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Digital Engineering Taken Care Of: Softwire


Started in 2000, Softwire has created the best possible environment to produce outstanding software and deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. It hires the brightest people, gives them great autonomy, remunerate them well and provide lots of opportunities for them to give back to their local and not so local communities. Now, Softwire is growing quickly but choses to do so organically without taking on any debt. That all adds up to the best working environment around.

Planning a digital project

Softwire helps you seize the opportunities that come from being Digital First. The firm completely understands your ecosystem and culture and will clarify your aims and help you achieve them. It can design solutions, engage stakeholders and take things from idea to prototype, proof of concept, Alpha, Beta and beyond.

You might be looking to validate an idea, support a business case or integrate with legacy systems. Whatever the case, there’s no better way to move forward quickly than getting something into customers’ and users’ hands. Softwire accelerates your innovation capacity and help you succeed quicker, and because it is a digital engineering firm, it makes sure that its plans are rooted in reality. So that Softwire is ready for when it’s time to execute your idea at scale, and evolve it in the future.

Building a new software application

Delivering high quality, cost-effective digital engineering projects lies at the heart of what Softwire does. It treats every project as if it was its own. It engineers it precisely, and launches it with you. Its highly-skilled teams will take care of all aspects of your project, including design, build and management and Softwire is just as happy to work autonomously or as part of your team. It always delivers on-time and within budget.

By fully understanding your business needs, Softwire delivers well engineered software that makes a real difference to your business. It will partner with you too and help to realise your vision and once you are on your way, it can keep on evolving your ideas and exploring new directions.

Helping with existing software application

For clients who already have a system in place or a project underway, Softwire quickly comprehends where you are, improve what you have and take care to get you where you want to be. The breadth of our engineering expertise makes it easy for it to support your existing system. It can also enhance and extend it or look into replacement options. Equally, in its consultancy role, Softwire can advise you on and help you with the implementation of an existing project. Either way, it will help you stay at the top of your game.

Projects That Softwire Is Proud Of

BBC - Timeliner

The challenge was to create an exciting and engaging way for online audiences to discover and enjoy the BBC’s extensive news archive. Softwire came up with a solution where it quickly integrated existing BBC web services for video streaming and image rendering. This enabled the company to focus their energies where it mattered most - creating a compelling user experience. As a result, Timeliner had three times the engagement rate of the main BBC news site during the General Election Campaign. In short, Softwire delivered a platform to access the BBC’s archival news footage with a great user experience–without any drama.

David Lloyd - Mobile app

In case of David Lloyd mobile app, the company had to create a bespoke mobile app for David Lloyd members to book exercise classes and tennis courts. Softwire took a phased approach and broke the project down, allowing it to get the MVP out as fast as possible.

The Result - The app was the Gold Winner at the “UK [app] design awards” in the Leisure category. Customers are now happy booking on the app and the reception staff was freed up to concentrate on attentive customer service.

Meet the Founding Team

Phil Marsden, IT Director

Phil co-founded Softwire with the vision of hiring only the very best people, giving them a great place to work, and in so doing providing unrivalled service to its customers.He graduated in Engineering from Jesus College Cambridge, and enjoys being around clever, interesting people and finding problems to solve.

When he’s not mining for cryptocurrency, Phil’s kept busy with his work with the charity Ashanti. Spearheaded by Phil, Softwire have sponsored developmental and educational programmes in several villages in Ghana. His tireless work was honoured in 2016 when he was made a chief of the village of Bonkron.

Dan Shavick, HR Director

Dan spends his days seeking out the most talented people he can find, hiring them and keeping them happy.A mathematician from a young age, he captained his school team to victory in the London Maths Championships, studied maths at Cambridge and has published a book on poker.

When asked to describe himself in one word he used three – “that’s not possible”.He was the brains behind Softwire’s Charity Saturday, whereby a few times a year people come to work on a weekend and we donate their client fees to charity.

Pete Kenny, Finance Director

A core founding principle of Softwire has always been to grow a successful and profitable business, and Pete’s attention to detail has ensured we achieve consistent growth since 2000.This has allowed us to cultivate a fantastic working environment, which produces happy, motivated people who are fundamental to providing a high level of work and excellent service that keeps our customers coming back in a zen-like self-fulfilling circle.

Pete is an advocate of a healthy work / life balance and spends his time between his children, playing the drums and guitar and keeping as fit as possible with running, cycling, swimming and badminton.

“We are innovators and passionate problem solvers both in software engineering and digital design.”