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Digital Selling Solution Designed for Today’s Industry: Grapevine6


In the era of cut-throat competition, companies need powerful, personalized content that allows their sales force to start valuable conversations and build trusted relationships with the right buyers. Grapevine6 is an enterprise social and digital sales engagement platform which works to find and filter the most timely, relevant information from around the world and makes it personalized, trusted, and shareable. Grapevine6 gives its clients what they need to connect with their audiences, start conversations, and thrive in the social world.

How Grapevine6 works

Grapevine6 analyzes the interests and posts on their personal digital profile and then picks the best content on the web based on that profile. The salespeople choose which of the selected articles to share. Grapevine6 automatically schedules the content to post on their social accounts and digital channels or they can share it one-to-one. Servicing sales professionals across multiple industries, Grapevine6's AI engine searches thousands of articles from thousands of sources – around the clock and around the world – so that the sales force has the most relevant and reliable content ready to use.

A digital selling solution fit for every industry

Banking: Bank customers today find it difficult to differentiate one bank from another. Grapevine6 provides bank advisors with personalized, meaningful, relevant, value-add content that can be used to build and deepen client relationships. 

Wealth Management: With five million high-net-worth investors in North America actively using social media to make financial decisions, digital selling is no longer an option – it's essential. Grapevine6 gives companies’ advisors access to timely information that showcases their intellectual capital, promotes their brand, and supports their recommendations. With Grapevine6, advisors can do all that while ensuring the content they share is compliant.

Insurance: Grapevine6 understands that agents don't have time to search through reams of information to source articles of importance to their prospects. So, it does that for them. With minimal effort, clients’ agents can use Grapevine6 to build their credibility as valued experts to their customers and prospects.

Technology and Software: The brightest talent and the savviest customers want to work with cutting-edge thought leaders in their field. Proving leadership through digital selling is a competitive advantage for anyteam. That's where Grapevine6 comes in.

Professional Services: Client expectations are higher than ever and consultants and professionals need to stand out as thought leaders in order to build trusted relationships. Give them the tools to deliver meaningful advice with compelling, risk-free content. Grapevine6 creates opportunities for companies to build and maintain client relationships with information and insights that help solve their clients' problems. With Grapevine6,the sales force can target prospects, generate leads, and watch their book of business grow.

Digital Selling Solutions

Grapevine6 is a game changer for anyone looking to make new contacts, create a unique and authentic voice, and build deeper and richer relationships. With Grapevine6's personalized digital content platform, clients’ sales force can connect with their audience in new and powerful ways – online, on mobile, or in person. 

Posting: Grapevine6’s convenient mobile app is a time saver for busy professionals who can post whenever they want, wherever they are.

  • No set-up required: With Grapevine6's SaaS delivery model, the company hosts the software so there's no set-up required
  • Simple scheduling: The representatives choose what content they want to schedule for the week and Grapevine6 does the rest. Grapevine6’s system's sophisticated intelligence determines the optimal time and date to publish to get maximum reader impact

Personalization: Advisors can become a trusted source of need-to-know information by engaging their audience and personalizing their posts in line with their authentic, personal brand.

  • Social selling playbook: Grapevine6 uses artificial intelligence to match the most relevant content to the needs of its intended audience, no matter the topic
  • Talk their language: Clients’ salespeople can make their connections even more personal by sharing content in their audience's own language. Grapevine6 curates content in six different languages, so clients’ team can break down barriers and build trust every time they share
  • Demonstrate value: Grapevine6’s customized feature lets its clients and their teams add context, insights and call-to-action messages to customize posts for different networks and increase shares

Thought leadership: Sharing curated, compliant content allows the sales force to create client advocacy as a trusted advisor and enables organizations to deliver consistent, on-brand messaging.

  • Capitalize on content: Clients can position their organization as an industry thought leader by adding expert content from their leadership to the mix
  • Peer-to-peer networking: With Grapevine6's access to crucial peer-to-peer networks, salespeople will get their content out to the right circles at the right time and their friends will pass it on

Meet the Leader

Wayne Gomes, Chief Executive Officer: Wayne leads the company’s client relationship management. A seasoned veteran in building those relationships, Wayne is always a steward of the user. Prior to co-founding Grapevine6, Wayne founded the Rich Internet Group, where he was the CTO and Managing Director. 

“From Fortune 500 tech giants to global financial institutions, Grapevine6 powers the social selling programs for some of the largest enterprises in the world.”