive impact to your bottom line. Tangoe’s technology delivers a transformative ROI by enabling visibility, control, and financial management of your crucial IT assets, services, to drive down costs and ensure efficient usage within your organization.


Technology managers charged with enterprise mobility often find themselves trapped in a web of end-user productivity issues, service contracts, connections, devices, and data. Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Solutions bring order, security and cost savings to the most sophisticated mobility scenarios by focusing on three core mobility functions:

Mobile Deployment and Support: Delivers mobile devices to your workforce through a near self-service experience, with the support to ensure end-users are always up-and-running for maximum productivity – no matter where they are.

Mobile Policy Governance: Optimizes, configures, monitors and streamlines enrollment and security support for all mobile employees utilizing the EMM stack.

Mobile Expense Management and Optimization: Provides a complete view of all mobile spend across carriers to allow for a coordinated approach to contracts and plans for additional savings, while optimizing vendor services and relationships.

Telecom Expense Management Software, Consulting, & Support

Tangoe’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution improves procurement, sources best-in-class contracts, reduces asset expenses, and improves operational controls.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce mobile and fixed total cost of ownership
  • Reduce and manage service delivery costs
  • Maintain and improve service levels
  • Focus on core competencies and consolidating suppliers
  • Transform and improve business processes
  • Minimize waste
  • Maximize savings opportunities
  • Audit and validation across your fixed and mobile environment
  • Enforce regulatory and corporate governance
  • Reduce service and support costs
  • Enable enterprise awareness, visibility, and analysis

Enterprise Mobility & IT Consulting

Staying current with advances in information and communications technology may not be a top priority for your enterprise. In fact, most organizations lack adequate talent in-house to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, service providers, and market requirements. To address these concerns, Tangoe created a global team of experienced Strategic Consultants to help large enterprises assess, plan, procure, and implement technology and related services. We have proprietary tools, data, and specific global expertise in:

  • Strategic Sourcing – Specializing in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services benchmarking, negotiation, and procurement to maximize your savings and value received
  • Strategy Assessment, Planning, andPolicy Development – Aligning corporate priorities and ICT services investments to meet or exceed strategic objectives
  • Implementation and Transition Support – ICT services change management and support to ensure and efficient migration with minimal disruption

Enterprise Mobility as a Service

We get it. Enterprise mobility is a microcosm for the challenges you face in IT every day. Mobile technologies have added an incredible amount of complexity to an already complex IT landscape. With fewer and fewer resources, you’ve never felt less in control. And, you’re feeling the pressure to be responsive to the information needs of the business.

From carrier differences and new plans to changing device subsidies and new security risks as data gets stored on any number of cloud-connected devices, it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Let us handle the complexities so you can enable employee productivity and top-line growth, and still keep corporate data secure. With Tangoe’s Mobility-as-a-Service enterprise mobility is simple:

Simple Billing
Pay a fixed price for device + plan + service.

Simple Deployment
Choose a device and plan that works best for each employee.

Simple Management
DEP, Knox, Android for Work™ enabled

Bigger the Network, Greater the Company

“Our mission is to empower our customers to efficiently deploy and manage IT assets and services using our superior technology, people, partners, and global reach so they can focus resources on their business,” says James Foy, CEO.

Tangoe serves over 30% of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe and has developed strong relationships with our customers over the past 15 years.

Meet the Chieftain

James Foy has been appointed Chief Executive Officer.

thesiliconreview-cover-mobility-tango-17Foy has served as a member of the Tangoe Board since March 2014. Mr. Foy has been the Executive Chairman of SemantX since August 2014. Mr. Foy served as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of privately held  Talend, Inc., a provider of data, application and process integration products and services, from February 2013 to October 2013. Previously, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of privately held Aspect Software, Inc. and two predecessor companies (Concerto Software,Inc. and Davox Corporation) from 2001 to 2012. In 1991, he founded Constellation Software, Inc., and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer for three years. In 1994, Constellation was acquired by VMark Software, Inc., a predecessor company of Ardent Software, which was subsequently acquired by Informix Corp. Mr. Foy remained with the surviving companies in various senior executive positions, including President of Informix, until IBM acquired Informix in 2001.

“At Tangoe our vision is to empower our customers to deploy and manage their IT assets and services using our leading technology, great people, and global reach so they can focus on delivering their core business faster, better, and smarter.”