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Discover the personal, consultative approach to furnishing commercial interiors with turnerboone

thesiliconreview-laura-boone-and-ellen-turner-co-founder's-turnerboone-cover-18Employees spend a lot of time in the office– maybe even more time than they spend at home. This encourages your company to provide a workplace that encourages all things positive — happiness, productivity, collaboration, and well. As you plan for a new or refreshed office design to pump up your interiors, you could get some inspiration and help from Ellen and Laura, founders of turnerboone.

Words from the founders

We, Ellen and Laura, put our names on every project. We are personally involved in each relationship. Behind us is a staff that shares our passion, work ethic and commitment to the highest standard of service seen in this industry. Every account is backed by a highly skilled and dedicated production staff. In fact, our service to sales ratio is unmatched—averaging 7 support people for each account. That’s the way we do business--it’s our model and you’ll feel how important you and your business are to us from the get-go.

Designers love working with turnerboone on their interior projects. When collaborating with our clients and their designers, we aim to understand the design challenges and find solutions that address both form and function.

You’ll notice that it’s our enthusiasm about your project’s success that makes us different from our competitors. We work hard to create productive and beautiful workspaces for our clients. It’s our job to do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

We founded turnerboone with the goal to change the commodity-style office furniture business into an experience that goes way beyond transactional procurement. Early in our careers, working for both furniture manufacturers and dealers, we saw first-hand the shortcomings of the industry—where a client was seen and treated as just another transaction, another account, another dollar. We knew there was a better way.

Now 11 years later, we have grown our business from two passionate female entrepreneurs, to a team of 23 and growing. We are backed by a strong and esteemed partnership with Haworth—one of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers. Despite our global reach, our personal, boutique approach is still at the heart of our business philosophy. Each client of ours, from our very first to the Fortune 50 we work with today, is a valued relationship to us. It is this sincere care, service and value we bring to each client that has fueled our success thus far and will carry us into the future. Each team member at turnerboone embodies what we stand for: passion for service, high standard of values, and strong work ethic.

For us, building a relationship based on respect, earned trust and service makes us come alive and is behind our strong reputation and stellar reviews. We are confident that when you work with turnerboone you will truly feel this sentiment from our first meeting to the ongoing account management and maintenance that we provide long after the buying process is complete.

Specialized in conceptualizing, procuring, installing and maintaining furniture and modular building products

We manage a wide variety of commercial and educational interiors projects for leading enterprises across all industries.

We take care of everything so you can rest easy.

Conceptualizing: We work with our clients and their designers to conceptualize beautiful and productive workspaces. We offer consulting services on product selection to fit any budget. From guided showroom tours that help envision their dream end result to negotiating prices with the 200 manufacturers we work with, we help our clients create incredible spaces. In order to further enable our clients to be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently, turnerboone conducts sustainability research and works with our client base to create spaces that contribute to LEED certifications.

Procurement: In addition to our partnership with Haworth, one of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers, we retail over 200 other furniture lines representing every aspect of the commercial interior. We are experts in the procurement of modular walls, task seating, casegoods, systems furniture, custom millwork, educational furniture, lounge furniture, restaurant furniture, retail furniture and more—all to fit perfectly within any project requirement.

Project administration: Repurposing, refurbishing, reupholstering and acquiring used furniture are also key areas of our business and we have designed stunning workplaces this way as well. We offer consulting regarding fabric and finish applications and ergonomic task seating and tools.

When working with our clients and their designers, we take care of everything including all order management and all direct coordination with manufacturers. We are meticulously organized, tracking every part of an order including ship dates, on-site dates, back-order notifications, logistics tracking and more. All of our client products are shipped directly to our warehouses and are immediately inspected for accuracy, shortages or damages by our expert team.

thesiliconreview-30-best-small-companies-to-watch-cover-18Installation: When it comes time to install our client’s chosen furniture, our team leads the process every step of the way. Our project managers attend construction meetings and smoothly coordinate with the general contractor and any subcontractors. We ensure all logistical planning and installation scheduling is on target for the installation crew.

Overseeing all installation crews on-site, turnerboone provides a detailed installation plan with input from the client team; including a phase schedule, on-site room drawings, plan ID tags and more— all while ensuring building and floor protection. Our team will coordinate any removal of furniture packing material or debris. When it’s time for the final reveal, our clients see a pristine, clean interior ready to be utilized.

Maintenance: Our service to our clients doesn’t end after the installation. We remain partners for the life of our materials and are the go-to party when any need arises. Our ongoing customer service is unmatched and allows us to not only help our clients create beautiful spaces, but maintain them with ease and consistency.

Why Haworth?

Equipping our customers with interior solutions that scale and adapt as their business grows is a top priority for us at turnerboone. Our exclusive partnership with Haworth, one of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers, allows us to support our clients in ways that our competitors cannot. Haworth serves global, diverse workforces in Atlanta and beyond and the Haworth name not only brings deep industry experience, but also an international and scientific approach to commercial interiors. The company combines global trends, scalability, best practice and research in workplace and space utilization, along with environmentally sustainable processes and design.

At turnerboone, we combine the power of Haworth with our talented team and high-quality service to curate workplaces that meet the style and functional needs of any organization, no matter the size or location.

Haworth Beijing

Haworth enjoys a rich and vibrant history punctuated by continuous innovation. Haworth has evolved from a panel manufacturer to become a complete architectural interiors provider and a global leader in the contract furniture industry.

The Haworth Approach through 6 Core Values:

Haworth Approach Delivers Value - Haworth’s services and solutions can help drive human, facility and organizational performance improving business success.

Global Perspective Informs Everything Haworth Does - International scientists and designers come together to share best practices and trends—representing more global locations than any other office interiors manufacturer.

Environmental Drivers are People, Planet, and the Economy - Haworth is accountable to several sustainability objectives like:

Haworth New York

  • Sustainable product and workplace design
  • Energy management
  • Green transportation
  • Zero waste and emissions
  • Green building and sustainable site management

Design + Science - Haworth’s research and workplace knowledge align with product development and space utilization to help improve performance and maximize return on investment.

Design that is Relevant and Adaptable - Haworth’s global perspective and workplace knowledge inform their design point of view. The Organic Workspace Strategy is a dynamic approach to continuously evolve and grow as they learn.

Integrated Palette - This incredible, interchangeable kit of parts offers design freedom, integration, and future assurance that Haworth will continue to design products that adapt to change.

turnerboone is unique

Unmatched service: It’s personal here at turnerboone. Senior leadership and expert in-house staff comprise every project team. Our boutique approach allows us to listen and truly collaborate with you and your design team to apply and execute your project’s vision. We will be an integral part of your creative team. We are passionate about finding beautiful furniture solutions for any budget, style and requirement—all while committing to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and accountability.

Design understanding: Enhancing your workspace takes an artistic perspective as well as practical know-how. By leveraging our strong relationships within the design community and our design sensibilities, at turnerboone we seamlessly work with our clients and their designers to find the right furniture application that complements and enhances their cultural and business objectives for the workplace.

Industry expertise: We have the proven track record to deliver spectacular interior furnishings. Our extensive client list includes leading enterprises like Coca-Cola, UPS, Cox Communications as well as entrepreneurial enterprises such as CSE and Silverpop. Through our 11 plus years of exponential growth, we have fine-tuned our signature service and developed a team of client-centric specialists that create world-class furniture solutions.

Meet the Elegant Founders

Laura Boone is co-founder and principal at turnerboone where she is responsible for business development, marketing and brand strategy. Combining an art and design background, Laura brings 14 years of experience in the contract furniture industry, a passion for relationship building and industry insight to turnerboone.

She builds and earns trust directly with her clients through her high level of accessibility, integrity and accountability. These relationships don't end upon project completion; instead they flourish and continue for years.

Throughout her career, she has generated award-winning successes and fostered tenacious entrepreneurship and business know-how. In 2010, Laura was awarded 3rd place in “Business to Business Magazine’s” Top 25 Entrepreneurs. She is also a former board member of CREW Atlanta. Laura is a former art dealer, art and design enthusiast, and mother to the company mascot, Sunni, a golden retriever.

Ellen Turner is co-founder and principal at turnerboone. She is responsible for business development, financials and business strategy. With over 18 years of achievements within the commercial furniture and flooring industries, Ellen brings tenacity and commitment to every interiors project that she is involved in.

Ellen makes it a point to be personally accessible to clients and is driven by the meaningful relationships turnerboone cultivates as a result.

In 2010, Ellen was awarded 3rd place in “Business to Business Magazine’s” Top 25 Entrepreneurs. She currently serves on the Emerging Leaders Board of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Ellen has served on the board of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. She is the proud mother of a daughter.

“Your workspace will never be the same.”