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Digital Evolution Simplified: Silicon Valley-based Trianz, a Management Consulting and Information Technology Firm, Steers its Way to Top Accolades

thesiliconreview-sri-manchala-president-ceo-trianz-cover-2018“We bring a comprehensive understanding of issues and opportunities, holistic teams and an experience of over 2,500 successful global client engagements powered by innovative, futuristic methodologies” : Sri Manchala

At some point in the life cycle of any given business, it must confront the need for change if it wants to prosper and grow. This was especially true for businesses competing in the technological age, in which innovative enterprises effectively disrupted entire industries, and, in some rare cases, irrevocably transformed the way most of us now work, communicate, and stay connected. Today, a new digital age is upon us, once again presenting challenges and opportunities for business entities to evolve. Trianz has emerged as one of the leading innovators helping companies meet the digital age challenges head-on and embrace this evolution towards more effective, game-changing technologies.

The company provides digital business transformation services through formulation and execution of operational strategies. It offers information management, business intelligence and analytics, cloud enterprise and infrastructure, product and business launch, enterprise application management, post-merger integration, and consulting services. Trianz caters to sales, banking, insurance, investment, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, operations, logistics, and information technology sectors.

The firm was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It has additional offices in Washington DC Metro, Rosemont, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Denver, Irvine, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Interview Excerpt: Sri Manchala, President/CEO

Rewind: Starting Off on the Right Foot

Founded as a technology solutions enterprise in Silicon Valley years back, Trianz leaders have proved to be light-years ahead of other management consultants when they chose to reconstruct their strategic business consulting model and align it with new, unfamiliar technology that nevertheless held a lot of promise – cloud-based, digital platforms. Since Trianz had successfully cut its teeth within a global, highly competitive marketplace from its inception, it was a natural extension to become highly proficient in developing new digital advancements within this environment. By envisioning and preparing its core business consulting practice early on to leverage advancements in cloud technology, data science, and analytics, the company’s portfolio today focuses on achieving business goals through the Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization, Infrastructure, and Security solutions.

“In 2001, we embarked on a journey to create a unique and powerful statement of value to clients summed in three simple phrases – Business Impact Created, Predictability in Execution, and Unique Client Experiences. Since then, all aspects of Trianz and its ecosystem have been shaped to deliver this value repetitively and consistently in every client setting.”

In Full Swing: Thinking Beyond the Box

Trianz understands that its clients’ resources are finite, and these enterprises require assurances that a digital transformation effort will, in fact, create the positive business impact they seek. Keeping that in mind the company’s experienced project leaders internalize this requirement and dedicate their initial efforts towards demonstrating how a client’s business can rapidly improve and thrive – gaining ROI along the way –through transitioning to scalable digital platforms that 1) don’t require large equipment expenditures; 2) can assimilate into existing architectures; and 3) can incorporate robust data analytics programs to measurably improve marketing, sales, and operational goals.

“In 2013, we sensed new paradigms taking shape and spent serious time with our clients understanding how it impacted them. We applied ourselves to creating the right portfolio before digital transformation became fashionable. We followed this up by crafting the right service model from strategy through technology implementation and managed services, the right technology partnerships, and building the right culture required for multidisciplinary collaboration this new shift demanded. We saw the change.”

Partnerships that Matter: A Fruitful Feat

thesiliconreview-50-innovative-companies-to-watch-issue-cover-18Arguably, no other disruptor has been more disruptive than the advent of e-commerce, which is almost entirely data-driven with minimal human interaction. Trianz’ deliberate decision to position itself as both a business and a digital technology execution partner has guided Fortune 1000 clients as well as enterprises that are heavily dependent on e-commerce in realizing superior processes to 1) better understand their customers; 2) personalize customer experiences; 3) launch new products and services; and 4) facilitate a modern workplace that fosters an innovative culture.

The company’s leadership believes in the value of partnerships, which extends to staff associates, clients, and numerous leading tech innovators such as Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. “These robust partnerships continue to play an important role and are part of our success. We have also recently augmented our analytics capabilities by engaging over 40 professionals comprising data analysts, data scientists, and several project executives to lead our in-house data analytics practice.”

Like its clients, Trianz recognizes the importance of client satisfaction and engages an independent research firm to conduct an annual client survey to gain an accurate picture of its performance. The firm’s client satisfaction scores in 2017 were:

  • Business impact: Over 70 percent of clients rated its focus and business impact delivery as being superior to other firms they engage with.
  • Predictability of execution: Over 79 percent of clients rated Trianz their #1 partner for the predictability of execution as measured in timely delivery and minimal surprises.
  • Commitment to client success: 86 percent of clients said Trianz brings a level of commitment to their success, openness and transparency that is superior to other firms.
  • Relationship experience: Over 90 percent of clients engaged Trianz for repeat business, and over 80 percent of them referred the firm to other clients.

Most recently, Forbes Magazine named Trianz among “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2018.” This is high praise indeed. Trianz appreciates the regard and trust clients continue to place in the firm. In addition to building up its in-house data analytics enterprise, the firm’s future plans include strategically expanding its global presence to serve clients in emerging markets.

Overview: Services Offered by Trianz

Flipping the coin from strategy to the execution of a digital transformation, Trianz provides game-changing, superior expertise in following through on its ‘Digital Evolution Simplified’ promise to assess, recommend, and execute the technology solutions that offer the most appropriate, straight line to success.

“Once stakeholders see their digital evolution, as it relates to their own future viability and increased competitive potential, ramped up with evidence-based reporting from applicable data analytics run on cloud-based frameworks, they come to understand and actively promote the objectives that are at stake. These could include, for example, smarter decision making support with insights in real time, better alignment of financial goals with strategic decisions, more seamless customer experiences, customer tracking and digital ad targeting, more successful product launches, and amplified digital presence.”

The firm has grown its vertical services to enable cross-industry capabilities, and currently serves market leaders and emerging clients across Technology, Finance, Insurance, Media, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Logistics, and Public Sector industries. Within these domains, its leaders bring a well-rounded understanding of issues and opportunities, employing highly proficient teams that are powered by innovative, futuristic methodologies. The firm’s engagements are delivered in a seamless model combining business expectations and technology experiences, delivering a superior value that has been acknowledged for several years running based on outstanding, positive feedback garnered through client surveys.

For example, one fundamental, mandatory business unit in most of these industries – sales – is often the source of the highest frustration for enterprises but can also offer the highest potential for rapid business growth through intentional digital transformation. The sales landscape has never been so complex, particularly within today’s e-commerce-driven marketplace. While consumers are no longer bound to the more traditional, some would say outdated, linear sales cycle, smart businesses know it’s still crucial to maintain consistency of message, branding, and customer service in all sales and marketing channels if they want to grow and retain customers.

Instant access to vast amounts of information, guidance and recommendations from various online communities, combined with more market competition than ever means that buyers (particularly millennials, based on available market research data), are more apt to try new products, test options for agile upstarts, and change direction in their sales journey. Developing and customizing digital data analytics programs to help organizations gain better insights on their marketing and sales channels while measuring these business goals against the competition, Trianz is clearing a superior path through strategic digital evolution engagements.

“For sales executives who are trying to make sense of these complex, multi-faceted, and multi-channel cycles, advanced digital systems and coordinated support staff are key. We also offer ongoing managed services to help executive sales and marketing leaders stay on the right path in defining sales enablement, productivity strategies, and organizational structures to better monitor sales cycles, performance, forecasts, and adjustments. These focus areas that depend on data analytics advance new client perspectives and objectives while providing KPIs with more automated processes and technology integration roadmaps that drive control and visibility in sales operations.”

Testimonials: Elevating Client Relationships

Senior Director: West Coast International Airport

“I thank the Trianz team for its hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Really appreciate Trianz bringing Microsoft to the table. The Azure platform, as provisioned by Trianz, and the solution architecture are poised to make a significant impact on our customer service needs.”

Director – Technology: Airport vehicle rental major

“Trianz’ methodology of successfully replacing our erstwhile SCCM with BigFix to deliver a comprehensive Endpoint Management Platform was exceptional!”

VP – Supply Chain: Leading healthcare delivery systems provider

“Working with Trianz has seen us reduce our incidents tally to close to zero without production outages. That’s what I call a makeover!”

Director – IT: Leading data center hosting services company

“Trianz is a class apart when it comes to doing the right thing; always. For instance, unfailingly implementing industry best practices…”

CTO: Fortune 500 engineering services

“Trianz has not only proactively addressed our business needs, but has also enabled selfservice for our users. CSAT surveys are now a delight to conduct!”

The Brain Behind The Wheel: A Brief Background

Sri Manchala, President/CEO: Sri Manchala is an accomplished leader with three decades of experience in strategy and operations. He founded Trianz in 2001 in Silicon valley to help clients drive well planned transitions from strategy to implementation and successful deployment of new capabilities. A visionary, Manchala sensed new paradigms taking shape during 2011-2013 and re-engineered the firm’s service model to focus on digital transformations much before the rest of the industry.

To help Trianz teams lead their client partnerships based on perspectives, Sri led the creation of Trasers- a research unit entirely dedicated to digital transformation research. Sri has also guided Trianz in devising internal operating models that help clients shape their digital transformation initiatives successfully and predictably. For two years in a row- Trianz has been named #1 by Trianz clients for business impact, predictable delivery in highly dynamic environments and our relationship commitment.

Before founding Trianz, Sri was associated with Cisco Systems’ IT services division, overseeing the implementation of strategic business and technology initiatives. He previously worked with KPMG Consulting at its Silicon Valley office in the firm’s high-technology consulting practice. Prior to KPMG, Sri began his corporate career in Asian Paints, India’s leading paints and chemicals conglomerate.

Sri graduated of the National Defence Academy and the Indian Military Academy as an officer in the Army and served in Infantry and the Parachute Regiment-Special Forces. He holds an MBA degree from the USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, where he now serves on the Board of Leaders.

“As a professional services firm, our values and culture are focused on delivering measurable business impact, predictability in execution, and a unique partnership experience.”