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Diversify your portfolio and create an impact in the real estate segment with 33 Holdings’ over the top services


Private equity real estate is subset of real estate investment asset class that comprises of pooled public and private investments in the property market. Ownership of properties, acquisition, and financing are a part of investing in this asset class. The real estate industry is now being disrupted by various social and economic influences. Even the investors in this segment are demanding faster and more information to know where the capital is being allotted and who is allotting it. Administrators are now offering more comprehensive, reliable, and sophisticated services to the fund managers. There has been an increased interest in back-office operations outsourcing among real estate fund managers proving how far interest in real estate fund administration has come in the industry.

33 Holdings is a private equity real estate firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It operates around the globe with investments and people in North America & Asia. 33 Holdings seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors across cycles and over the long term via our 3 Service Offerings to invest in Risk-Adjusted Double-Digit Returns in Real Estate.

  • Diversified Investment Fund: Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investment
  • Opportunity Zone Fund : Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone Funds
  • Managed Funds: Privately Managed Funds for Investors with $1M+ in Equity Capital Deployments

33 Holdings’ real estate portfolio includes Residential – Single Family, Land Development & Commercial – Office – Medical & CoWorking, Multi-Family assets acquired via distressed or developed from raw land. 33 Holdings values relationships and strive to make returns via creatively structuring our deals, which resonates with its motto of “Relationships, Creativity & Returns.”

33 Holdings use Appfolio Investment Management SaaS Software, wherein all Investors sign up, review offerings, sign up to Invest. Receive all confidential & sensitive tax forms, agreements. The system allows for Investors to have 24/7 access and view all relevant info with prospective & current investors. At 33 Holdings, they strive for a paper-free environment as much as possible as part of the Investment, Buy, Sell & Refinance Transactions. 33 Holdings utilize DocuSign for its document management platform helping all transactions to be feasible, transparent & convenient to all parties involved.

An expanding economy could lead to increased demand for real estate. Also, a weakening economy can hamper demand for real estate, which can put downward pressure on existing commercial properties’ performance, taking the current situation as an example. 33 Holdings is a Private Equity Real Estate Company that focused on distressed and value add deals. 33 Holdings acquire assets below market value via offline or direct thru Banks, Funds & wholesalers, and Add value by developing or Rehab or Construction, stabilize the asset via lease-up and/or rent increase. They do this in a good or bad economy. In a bad economy, the company usually sees an uptick in deal flow, and in a good economy, deals are harder to find, but if you know where to look, there are always distressed & value adds deals in Real Estate.

To propel the growth 33 Holdings is always at the forefront of “What’s New” in Real Estate, by thinking outside the box and asking the question “How can we make it happen?” it always incubate new asset classes or new deal structures to structure and execute real estate projects creatively. Much of its services are marketed via relationships, referrals. 33 Holdings also do some brand & marketing of its investments & service offerings via Digital Marketing Channels – Email Marketing, Facebook & LinkedIn.

33 holdings has two new investment solution offerings coming up

  • Build 2 Rent – Attached & DeAttached Residential
  • Build 2 Sell – Attached & DeAttached Residential

33 holdings aspires to be $100M+ AUM Real Estate Investment Company. So its current trajectory is to scale up, add value, provide value & returns while growing its AUM to $100M while creating Impact in the communities it work, Wealth for its Investors & purpose driven employee engagement. The best way to reach out to 33 holdings would be You can also visit the website or social media (Facebook & LinkedIn) to engage with the team as you deem appropriate.

Meet the leader behind the success of 33 holdings

Sanjay Raghavaraju is the Founder & CEO of 33 Holdings. He is a seasoned Technology Executive & Investor with great passion for Real Estate & Technology. He is responsible for the Vision & Strategy of 33 Holdings and brings in the needed funding and investor relations to help grow the Company. He has an unparalleled track record of leading teams to greatness through improved synergies, leadership, operational excellence and relationship building.

“We seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors across cycles and over the long term. Our strategy is to invest in value added & opportunistic real estate investments to return medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-returns to our investors.”