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A digital product development agency with focus on designing, building, innovating, integrating, and launching websites, web apps, mobile apps, and systems: Giant Machines


Developing digital products requires a good understanding of both your customers and your market. By combining customer research, online feedback, expert review and real time and analytics, businesses can design better products that generate customer engagement and loyalty. The need for digital transformation for retailers and service organisations is relatively self-evident - competition from online outlets has increased the pressure on businesses to optimise their feature set. With less-obvious candidates for digital transformation, the journey may not be as clear. However, consultants can work closely with organisations in all sectors to help embed digital thinking into product and service design. The digital product roadmap should align closely with your business objectives and strategies. Product teams working in isolation in "innovation labs" are unlikely to bring real change to the business performance. 

Giant Machines is a digital product development agency based in the heart of New York City's Financial District. The company design, build, innovate, integrate, and launch websites, web apps, mobile apps, and systems. When Giant Machines was founded in 2015, it began with a focus in financial and fintech products. Now, Giant Machines works with clients across a wide spectrum of industries including healthcare, beauty, insurance, and public utilities. The company’s expertises cover all aspects of engineering and technology as well as business strategy, product innovations, user experience design, user research, visual design, and branding. You need a lot of things when developing products like web apps, websites, and mobile apps. That may be back-end development or integrating into existing systems. Or fast loading front-end web content and mobile apps. Or maybe you'll need a long term partner and the support that comes with to continue to evolve. Giant Machines offers expert front-end, back-end, and full-stack development, as well as a diverse team of engineers who know the best practices, technologies, and methodologies to support your products over the long term. You need to present data to your users logically, intuitively, and beautifully. Giant Machines combines the optimal set of off-the-shelf technologies and frameworks with custom-built components to best serve your users, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

If you want to introduce a digital product like a website, web app, or mobile app, it had better meet your users' expectations. And your users will expect a beautiful and rewarding experience. As an experienced product design agency, Giant Machines can help you strategize and research the best ways for users to achieve their goals, and design a beautiful user interface that will delight them along the journey. The company moves from concepts and sketches, to wireframes and prototypes, to high fidelity UI/UX designs including motion and animation. Moving you closer with each step to a successful design. Giant Machines works with many styles and aesthetics, bringing products to life in industries as varied as capital markets and consumer goods, and everywhere in between. What if you could test and validate new product ideas more quickly, with less risk and wasted resources? Giant Machines applied its own spin on lean prototyping to quickly and effectively test an early-stage concept in-market, which helped to define a promising path forward with minimal effort and cost. Nano-influencers are an increasingly attractive partner cohort for brands seeking to create more authentic marketing experiences. Working with them is more affordable than working with high profile influencers and celebrities, and facilitates more authentic engagement with consumers. But working at this level of the market poses a unique set of scale and reach challenges for both brands and nano-influencers. Each sprint presented new opportunities to gather more observations, apply learnings, and refine hypothesis—the core principles of lean prototyping. With each prototype, the company tested new creative assets and messaging, and enhanced the Nimble website. Giant Machines' strategic services are built around reducing risk and uncertainty for clients. Starting a new venture or product is by definition stepping into the unknown. Giant Machines can help validate your business model at any stage in its development with methods and tools such as Lean Business Model Canvas. Giant Machines specializes in user-driven engineering for fintech. The company leverages UI/UX design to build modern applications for customers in banking, insurance, real estate, and capital markets.

Roy Yang, CEO & Partner

“Our philosophy is to partner with our clients closely so they can best reach their long term goals. We don't believe in uncaring engagements, delivering the bare minimum. We want your success to be ours.”