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Demansol: A budding app developer in Silicon Valley


Demand for a smart phone application is more of a need than a want, in a gizmo and gadget addictor’s world.Today, every individual is highly dependent upon smart phone applications, which is like a window to get information, infotainment and entertainment apart from other basic and luxurious needs and queries of the society. Firms, high profile individuals (business men, film actors) opt for apps to expand their business, career and to have a space in the virtual world. Smart phones, tablet application developing firms are busy to fulfill the necessities of their customers. India’sSilicon Valley, Bangalore is one of the cradles of smart phone application developing (development) companies in the world. Being a software hub of the country, this city is a major location of smart phone app developing companies and firms that are waiting to supply apps to possible customers.

One such company is Demansol, an Indian firmwhich has been expanding itsapplication development business in the silicon valley of India, specializingin entertainment applications for iPhone and Android platforms. With more than 400 apps to its credit in the App Store,Demansol has successfully seen these apps get featured in the top 100 in their respective categories.

Its development team is dedicated and experienced in achieving the best in minimal time. The companyhas more than 10 million downloads of Demansol games and applications in the App Store. Demansol published over 400 apps and games combined on iTunes, playstore and Amazon marketplace. Analyzing the company’s positioning in the current market, CEO Deepak Demiwal says, “Growth has been phenomenal for Demansol and employee retention very high with just one resignation from 2012 till date. We have added a 15-member web development team in Ludhiana, Punjab. Demansol in partnership with F2F660 has launched various successful products (magmakerEdition and InflightDigital) in USA.”

Adapting to the no pain no gain formula

Addressing the pain points of the industry, the Demansol team makes sure that each project undertaken in house or for the client, achieves success with the well planned Demasol Product vision. With Services encompassing the arenas of Blackberry, iPhone, Android, iPad and Facebook, the Demansol team works closely with clients to know their requirements and provides them with services accordingly. The company also specializes in developing game apps and has built up the games in COCOS 2D, Quartz and Unity3D. The firm has more than 200 games over the iTunesstore for its credit.

Demansol has made one of the best digital magazines platform (magmakerEdition) available on now. The company has expertise to turn imagination into reality. The game developers in the company come up with new ideas and new interfaces for games and have successfullydeveloped hidden objects games, board games and COCOS2D based games as well.Besides these, the company has developed more than 150 games and applications for Android handsets and tablets, many of which are deployed over the Europe and US based Network Carriers. The firm has also moved up in developing Blackberry applications related to GPS, Live Streaming, Radio Streaming, Social Networking and others.

A class apart from competitors

Demansol is a product driven company that helps client to envision their products according to the market trends. The symbiotic team brings together, the best thinkers, engineers, visionaries, and designers, infusing artistic design with innovative technology, bringing about a level of perfection that blurs the line between product and experience. Demansol thus exemplifies character built on trust, focus, and originality, designing exceptional digital experiences since the company’s inception.

With popular games like 51 in 1 Games, Donut Frenzy, Rat & Chesse, Preschool 15 in 1, Mega Shoot, Aladin – Quest for Diamonds, Monkey Adventure, Warship, Detective’s Chase, Lost In Jungle, Fun With Animals, Animal Alphabets, Lord of words, Zombie Valley and many more, Demansol has launched more than 400 games and apps on various stores, besides launching the magMaker Edition, Inflight Digital and various other solutions for magazine publishers in partnership with F2F660, till date. The company plans to launch these products in India also from August 2014.

Boasting of enviable multiyear elations and contracts with clients and partners like Evolution Interactive Group, Mobideos, BigDnet and F2f660, to name a few, Demansol considers the Mobile to be a fast growing vertical for their company and has successfully adopted the “Mobile First” approach.

By the end of 2014, Demansol looks forward to launch various products and services for different industries, both abroad and in India. By 2015, the company is sure to expand its expertise in electronic hardware and shall come up with two new electronic products.

Quick bytes

Founding Date: September 9, 2009
Bangalore, Ludhiana
Key person:
Adeesh Jain (Founder and CTO), Deepak Demiwal (Founder and CEO), Parvez Alam, Tirthankar Mukherjee and Sudhanshu Shekhar
Public Company
Self- Funded
Mobile, Twitter Applications, Facebook Applications, Graphics, Android, iOS, Games