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Developing Digital Engagement & Analytics Solutions: Element Blue, LLC


“ Headquartered in Houston, TX, Element Blue is a global team of business and technology consultants focused on serving enterprise customers in Healthcare, Energy,Transportation, Manufacturing and Government.”

Managing operational data has become tiresome and cumbersome for organizations nowadays. Different systems need to be managed for different parts of their operations. Most of these systems are often inflexible or closed, exist in their own silos and make data sharing and analysis between them virtually impossible. Element Blue’s history is in delivering engagement and analytics solutions that demands integration of these systems and the associated data; so companies can gain new insights and increase operational efficiency.

Founded in 2000, Element Blue develops end-to-end technology and continuous services to advance the energy and utilities, healthcare, transportation, water, public sector, manufacturing and retail industries around the world. Element Blue also offers Digital Experience solutions to build portals and information sharing platforms for web, mobile and digital signage to attract, manage and coordinate teams and clients. The company makes use of IBM Watson technology to collect, classify and correlate structured and unstructured data across an organization to drive easier access and analysis of enterprise content and records.

“Over the past 15 years, we have pursued creating a company that could not only build intelligent, sophisticated software, but also develop technologies that made advancements in communities and industries around the world. Today, we offer a suite of solutions that use Element Blue products to power businesses and communities on nearly every continent,” said Steven Gerhardt, CEO & Managing Partner. “Our services extend through Retail, Healthcare, Transportation, Water, and Energy. The latest addition of our SensorInsight® product line continues to strengthen our mission of creating purpose-driven Internet of Things offerings for our customers,” he added.

Elevating Business with Cutting-Edge Solutions
The company’s SensorInsight® Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio helps companies connect new sensor technology to optimize business outcomes and increase efficiency or compliance. Element Blue combined with its IoT offerings allows companies to realize value more quickly through an extensive technology operations experience and a robust IoT platform. High-value assets and system measurements can be managed and monitored by RightSensor™ sensing devices, an integrated IoT hardware certification program offered by SensorInsight that delivers custom and pre-configured systems and data communications capability. Collected data is merged through CloudBlue™ and connected to the SensorInsight® service for end-to-end hardware, storage, software and connectivity.

Digital Experience and Engagement – Element Blue provides cutting-edge user experiences for Web, Mobile and Digital Signage solutions; Portal, Content Management, and Collaboration Solutions for Healthcare, Retail, Banking and Insurance.

Industrial Internet of Things – SensorInsight IoT Platform provides insight into cross domain or siloed sensor data; Industry specific focus on Energy, Transportation, Agriculture and Manufacturing with real-time analysis and alerts..

Cognitive Computing & Analysis – Collect, Classify, Correlate structured and unstructured data across your organization; Enterprise content and records management; IBM Watson Healthcare and IBM Watson Analytics solutions.

Infrastructure Services – CloudBlue, full service cloud base managed hosting and support for IBM technology; Complete Software as a Service (SaaS) provider with pay as you go licensing; Managed services including installation, upgrades and migrations 24/7 support of your systems.

Office Locations & Clientele
Element Blue has offices located in the following countries: U.S., Canada, India, Costa Rica, Kenya, Peru and U.A.E. Some of the company’s notable clients are the U.S.D.A., Children’s Health System, BNSF, Transocean, ANICO, Konica Minolta, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Baker Hughes, UT MD Anderson, and American Express.

“Our SensorInsight® product line helps companies elevate their business and increase their intelligence by integrating disparate data, analyzing info in real time and visualizing insights for immediate action to allow improved decision making and process optimization.”

Knowing the Key Executives

Steven Gerhardt – CEO, Managing Partner: Steven leads the company’s direction, business development and corporate vision. He is an enterprise solutions architect with 20 years of experience in developing, selling and managing software solution delivery. Prior to Element Blue, Steven served at the co-founder and principal of Ixion for eleven years. During this time, Ixion became a leading provider of IBM portal and web content manager solutions. Steven’s background also includes work product marketing, biotechnology, and industry standards accreditation. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and a Master’s degree from John Hopkins University.


Anthony (Joey) Bernal – CTO, Managing Partner: Joey oversees operations and technology direction at Element Blue, and as the President of SensorInsight. As a leader and veteran of enterprise software and solutions, he is the former Chief Programmer of IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center. His extensive background in enterprise application architecture was applied to leading IBM product design and development. He is the author of many popular books and articles covering Application Architecture, Portal Development, Social Networking and Web 2.0. Joey has a BSc in Computer Sciences from the University of Montana.