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Disperse – A Purpose-Built Company Improving Building Productivity


Construction productivity is a vital component of any building project, without it projects become delayed and budgets quickly become overwhelmed. This is why it is vital that you ensure your entire contract workers are singing from the same hymn sheet in terms of your project vision and deadline. Moreover, ensuring that all of your contract workers work together as part of a team can improve productivity and ensure your project comes in on time and on budget. As pioneering organizations transform, they will create best practices that can be emulated across the industry. Players that don’t rethink their approaches may be left behind in what could be the world’s next great productivity story.

Disperse is the market leader in building productivity systems, a class of AI-powered construction solutions designed to capture visual data from building projects and make it usable for productivity initiatives. Disperse works hand-in-hand with their customers to help them achieve optimal project delivery. The Disperse approach to driving productivity in construction takes 360° visual data and transforms it into quantifiable, relevant and digestible information for all stakeholders involved in construction delivery and handover. The system objectively monitors construction progress, highlights potential delivery noncompliance, and supports streamlined financial operations. The firm captures the state of a project, transform data to make it usable, and provide insightful analysis to drive optimal project delivery.

The Disperse platform

It is purpose-built to improve building productivity. The company captures the state of a project, transform data to make it usable, and provide insightful analysis to drive optimal project delivery. Advantages include;

Visual documentation informed by progress: A digital replica of a construction site provides irrefutable visual evidence, layered over time. Navigate from room to room, or peel back layers of construction over time.

Reports and issue detection: If you want to understand progress by tasks and trades, or you need to evaluate compliance on an installation, Disperse reports are your interface to get insights quickly. Issue detection happens continuously and proactively, and the system notifies teams about potential problems.

Management dashboards: For business and project leadership, relevance and urgency are key. Disperse dashboards tell leaders what they need to know without drowning them in data, providing a platform to evaluate project and portfolio delivery.

Schedule and programme integration: To measure planned versus actual progress, their team configures the system against your programme (schedule). Once you become a Disperse customer, the Configuration team works with you to make sure everything stays up to date.

Other Construction Productivity Services Offered

Project Management: Disperse offloads and automates critical elements 
of project reporting, and feeds reliable and relevant data to the people who need it. With the right information to hand and a reduced administrative workload, project management teams make optimal decisions and drive projects forward. Disperse solutions feed reliable progress and compliance data to project management teams. With the right information, teams can quickly answer questions about actual versus planned progress, or whether components were installed in compliance with relevant guidelines. Its system monitors hundreds of tasks and thousands of components using visual inputs like 360° photos or video, and transforms those inputs into descriptive data and reports. The system also proactively spots some issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, helping project teams’ stay ahead of potential rework. Only at Disperse is construction data analysis done by a proprietary mix of AI and human expertise. The hybrid approach means that their algorithms are constantly getting smarter as they're trained by a team of human experts, and they maintain maximum flexibility to address a project's data needs.

Informed Risk Management: The data that makes its way from the field to business leadership doesn't always reflect the true state of play. Disperse data tells the whole story, reliably. They make risk management a smarter and more informed undertaking. The company’s data keeps management teams apprised of risk associated with threats like delays and cost overruns. They integrate with other systems, and enrich their proprietary data to give it valuable context. They are here to help leadership teams at construction and real estate firms avoid unaccounted risk and unpleasant surprises. Disperse solutions put contractors, subcontractors, developers, and owners on the same page so that everybody can quickly move past debates and get back to delivering optimally. From a client communication point of view, the ability to produce standardized reports that cut straight to the facts and give week to week updates has helped minimize the time they spend building reports and focus their efforts on actually managing the schedule.

The Leader Upfront

Felix Neufeld serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Disperse. He was raised on construction sites from a young age and co-founded Disperse in 2015 as part of his masters at the London School of Economics in digital innovation, positioning him perfectly to solve construction's biggest challenges.

“Our DNA is equal parts construction and technology, and we're here to unlock the future of building.”