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Digitally Connecting the Wealth Management and Investment Product Provider Ecosystem: AGDelta


We make the complex world of investments more RELEVANT, SAFER and ACCESSIBLE for our clients and their end clients.

The wealth industry today still adopts a bricks and mortar supply chain for investment products. This creates a lack of scalable client insights and falling customer service, increased operational risks and costs and the threat from technology disruptors externally and from within.

AGDelta is an award-winning Asia-based company with offices in 2 centers of excellence, namely in Hong Kong and Singapore. We connect the financial products supply chain, facilitating the flow of information between financial product suppliers, and buyers, in the wealth management industry – through one platform.

Handling over $1.5 trillion worth of transactions to date, AGDelta leverages automation and Artificial Intelligence to reduce costs, and improve performance and service outcomes across the wealth management ecosystem. AGDelta is able to assist the full spectrum of the Wealth Management industry, from private bankers who service Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), to wealth managers who work with the mass affluent.

The AGDelta platform allows for the easy and quick collaboration, dissemination of ideas and pricing from product suppliers, such as investment advisory, to buyers, such as private bankers. Using big data and analytics, the AGDelta Digital Advisory provides buyers access to detailed information on their clients’ portfolios, products, markets and investment solutions, with tailored investment ideas generated and product performance measured and shared throughout their lifecycles, leading to better client service. Compliance is built into every stage of the platform, with compliance rules accessible through one application, saving time and cost – ensuring full compliance with local market requirements along every step of the way.

AGDelta is based in Hong Kong and Singapore and operates in 15 global markets, where it has addressed all regulatory requirements. Each of its management team and advisory board members have extensive experience within their areas of expertise, collectively covering a broad spectrum of the financial services business and technical domain.

Service Offerings

AGDelta is an integrated online eco-system that facilitates the flow of information between financial product providers, and buyers. Our platform automates many compliance and administrative tasks and leverages Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to create actionable insights, leaving suppliers to concentrate on product ideas and value, and buyers to provide quicker better client service.

Demand: Wealth managers are too overwhelmed with information, compliance and administrative tasks to provide a high level of service, and often lack access to broader information on products. There is a need for a solution that will smooth the compliance and administrative process, and make it easier to choose the right products that suit their clients’ needs.

Relevance: AGD liberates wealth managers from the burdens of compliance and administrative work through the automation of processes and tasks, leaving them free to provide a higher level of personalized service more efficiently and at a lower cost

Differentiator: AGD increases market opportunities by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into its platform, that finds and suggests, suitable products, and update them on fast-changing market trends. Compliance and regulatory changes are kept up-to-date, ensuring complete piece-of-mind for the buyer.

Testimonies of Success

“AG Delta, one of the pioneer technology partners within the financial industry, has worked closely with many wealth managers and private banks like us to develop digital solutions for our advisory and execution platform. AGDelta’s long history of helping private banks head start has given it deep insights into the wealth management platform needs to help spearhead innovation in many ways.’’

- Managing Director Head of Investment Advisory & Capital Market Products, Wealth Management Group, from a leading local Bank

‘’We are thrilled to have been part of the build-out of AG Delta’s digital platform. As a product provider, we are faced with the last mile problems when distributing our products to Private Banks, EAMs and Family Offices efficiently. From the product gatekeeper, across the relationship managers all the way to the end investor, we are now able to provide a seamless experience, supporting the entire chain with their respective needs. The digital platform not only allows us to communicate effectively across all the stakeholders, it also provides us with valuable feedback about the clients’ usage and their unique requirements.’’

- Filip Vandenven, Executive Director of Antarctica Asset Management

We were looking at a number of different projects in the wealth area.
We recognized that we needed to do some work to focus on enabling our RMs.”

- Craig Armstrong, Global CIO for Wealth Management, Standard Chartered Bank

The Chief Man

Andrew Au, Co-founder, and CEO: Andrew has more than 20 years’ experience in investment banking and Financial Services industry, having worked for top-tier global banks including Bankers Trust, Macquarie and Deutsche Bank and Global Financial Technology providers like SunGard before he founded AGDelta in 2004.

Andrew is a frequent speaker at Wealth Management industry thought-leadership forums and an active industry participant in helping define and promote standards in the electronic trading of wealth investment products. Over the past 10 years, he has been actively engaging retail and private banking institutions globally in transforming their business by leveraging E-commerce and digital channel models and technology. Andrew holds a Bachelor’s in Business from the University of Technology, Sydney and postgraduate studies in Applied Finance from Macquarie University Australia.

“Our online Digital Wealth Platform cuts through the noise, the regulatory compliance gaps and lack of product provider choice.”