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Divum Corporate Services – Powering digital transformation for modern enterprises and new product development for visionary startups


The world is seeing unprecedented Digital Transformation across all businesses to improve efficiencies, enable frictionless customer reach out and deliveries, provide better customer satisfaction, and enable new business models. New Product Development (NPD) is the driving force of companies and vital for their organic growth. Insatiable consumer appetite, strong worldwide competition, changing consumer behavior and technology, force companies to invest in new products to succeed or for their survival.

Divum is a new product development (NPD) center with a team of 100+ powering some of the biggest brands, OEMs & startups on pioneering product initiatives. Since inception in 2008, the company has delivered 1300+ solutions on Design, Cloud, Web, Mobile, Analytics, and IoT. Bringing its wealth of experience right from product ideation to launch, Divum builds stable & scalable products within aggressive timelines adopting an agile based iterative development with focused incremental releases. Its global partnerships with OEMs like Google, Amazon, SAP, Microsoft and Samsung help the company participate in early access programs on upcoming design and technology trends and stay ahead of the curve and add value to the customer’s products. The company is expanding rapidly in global markets with enterprise software development and services, with the motive of bringing design thinking and agile development to meet today’s enterprise challenges.

Pioneering Digital Transformation across Domains

Divum Content Management System: A Beautiful, Easy-to-use, and Secure custom-built CMS platform, using python backend language, Reactjs web framework. The Divum CMS is a modern and elegant solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to showcase their work online. Divum Content Management comes with unparalleled backend admin features as well as frontend post editing screens. Divum is a powerful CMS platform, built with the user in mind. Its layout is clean, crisp, and efficient. Possessing a modern design, it's easily customizable and very flexible. The Divum theme provides you with many different layout choices for your portfolio page and you can choose from a wide variety of portfolio styles including grid styles or masonry styles. It comes with a powerful admin tool that makes it simple to manage your site. Divum also gives you the option to display images on your archive or single post pages. With Divum, you’re in control of your site.

Divum IoT Platform (Sense, Analyze & Act): The Divum IoT Platform brings an innovative and disruptive way to connect and manage your both physical assets as well as the data they produce. It enables enterprises, banks, investors, researchers, start-ups, and more to use intelligent machines in different industries including manufacturing, transportation & logistics management systems among others. The platform is scalable with built-in device management technology that empowers enterprises to serve their customers by providing them with up-to-date insights on the status of their devices throughout their entire lifecycle. With its cloud-based assessment platform, the IoT solutions ensure that any security breach or high-risk incident can be easily mitigated before it becomes a bigger threat to your whole business ecosystem. For those who would like to go beyond this stage of their product lifecycle and use their asset for different purposes, Divum IoT Platform makes this possible by integrating with other existing systems in your organization.

Divum Asset Tracking System: A leader in the digital assets management space and a pioneer of technology that has successfully bridged the gap between physical assets, database management, and electronic storage devices. Divum helps companies of all sizes and sectors to save time, manage employees efficiently while they are on-location, increase worker productivity rates, reduce operational costs and optimize business operations. Divum Asset Tracking System (DATS) is a comprehensive asset tracking system that provides effective asset management solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. It is a web-based application that empowers businesses by connecting the physical world with the digital world to track assets, monitor activities, and analyze them in real-time. Divum provides the capability to build a trackable electronic system that mirrors a real-life physical scenario by connecting the actual physical devices to a secure, private, and decentralized blockchain.

Divum Route Optimization Engine (DROE): With route optimization, the days of manually calculating and sending parcels to the right recipients in your business are long gone. Through automated route planning and routing, you can manage shipments with fewer errors and edge past competitors by using routes that are more efficient for you. Divum offers this service through its Divum Route Optimization Engine, which is a turnkey solution for delivering parcels. Divum Route Optimization Engine provides this automation by delivering automated route data analysis and support services based on your needs. This allows you to make faster and more accurate routing decisions, which in turn produce more efficient shipping results for your business.

Meet the Leader

Avinash Gautam is the Chief Executive Officer of Divum Corporate Services. He has over 33 Years of business and engineering leadership experience in India and US, and is two times winner of EDN Asia component of the year award. Avinash is experienced in handling complex product development, high level customer interface, large B2B deal closures and B2C GTM. Having spent significant time in large corporates and also startups, Mr. Gautham brings in the unique ability to get significant things done with minimal resources without compromising on the fundamentals which are required for scaling later, and also handle massive scaling of business and engineering when the business cycle demands it.

Avinash has done B.Tech from IIT Kanpur and MS from IISc Bangalore.

"At Divum we value innovation, openness, trust, mutual respect and encourage continuous learning and risk taking."