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Democratizing Wealth Creation and Providing the Best Solutions for its Customers: DSIJ Private Limited


Know What to Do and When to Do It

Most big things start small and that applies to the DSIJ magazine as well. Starting off as a 12-page cyclostyled stapled booklet in 1986, Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), the flagship product of the company, soon began to be looked upon as the gospel of stock market investing. Indeed, it has been a remarkable and rewarding journey so far for the company. DSIJ has been recognized as a primary vehicle for propagating financial literacy in the country and for shattering the myths associated with the capital markets in the minds of the public at large.

At a time when quality financial guidance was rare, the company (DSIJ) pioneered many ‘firsts’ to cater to the fast-growing investor base of India. Over the years, its primary publication and other products have helped investors create and protect their wealth in the most meaningful manner, guiding both new investors and the experienced ones, not to forget the established traders, to choose the right stocks, avoid pitfalls and reap the benefits of high tides in the vast ocean of equity investments. The company caters to the investment community via many products. Each of which is categorized based on investors, traders, and communities.

DSIJ is a leader who has led this space right from the beginning. The company’s inception started 33 years ago and the company has been the pioneer in taking the advisory service beyond print to mobile, by starting the first SMS-based delivery service. Today, its customers enjoy the convenience of Apps for all its products, whether these are directed towards investors or traders. In fact, other than being the leading investment magazine in the country, it is also known for engaging users on the largest online stock market simulation in the country.

The Evolution of the Company

In the initial years, there was a market rally that took the Sensex from 250 to 400. At that time, post its analysis of the situation, the company brought out an issue advising investors to exit the stocks predicting a market crash. This headline was criticized and laughed at by the then known and renowned investors. However, the prediction came true and those that had heeded its warning were saved. This episode instantly brought DSIJ’s product and the company into the limelight. After this, there was no looking back.

Starting a stock market publication at a time when the markets were in their infancy with trivial volumes and all information is closely held by the so-called broker group was definitely a big challenge for the company. Getting to extract information when none was available was like finding a needle in a haystack but DSIJ overcame all those problems. Nonetheless, the perseverance and belief in the larger picture was the main driving force to carry on for DSIJ and it put efforts on collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information useful for investors.

“If you believe in the idea, then you should pursue it, taking the challenges that come your way head-on,” says DSIJ.

DSIJ tries and ingrains this very thought within its corporate culture. The goal is clear for the company as it puts its best foot forward to ensure that it can maximize wealth for its readers/customers. The company’s growth comes from the renewal revenue that absolutely depends on its performance and servicing. Time and again, DSIJ has helped its customers to take the best decisions in the market and also guided them to avoid pitfalls and scams. This has been the main reason behind the trust and respect of the investor community procured by DSIJ.

The future framework of the company

DSIJ has new releases from time to time. The ones currently lined up are

  • Launch of DSIJ Academy
  • Portfolio Advisory Service (Premium)
  • Long-term (5 years) Investment Product

The company’s vision is to see the firm become synonymous with (equity) investment, i.e. it should be the first in every entity’s mind whenever an investor thinks about equity and mutual fund investments. While it has fairly progressed on the equity side, DSIJ would like to see itself in an advanced position on the mutual fund side as well.

The Wise Visionaries


Mr. Vijaysingh B Padode, Chief Editor, and Founder: Has served in the Indian Revenue Service of the Government of India for nearly three decades. He is also the Chairman of the Centre of Developmental Education (CDE), a society since 1996. Mr. Padode opted for voluntary retirement and pioneered financial journalism in the country by creating India’s largest and the most circulated investment magazine. He holds an LLB degree along with a Master degree of Arts in Economics. Certainly the best man for the job, he with his experience has made the company what it is today. By passing down his knowledge he has made sure that the company will surely inherit it and produce better solutions for its customers in the future.

Mr. Rajesh V Padode, Managing Director: Has also been instrumental in bringing the e-initiative to the company and evolving the company to become an ‘investor engaging and services’ company rather than just remaining a ‘publishing’ company.

Rajesh’s strength in Technology, Securities Market, Media and Systems and Processes has enabled the company to go beyond the realm of print media to engage and deliver its high-powered performing research products via newer media like the internet, mobile, tablet, real-time simulation, etc. He understands the position in which the digital domain has taken in the present time. The new business/products introduced now comprise 70% of the company’s revenue.

Rajesh holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT, Mumbai. Furthermore, he is also a certified PMP professional from PMI Institute, USA. Currently, with 25 years of experience, he is proving to be a great asset to the company. Prior to joining DSIJ Ltd, Rajesh was Director - Software at Synechron Technologies and responsible for spearheading all Microsoft IT projects.


“DSIJ provides the best solutions by using information and experience to democratize opportunities for people at large to create, enhance, and protect their wealth.”