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DHGATE Group – China’s Leading B2B Cross-border E-commerce Marketplace and social commerce SaaS provider


“DHGATE is not only a leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace in China now. It is also a provider of one-stop social commerce Software as a Service tool – MyyShop.”

DHGATE Group boasts China’s first cross-border B2B e-commerce platform, (, dedicated to connecting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) suppliers to global buyers and a one-stop social commerce Software as a Service tool – MyyShop ( Led by the stalwart Diane Wang (founder, chairperson, and CEO), the company is empowering change and leading with unrivaled vision, passion, and strength that are undeniably ascending to new heights. As of December 31st, 2021, served more than 46 million registered buyers from 223 countries and regions by connecting them to over 2.4 million sellers in China and other countries, with over 37 million live listings on the platform annually.

Diane Wang: A Compassionate and Stout-Hearted Leader

"A leader leads by example," an ancient Chinese proverb best suits Diane Wang. She is curious, foresighted, persevered, down-to-earth, and helpful.

Diane is curious. She joined Microsoft in 1992, the same year the multinational entered the country. She left Microsoft and later Cisco, with a global mindset, to co-found in 1999, one of the earliest B2C e-commerce marketplaces, as she was curious to create something novel and see what her personal value could be. was acquired by Amazon in 2004.

Diane is foresighted. She founded as early as 2004, creating a new business model, which was later named cross-border e-commerce, based on her anticipation that the internet would change foreign trade, increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Under her leadership, DHgate launched MyyShop in 2020 and enriched its functions in 2022, repositioning it as a one-stop social commerce Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to bridge cross-border e-commerce exporters in one country with local influential social network content creators located in other countries. This is based on Diane's anticipation of the trend that e-commerce is getting increasingly decentralized as people, especially Generation Z, tend to shop on various social platforms. She announced in July this year, has officially evolved into DHGATE Group, powered by the dual business engines of centralized DHgate and decentralized MyyShop

Diane is perseverant and down to earth. There used to be a very "hard moment" for Diane before, the marketplace, went live since she needed to persuade investors with only a business idea. It was not easy for her even after gained buyers' orders since there came fierce competition, like that from Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba. She led the company to complete's functions step by step, rolling out in-house developed payment and logistics services by teaming up with outside partners.

She has navigated the company through stormy waters and has steered into a new direction —— social commerce to gain new growth.

Diane is helpful. She built as a B2B marketplace to help MSMEs to participate in global trade. Her company has been introducing MyyShop to suppliers, mostly in China, who lack marketing channels, and also to content creators from around the world, who normally lack monetization channels, further lowering the barrier for everyone to participate in global trade. Her platforms have always been helping others. By June 2022, MyyShop had amassed 1.66 million registered content creators worldwide.

DHGATE: Most Trusted E-commerce Firm has been serving sellers and buyers distanced by oceans for nearly 20 years, building a trustworthy brand. The marketplace has been constantly bringing value to both sides since its launch. DHGATE Group has always been evolving and innovating to better serve its clients. Its relevance has always come from taking a longer-term view of the market yet remaining agile enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

Diane announced on July 5th, 2022, that has officially evolved into DHGATE Group. The new DHGATE Group structure will be powered by the dual business engines of centralized DHgate and decentralized MyyShop, with the latter driving continuous growth from Generation Z consumers.

DHGATE's unchanged belief is to facilitate global commerce and realize entrepreneurial dreams for people. It is committed to providing partners with connections, empowerment, and guarantee, which echoes the business spirit of helping others succeed to lead the company to success. The company is not only a leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace in China now. It is also a provider of one-stop social commerce Software as a Service tool – MyyShop.

DHGATE has been offering MSMEs one-stop e-commerce solutions, including logistics, payment, and marketing services to holistically facilitate cross-border trade, effectively forming entry barriers against other single-or limited-service providers.

DHGATE has been upgrading its supply chain by diversifying the categories of live listings available to provide a wider span of product choices, enhancing users' trust and brand recognition. The company has been accelerating the localization of its services in the overseas markets, offering close-to-buyer marketing, delivery, and post-sale services.

Empowering Budding Women Entrepreneurs

Diane, herself, is a role model, demonstrating that women can find their own way in a male-dominated entrepreneurial culture. She has built digital platforms to level the playing ground for women. She also gives inspiring speeches on forums at home and abroad.

She initiated APEC Women Connect, an online platform in 2016 to empower women, especially young women, to realize entrepreneurship via digital solutions through inspirational sharing, practical learning, effective recognition, and awarding.

Diane has started to advocate for Cross-Border E-commerce Training (CBET) to inspire women-led businesses since 2013. It is a comprehensive e-learning program to enable them to go global through cross-border e-commerce. Only in the past year, the program has successfully trained over 100,000 MSMEs employees, women entrepreneurs, and policymakers across over 50 economies. It has been recognized and endorsed by the leaders of the UN, APEC, and G20 countries.

Aside from the well-known business elites, Diane thinks female entrepreneurs around us have given us a lot of encouragement. They might come from underprivileged areas and lack resources, but they never give up but try their best to find a way out. Their unique stories should be heard to motivate people to learn and change.

Diane likes to share the story of Ms. Miriam Febechukwu, a Nigerian lady who quit her job due to workplace discrimination. "She attended our APEC CBET and MyyShop training program last year. It enabled her to start the online business in a much lighter way, making it easier for her from product selection to order fulfillment. Her baby and maternal product sales are reaching US$50,000 after she started the business only six months. And she has no doubt that the sales on MyyShop will reach the US $1 million this year."

By grasping the opportunities in the latest trend - social commerce, Diane believes everyone can become the next Miriam. What she wants to highlight is that all of us should try to tell more encouraging women stories, like Miriam’s, so that more female entrepreneurs can get the power and guidance from there.

The Road Ahead

In June, DHGATE Group announced the repositioning of MyyShop as a one-stop social commerce SaaS platform. With "Social Power Boosts Business" as its global brand slogan, MyyShop also unveiled its new logo and website to convey its "youthful, distinctive, credible, and appealing" brand image and to symbolize its pathfinder and pioneer spirit as a leader in the rising era of social commerce. MyyShop aims to help MSMEs, especially entry-level merchants and individuals with social influence, run their own online stores as direct sellers, and turn their impact into positive business.

The Ardent Visionary

Diane Wang is the Founder, Chairperson, and CEO of DHGATE. She has leveraged over 30 years of business and digital experience to drive DHGATE's mission to empower everyone through digitalization. The critical focus is accelerating digital transformation for MSMEs and partners and empowering women and societies through digital inclusion.

Diane is passionate about driving the digital inclusion agenda for MSMEs and women, collaborating with international associations and agencies. She is Co-chair of Business 20 (B20) Indonesia's Women in Business Action Council., a member of APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), Chair of APEC Women Leadership Summit, BRICS Women's Business Alliance Chinese National Chapter Member, Member of High-level Advisory Council of World Internet Conference, and Chair of 50 Cross-border E-Commerce Leaders in China, to name just a few of her external positions.

“DHGATE is committed to providing partners with connections, empowerment, and guarantee, which echoes the business spirit of helping others succeed to lead the company to success.”