July Edition 2021

Fueling brand growth with complete and actionable insights into human experience: DISQO


Audience Insights Tools bring you invaluable insights into your audiences and let you improve your customer experience. Side by side, it also nourishes your business and makes your relationship with your customers stronger with time. Audience Insights are that information which gives you in-depth knowledge about your customers, their interests, their preferences and their needs. Data which you collect from your customer like their purchase patterns, browsing histories, demographics, etc. could reveal great insights when appropriately analyzed. Therefore, audience insights let you communicate with your customer in a highly personalized way. And in return, it gives them a strong sense of loyalty towards your brand. Audience insights tools provide you with customer insights & analytics. Also, it feeds you with valuable info about your consumer’s behavior. So, you could quickly build a strong rapport with all of your customers.

DISQO is an audience insights platform connecting brands and people to improve the human experience. Here real people, have trust in sharing information that improves human experience. The company’s business clients fuel their growth by building trusted insights on their platform. It has the largest 100 percent first-party consumer panel in the U.S.; clients connect opinions and behaviors across all digital touchpoints, mobile, and desktop. DISQO’s zero-party data platform gives you access to everything you need to know and let’s connect opinions and behaviors like never before. Its clients are brands, publishers, agencies, and market researchers who’ve learned that rewarding consumers for sharing information works best. DISQO is their all-access pass to their customers’ journeys.

Innovative Audience Insight Solution Offered

All-access pass to audience quality: Create breakthrough insights that deliver wow moments for your clients with data from a 100 percent first-party audience. From brand tracking and consumer insights to customer satisfaction and industry trends, DISQO delivers trusted, high-quality audience through seamless API integrations and managed services. The company is also a heavy weight champ at keeping the fraudsters away. Its direct relationships with audience members assure you that the data is being collected ethically. From on-boarding to panel nurturing, the company uses biometrics and other proprietary techniques to keep the fraudsters out. Leverage over 100 users attributes to enable additional targeting, adapt allocations, and control how many panelists enter or complete a survey.

Audience API: The DISQO Audience API empowers you to focus on strategic work instead of paperwork. Designed to help researchers maximize access to the DISQO Audience, its feature-rich API puts you in control of survey fielding so you can focus on delivering critical insights. Pair your surveys with qualified panelists through direct connection to your project management system. Gain efficiency and speed while improving data integrity with its seamless flow of 100 percent first-party panel. Skip the complexities of building your own fraud detection system. From on-boarding to panel nurturing, the company uses biometrics and other proprietary techniques to keep the bots and fraudsters out.

Advertising Measurement: Super-power brands with insights that accelerate ad impact, optimize media and creative, drive brand preference, and sales impact on any channel, social site or e-commerce platform. Users can expand ad impact, optimize media and creative, and drive brand preference, conversions, and sales in any channel, site or e-commerce platform - mobile, social & OTT. 30X more data visibility into touchpoints driving awareness, sales and long-term customer loyalty.

The Leader Upfront

Armen Adjemian, Co-founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DISQO.

“We provide insights to the world's largest marketers, agencies, and media companies to help them discover the ‘Why’ behind consumers' opinions and behaviors.”